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Greg Giles
Hello everyone, thank you for your kind hearted and warm sentiments. I am just fine. These messages shared through me have not been messages from the GFL or the Ashtar Command. Not even since the beginning.

The reason I believe this is because if the cabal suddenly 'tapped' into my line to the GFL, don't you think the GFL would repair this problem?
Its really obvious to me that all these messages have been coming from someplace else. This makes me question whether any of this GFL or ascension talk is real. One of the reasons I believed all this is because I was receiving messages myself.

I now doubt all channels. I really think they are receiving messages from this same source, or they are just making this stuff up as they go. We shall see right? One channel has talked about prosperity funds going back forever now. Has anyone seen a dime?

Does anyone really believe they ever will? Mass arrests? Its obvious that is not true either. We would have s
een something transpiring, but we have not. If 2012 ends with no ascension for anyone, will you still believe?

I am sorry if the messages shared through me got your hopes up, but I was only sharing what I definitely heard in my mind, which leads us to mind control/mind influence. This has been a great wakeup call for all of us. It was done with simple radio waves. That's all. Not too difficult really. Lets stick together here. We have all made very good friends.

Lets see how this plays out, because I certainly do not know. And yes, this is Greg. No one has kidnapped me or anything like that. I hope you all are doing okay through this. I know it is a very difficult time for us all.

This has been quite an ordeal. And listen, stick to your convictions if that is what you wish to do. I will honor and respect all of your views, and I am interested to hear them. Peace, love and light to you all! Your friend, Greg

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  • Isn't growth wonderful to witness!!

  • O.K. here's the thing.

    Good and Evil DO NOT exist. They are a figment of our imagination and only a measurement of LOVE in the same way hot and cold relate to TEMPERATURE. What one feels as EVIL is only a LOWER RESONANT FREQUENCY of LOVE than the observers own frequency. If a particular frequency of love does not resonate with the observer it should not be accepted into the energy field of said observer BUT for the observer to classify a lower vibration of love as evil, the observer HAS ACCEPTED THE LOWER VIBRATION BY SUBTLE ENERGY SYNCHRONY.

  • I have said before and I will say again, It is not Greg posting or writing any of the messages! Do you not see that this is what the cabal want? They write something out-of-it (the negative first lot of messages) then they get rid of them on Facebook and then make up something saying pretty much the same things but just "sugar-coated" in a way, made to seem like Greg has has some type of awakening to the "truths", they want it so seem believable and heartfelt (triggering your emotions) sucking you in, making you question things, making your faith waver. This is what they want! Can you not see this!!?? It is so obvious\s. they want the light to dim, they want you to lose faith in anything that offers a brighter future. They want you back under their control, no free thinkers. They ask you questions that you can only answer "no" to, another way of instilling the negative. they are not telling you that it is all not real but they are putting in questions and negative things that will try to make you come up with it on your own, that is what they want. For if you come up with it on your own, you will not question it! Making the negativity more and faith less. Can you not see what is going on? They want you to be all "good on you greg for speaking your truth love light" etc. Why can't people see this! Just read it and see what they are doing. Pick the messages apart and you will see. Do not believe everything you read, question everything. In the way we have been "moulded" we have been taught to believe the negative, because there is so much of it, and to question the positive. But in this case just because it is negative, more people are going to believe it, (sad I know) but that is how we have been moulded, and they know this, they know negative is more probable than the positive. (in terms of what people will believe) Question all! Not just the ones that offer hope and love and peace and faith. 

  • Greg is mostly right.

    Yes, minions of the dark ARE able to tap into your mind and make you hear voices by beaming radio signals modulated to your brain waves. The technology has been around since the 40's and gets better all the time.

    But just because they tapped into Greg's head to tell him lies doesn't mean that there is no GFL.

    There really is a group that you can think of as the Galactic Federation of Light. I know because I have been talking to them for years now, just like Greg has been saying for so long, they is family.

    There really are higher dimensions. Telepathy is real, and so is astral travel.

    ETs are very real.

    The dark forces are becoming desperate. The fact that they tapped into Greg's head and put THEIR messages in and have caused so much trouble is PROOF that they are at the end of their rope and they will try ANYTHING to get us off balance.

    Keep your faith.

    Learn to look into the darkness when you sleep at night. Look for the purple, blue, red of your pulsing chakra. 

    It is there in your minds eye.

    Once you find it, try to keep it in focus as long as you can. After a time you will begin to see the visions.

    Think of contacting your spirit guide, they are also there, always.

    Even if you can't feel them, they can hear you. Ask them to put you in contact with the GFL.

    If you keep this up, the dreams will come. Very real dreams.

    In many cases these are not dreams, you are visiting one of the ships, are in a Light Chamber, wearing a Soul Container body (nano technology) and interacting with GFL Counselors, crew members and other people from here who are also visiting.

    The GFL is real and are willing to speak to anyone who is willing to put the effort into contacting them.

    Take care.



       How often have WE heard, that the REAL Galactics, do NOT interfere?  They want US to grow/.evolve  by our own.



     And this is why, I think that I'm 1,000% right.

     Back in September the 10th (I believe), Greg's "friends"  started telling US,  (the dummies ),  that president Obama, was from the dark side.  Many people, including  me, started questioning this announcement,  and saying  that it was not true,  BECAUSE  OTHER  CHANNELERS  ARE  SAYING  SO. 

      MORE AND MORE PEOPLE  WERE STARTING TO FEEL, THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING  SMELLY IN HIS MESSAGES.  And he/THEM, were feeling that their  attempts to take US to the wrong path, was going to fail, soon.

      After trying their  "mission" for a few more days...  they GAVE UP!!!  HEY, Greg  was under a radio control...  he was this...  he was that..  AND  ALL THIS,  TO MAKE  US MORE CONFUSED,   AND...   MORE  DEVIDED!!!!




      DO  YOU UNDERSTAND THIS NOW?  (like they used to say).

      NICELY  DONE GREG!!!!   BRAVO!!!!


      WE  ARE  THE  LIGHT!!!!


     PS.   IF YOU THINK THIS IS THE CASE, PLEASE, MAKE THIS WIRAL  (I don't know how to do it).


    • Excellent response!

  • About channeling, there is another explanation and we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water as they say.  For many years, my assumption has been that our reality is controled by higher beings who's role is to maintain us in confusion. That is the way I believe this cosmic school is built.  But on the bright side, this is how they introduce truth to us, without giving us the absolute certainty that it is the truth, hence, we have to developp our BS smelling capability, one of the many reasons we are here for.  This recent channeling crisis and Greg's last 'channeled' message seem to support this hypothesis.    If you want to have a deeper look into this concept, you can read 2 of my posts here :

  • I give the man credit for calling himself out as being wrong no matter what prompted it. That took a lot of courage and love for those he may have set back or hurt. The lesson learned is up to him and others who partook to realize and grow from.

    As far as channels...not interested!

    My opinion...leave the words on the page and bask in the energy of the message. If it's a warm fuzzy loving energy, suck it up like a sponge and set everyone in the vicinity ablaze with it. If the energy is foul or changes to one which no longer resonates leave the message exactly where it becomes repulsive and find something which feels warm and fuzzy with love.

    Words are nothing but symbols with an attached agenda which are used to transmit a particular energy. DO NOT accept any agenda which does not come to you from source itself without a middleman as the delivery agent...PERIOD!!!

    • Agreed. We are all old enough to see things for what they really are and discernment is so key its mindblowing. I hope everyone involved in this site learns to let go and move into more unity. There are no darkworkers or lightworkers just beings of all kinds trying to learn together @ the exact same time. Peace to everyone I see.
  • This is the first posting Greg has told the truth and the timing couldn't be better. And to every person who was called a troll for stating the obvious take a bow because we were right. Lol bullsnot is still bullsnot no matter how flowery it sounds. Keep believing in yourself and don't let anyone take your intuition from you. Shout out to darryl and stargazer, you make me smile lol. Keep up the great work.
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