I just once again started the path of accession and I am new to this site.  15 years ago I met a men who told me all about Ashtar Sheran and the command and all the things related to the accession of our planet, he took me to a very remote place in Brazil where there was a 3 level dimensional gate, where I had physical contact with many multi dimensional  beings and ships.  This men (Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira) started a project named "Projeto Portal"(http://www.projetoportal.org.br) to bring awareness to all the things that are happening to our planet that at this point (2012) we know about.  During the last 15 years I kind of "put aside" all the knowledge I've gained and became just another human stuck on a 3rd dimension reality.  

Recently I lost my beloved grandparents, and that has been THE MOST SIGNIFICANT spiritual experience of my life, I felt joy and happiness for them since they were no longer living with the burdens off old age and the 3d.  Ironically they passed away only 29 days from each other, after 75 years of marriage.  I thought it would be a completely different experience, I thought I would be devasted and sad but instead I was reminded that life goes on and that death is an illusion.  Their passing reminded me about the teachings of Ashtar and made me reconnect with his energy, it brought me to this site where I thought I would find guidence, love and care.  I felt awakened once again and I wanted to get in touch with others that were having a simmilar experience.

I have noticed that many of you "light workers" carry a very big ego, and think that you are better then others because you are from this planet or that planet or whatever...  I read a post on this site that sounded beautiful and uplifting, if it's true or not I don't know but it resonated very well within me.  I made a compliment to the poster and thanked him (I think it was norway) and I was attacked, I was even called a reptilian (whatever that means)...

I am here because I want to ascend with our planet I am willing to do whatever it takes, I came here for help from others who know more and are more prepared then myself. NEVER i I thought I would be attacked by making a simple compliment.  That made me really sad, almost hopeless...

There are enough haters in this world and there are plenty of sites and forums for them.  I would love to see harmony in this site since this is a community of "like minded" people.  Please be loving to one another, measure your words, you don't know who you are talking to.  Before you put it out there, think how you would feel if those word were meant to you.  Stop with the SMART ASS ARROGANCE.  There should not be a place for this on this site and certainly there is no place for it in our near future reality.  I am here because I SEEK THE TRUTH AND I WANT TO LEAR FROM YOU.  

With Love!




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  • Haters gonna hate, bitches gonna bitch. Just ignore them and do what you came to Earth to do.
  • Thank you for your reply, immediate forgiveness what great idea.  I will focus on that an incoporporate that into my life.  With LOVE! Renato.

  • Semantics for some. Better, not so much... Some know how they got here..lets just say others dont. Im seeing it too. Galactic free press they start to filter this a bit but it cant be avoided. The facebook channels are all flooded with what you just said. The best intel, I was just reviewing the species list, as it were, comes from the highest insiders who are caught up in this as are we. Dark Agents are one thing to deal with...people who need more than an alarm clock to wake them up..Im sorry, I dont have words for you people. This guy's right. WHAT THE HELL? And a DRACO or DRACONIAN is a reptilian humanoid reference, usually very evil and sinister. Lets just say that you'd be lunch if you met one. Some Christians make reference to them as 'Satan's high minions'. Its about who is beating who into religious submission and whose truth is better than whose...and Sanada has said his peace on this. ALL OF YOU...are WRONG. If its not in LOVE and LIGHT it doesnt belong here. PERIOD. Now if people dont know, hey this site has many many infos...look around. This place links all over for good reason. We are trying to get the RIGHT message out as best we can. NO CHANNELLER is perfect. NOT EVERY message will affect YOU. or ME.... We are making an effort. Timelines change. They are triggered by events, which happen or dont. There are those in the shadows here. And were there for a reason. Some for iNTEL gathering, some to stop this chaos. Ive about had it with shadow ops. The last mission should have killed me. The CDR is a great ambassador. To see those here walking on his message, or his friends messages...it makes me want to puke. I stand with you. I wish I could get out more, but Im in a GOVT DEBT trap that is supposed to kill me before I have anything left to spend at all.

  • yes I see what you mean, this is not a place to argue with one another Be united my friends,THEY THE Cabal  want you to fight and be opposed to the love Vibrations , don't give them the chance to think you are failing Humanity 

    Be Strong,  say No to hatred, fear, and neg vibes

    Say yes to Peace, light , love and Laughter 


  • I remember first coming to this lovely and blissful community back in 2008, at 15 years old, 5 years ago. Being around the 672nd member I think (it was a different location then). Literally there was no hate, confusion, grudge, fury, sadness or negativity at all, simply thoughts, love, knowledge, peace and spiritual guidance, with so much more. You could chat to ANYBODY with out any fears or care in the world!

    It would seem that in the time since I stopped coming here, due to an increase in sadness, trolls and arguments (Usually over false dates for first contact and people preaching their beliefs). The amount of members has risen from two thousand to about twelve thousand in a few years. Looks like that with the greater number of members, the greater variety of mindsets. Some people will visit and have no idea of the cultural background, spiritual backbone and what the site is about entirely, and not all of them will want to come here out of sheer commitment or desire to communicate with others who share their belief, to some it is all just a 'farce' or a theme, and will not prevent them expressing doubt or opinions regardless of consideration.

    Personally I do not require other peoples opinions any longer, they are theirs and I use my own, though they CAN be helpful. We share them out of benefit and have the power to choose whether to keep or discard them. No one else has this control over you. We ALL have our own thoughts, experiences and perspectives of reality and theory, everyone should understand this simple truth, though unfortunately not all do.

    I got tired of needing to hear someone's rebuttal to some 'preach speech' or negative rant on the forums/ blog. In general this community promotes and encourages understanding and tolerance, love and forgiveness etc. So with that, much of it was left alone and even sunk in to others mindsets, seriously! We couldn't even talk about the Galactic Federation of Light for a whole few months because some wino boasted about how much they deceive us and don't exist at all. It got ridiculous and even a peaceful, considerate person like me got tired and started arguing with many and getting genuinely irritated. In the 3D reality fear and negativity thrives, a great challenge in life, I would say, is to overcome that.

    Listen to yourself! You are the one who clarifies what is right and wrong, in your mind and heart. Abandon this fear, and abandon these attachments. Through this need for things to be right or wrong you passionately seek evidence in your favor, and often discard other sources through fear. At the same time, you should learn to trust and know your own opinion, being just, or morose credible than any other.

    Put it this way, do you think Leonardo Da Vinci would have gotten where he did if he had listened to some unwanted opinions on a forum? These people probably do not think twice about it or other opinions, possibly suffer the most. Consider that.

    You be the change you want to see! This does not need to come into the terms of spirituality or logic, physical mentality and psychology matters too.

    I might come back to the site more often, but I am a lot more busy recently due to work. Speaking from the heart, I do miss our old gang of buddies we had here, whom really changed my life for the better. It brings a tear to my eye to see the online home becoming a simple forum for opinions and debate, but we must move on individually as well as collectively.

    Blessings and love to you truthseeker, and to all. ~*


    • I hope you return, we need people like you! Thank you for your your reply!

      With love!

  • Thank you for your links and beautiful messages and images, you are the kind of person that I was looking for when I first came to this site.  Very inspiring!

    With love!

  • Things are how they are. If you don't feel in harmony with a person the talk to someone else. I'm reading in this post is judging others cuz they arn't meeting your expectations, which of course is the samething they are seeing when they look at you. Allow your goals, to be your goals, and if others share them great. When others don't share our perspectives, ask if you can attempt to show them what you mean, and what they mean, and how close you both really are. Normally that doesn't happen much around here. This leaves everyone looking at the person next to them as opposite, and we are always hand in hand. when you make a circle it can seem as if another is opposite you, if so make the circle bigger or smaller, so the opposition is not direct, and adds to the stability of the whole.

    apologies, I tend to ramble. being quantum can make it rough for focus tasks

  • Have had a look at the arcturian alignment link briefly will read them all in more detail when my little one is not demanding all my time and in school :D.. Yes I do mean pretty much what the article sums up and the thrashing between polarities is pretty normal when a planet and it's life forms are going through ascension. 

    This is why it's important that self work is done and continuously with us surrendering to the process too. For failure to do this will result from my point of understanding in real chaos as the feelings, emotions and thoughts etc will for sure be amplified. It's like you said walking within the eye. To do this successfully one needs balance and to master our own thoughts, emotions and every aspect like this. 

    I now understand why I have worked so hard on this process for so long and am glad I have. So I think this is where we as wayshowers will very much be needed if the amplification keeps growing in intensity. People will be wondering why they can't cope with the intensity of emotion or whatever they are experiencing.

    When my higher self is calling me for a meditation now I know, as the fatigue I get is crippling. My eyes burn and I could cry, then I think hang on set an hour aside get down to a real good meditation usually to the Hathors at present and come around feeling refreshed and energized and very bubbly lol. Took me a good while to put the pieces together that I was being called to meditate and keep integrating the energies. By doing this as and when it's needed though balance becomes easier to maintain <3

  • Thank you for this link
This reply was deleted.

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