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Greg Giles
Hello everyone, thank you for your kind hearted and warm sentiments. I am just fine. These messages shared through me have not been messages from the GFL or the Ashtar Command. Not even since the beginning.

The reason I believe this is because if the cabal suddenly 'tapped' into my line to the GFL, don't you think the GFL would repair this problem?
Its really obvious to me that all these messages have been coming from someplace else. This makes me question whether any of this GFL or ascension talk is real. One of the reasons I believed all this is because I was receiving messages myself.

I now doubt all channels. I really think they are receiving messages from this same source, or they are just making this stuff up as they go. We shall see right? One channel has talked about prosperity funds going back forever now. Has anyone seen a dime?

Does anyone really believe they ever will? Mass arrests? Its obvious that is not true either. We would have s
een something transpiring, but we have not. If 2012 ends with no ascension for anyone, will you still believe?

I am sorry if the messages shared through me got your hopes up, but I was only sharing what I definitely heard in my mind, which leads us to mind control/mind influence. This has been a great wakeup call for all of us. It was done with simple radio waves. That's all. Not too difficult really. Lets stick together here. We have all made very good friends.

Lets see how this plays out, because I certainly do not know. And yes, this is Greg. No one has kidnapped me or anything like that. I hope you all are doing okay through this. I know it is a very difficult time for us all.

This has been quite an ordeal. And listen, stick to your convictions if that is what you wish to do. I will honor and respect all of your views, and I am interested to hear them. Peace, love and light to you all! Your friend, Greg

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            • The channelers don't fear being wrong at all (unfortunately).  They are wrong ALL the time and yet they continue to come back for more punishment and failure, it is truly mindboggling.

  • In deed lets stand together and clean the mess we made of this world and do it in real time ... What a wake up call indeed Greg.

    I love you and everyone out there. Lets fight for justice and manage our lives together !



  • Good to see this message -- I think after Greg had posted the last message he started to realize...  If you look with non-judgmental eyes it's clear what resonates and what doesn't.

    And to answer his question:  If 2012 ends with no ascension for anyone, will you still believe?

    Yes - I will still Believe, and I will ALWAYS Believe!  Transformation is a gradual process, and I have been evolving and transforming my whole life - that is clear to me :)

    People really do need to LIGHTEN UP :)  People are taking things WAY too seriously, talk of "Cabal's", casting judgments - instead of looking within and offering some kind of compassion, that will disintegrate, as it must to make way for what we are TRULY becoming!!!! :)


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