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A man in Australia has developed a cream that can cure almost most diseases using his miracle paw paw remedies.

Go to this website as i have finally was able to search for this for 2 yrs i tried. A friend on another site synchronistically sent me this email, as i pondered where to search for next trying to find the domain site.

This man turned down the chemist and pharmaceautical companies in pursuit in selling the remedy to numerous people without the product being altered in its manufacturing techniques. He was even been given his own factory land and workers who volunteered their service to help him start his own batch of products.


This is an Australian man who has developed a quite miraculous paw paw cream.  I saw an article on tv about him tonight.  He has refused multimillion dollar offers from chemical companies, in case they just shelve his invention.  So far he has treated people for free.  He attracted an investor, so he doesn’t have to make it in his kitchen anymore but has a professional set up, and the people he has helped for free, are working for him for free, to get his product out. 


He’s taking pre-orders for his products now.  Check out all the things it treats!


Love and a hug,

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What people don’t realise is that some products that they apply to their skin are clogging up their skin. If we can clean the skin effectively enough we can help combat allergies.

Below is a sample of the testimonials that McArthur Natural Products has received. We will soon be able to invite you to also post your testimonials on this site. In the interim please feel free to select a product and submit a review in the shopping cart section of this site.

Katrina Ford, Solicitor, Sydney

I am a paraplegic who has been suffering from an infected pressure sore on my foot for over 12 months. Doctors have been treating me with every different type of dressing and a cocktail of antibiotics during these past 12 months without any success. I have seen so many doctors, from my GP and spinal specialist, an infectious specialist, plastic surgeon and orthopedic surgeon who all tried to heal this wound and to prevent the infection spreading into my bone.
I regularly attended the wound clinic and podiatry clinic at my local hospital. I have been taking oral antibiotics for 12 months, and twice I was treated with IV antibiotics, with several stays at the hospital. Nothing was healing this wound.
Then I found Tom who went to amazing efforts to get me some of his ‘emergency cream’ which I started using immediately. Within days you could visibly see an improvement to the wound and most amazingly, for the first time in 12 months of treatment, did I see blood and bleeding come from this wound, which proves that the cream Tom gave me was definitely increasing blood flow to the area around the wound, allowing it to heal.
I call it “miracle cream” because after every conceivable effort using Western medicine had been unsuccessful, Tom’s cream was the only thing that helped. After this experience I am a true believer in Tom’s philosophy that the answer to so many diseases is to be found in nature and will be looking at natural medicines from this point forward to assist me; and after having the pleasure in meeting Tom, I feel humbled to have had the opportunity to meet a person who genuinely cares about helping people and has followed his passion in order to be able to do this.
Thank you.

Dave, Queensland

I’ve suffered that flaky, red blotchy, nasty psoriasis since I was 21.
22 years later, after (same as you guys, I tried every damn cream and lotion known to man) the bloody thing is still there and because of over 20 years, I’m kind of over it, but it definately is embarrasing and confidence suffers.
Bloody tar creams, stinky seaweed lotions I bought from some hippie in Byron… none of that worked a bit.
I only have the red hell on my face.
Mcarthur soaps have nailed the outbreaks down from 90% down to I’d say 20%.
I’m also a drinker, and alcohol definately sets in an attack.
I will post some before an after pics in a month or so, I’m using soap twice a day and shaving the whiskers with it as well.
This is not a sell.
If the stuff didn’t work, I wouldn’t bother, but it does!


For years he’s been laughed at by sceptics, yet praised by thousands of sufferers. “People can be very sceptical about things like this because it’s very, very hard to believe and you really have to witness it. It’s just miraculous. It’s a very special gift he has” says Pam. “Tom and Lynda’s soap is like pouring liquid silk over your skin. I have been using it for years and have never needed to exfoliate. I receive regular comments about the appearance of my skin. I have also used the soap for mosquito bites, for me it takes away the irritation and inflammation. The bar of soap is very long lasting.”


Diabetic, Gerard Clinch, is dancing once again. No small miracle considering the bad blow life dealt him. Then, Gerard met Tom. The gangrene went from the whole of his toe into his pad.
“The doctors could not do what Tom could do.” says Gerard. “Got me back on my feet and I can think positively now and put a smile on my face!”

Toni, Urangan, QLD

I suffer from sciatica and also have diabetes. I need to walk about four times a week for the exercise, and my legs would really hurt. The pain was so severe from the sciatica that I could not sleep on that side.
Since using the McArthur cream I can sleep at night and I feel so much better.
I used to wake up each day with a headache, so I have also rubbed it on and now I am getting fewer headaches.
When I burn myself on the stove, I run my hand under cold water and then apply the cream, which helps straight away.

Gavin, WA

9 months after surgery, my ankle still had limited flexibility due to swelling. I lead an active lifestyle, including a lot of running and needed to manage the injury with anti-inflammatories (recommended by my doctor, surgeon, physiotherapist and podiatrist). When I first met Tom and he offered to apply cream to my ankle I must admit I was very sceptical that it would make any difference. I thought that he seemed like such a nice person so I had to at least give it a go.
You might think you know how this story ends but it is even more impressive than you could imagine. Yes, the swelling in my ankle has improved substantially and subsequently so has the flexibility – good news!
Now for the big surprise, I have been using the soap for the past couple of weeks during heavy training (leading up to running a marathon) and the consistent dull pain from calcification in my hamstring has actually disappeared!! I was previously advised by my doctor that I would need surgery to remove the calcium deposits, if a bar of soap can prevent this from happening then I have to hand it to Tom – yep, he has me convinced. Tom, your products may not be a cure-all but for me, they are at least a cure-many.
Fate, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet this wonderful man, New York marathon here I come!

Gordon, Torquay, Qld.

Suffering from bad blood circulation caused by blood clots from an accident approx. seven years previously, my left lower leg & foot have always been purple/blue in colour with limited movement in the toes & ankle and the leg has always been painful to walk on. Also fluid retention has been a problem and a number of boil -like growths & a few cancers have had to be removed from this part of the left leg.
I have been using Tom McArthur’s soap & cream for only 4 weeks and have noticed a remarkable difference in my leg colour -(now approx. 2/3s of the affected area has returned to normal skin tones & I have normal movement in the toes and foot area.) I have also noticed the pain in this leg & fluid retention has reduced significantly & I am able to walk more freely without pain. The skin surface has returned to an acceptable smooth, soft feeling with a significant number of the growths disappearing.

Reno, West Sunshine, Vic

I have had severe pain with my knee. My specialist said that it would be hard to find a surgeon who would do the operation as the problem would only come back again, as it was to do with the knee plate. Since I have been using Tom McArthur’s cream the pain has gone away.
Our son has recently passed away from cancer. All through his last year he was in extreme pain and discomfort. It is awful to see someone suffering from such pain. He was given the cream from Tom McArthur to try, and he found immediate relief; we could see him in peace and relaxed and not complaining about the pain like he had before.

Lex, Qld

Both my wife and I suffer from neck and shoulder pain and we are very impressed with how quickly we get relief after lightly applying the cream.
We will be very keen to be able to get more when it becomes available.

Mervyn, Bundaberg, Qld

I have had severe problems with my left knee and both hands with arthritis. I had x-rays and my specialist told me that there was not much he could do, except have an operation on my knee. He warned me that after the operation I probably would not be able to kneel down, which could interfere with my fishing. As I love my fishing I didn’t want to take the risk with the operation. I also had difficulty opening my hands in the morning, especially my middle fingers. So I had to massage them for a while to get them to open up. I saw Tom on 10th January 2011 and began using his cream. The pain has eased right up in my knee, and I now I don’t even use the cream everyday. My hands can still be a little bit sore, but now I can open and shut them in the morning with ‘next to no pain’,


I had suffered severe migraines on a regular basis for the past 15 years until I started using Tom and Lynda’s cream they gave me two months ago. Since then, the migraines have totally ceased.

Linda, Benaraby, QLD

I visited Tom on the day he was moving out from Eli Waters. I had severe nerve damage, neck pain and migraines.
The lotion which Tom made up for me really did help. I found my smile again. It is such a miracle cream. The swelling on my face has gone down.
With travelling in the car for two weeks, visiting friends and family I haven’t seen for years; it was actually bearable, a miracle outcome on its own.
I tried the lotion on my mother’s seriously swollen leg, that she could hardly walk on, and she is now walking.

Laura, WA

I shower with Tom’s soap as it helps clear the acne on my back. To my surprise I noticed the cellulite on my legs had disappeared. I have had cellulite for many years and I find it truly remarkable that cellulite could vanish so easily using Tom’s soap.


I have severe arthritis in 3 of my fingers on my right hand. Those fingers are twisted and the pain is debilitating. Witihn 20 minutes of applying Tom’s cream the pain totally subsided. I also used the cream on my wrinkly skin and the cream smoothed my skin out. Tom’s cream is unbelievable.

Kellie, Shailer Park, Qld

I first heard of Tom (The Pawpaw man) when the Today Tonight program aired late last year. I immediately set out to try and contact Tom as I felt he was the man that was going to help my two young boys who have suffered from severe eczema and many allergies for over 9 years. My youngest has been put on a chemotherapy tablet by medical specialists to try and bring the eczema under control. So my plea was a desperate mother trying to do anything for her kids.
After many postings on a popular forum site, I was very lucky that one of Tom’s relatives saw my posting and they let Tom know about my boys. Tom made contact with me directly and to my surprise he was very interested in wanting to help my boys.
He asked if we would drive to Hervey Bay and meet with him that weekend. We lived about 4 hours away but we were very happy to do the drive. Tom mentioned to me that since the Today Tonight program aired he had received over 27,000 emails asking for help. So I felt like we had won the lotto to be able to see Tom in person.
Tom spent that weekend making different creams for my boys. Tom persistence to get the cream right for the boys has amazed me as many people would have given up on us due to all of my boys allergies.
I believe that Tom has finally made a breakthrough with the cream for my boys. We have had a wonderful result in the past couple of weeks, we are still in the process of making sure it does not react with the kids but this cream Tom has made is the best moisturising cream we have ever experienced. Nothing in the shops comes close to Tom’s natural creams. I’ve witnessed him make the creams so I know firsthand that they are all natural with no nasties added.
Many people are very desperate to find a cure or ease the pain of chronic conditions and with Tom’s help I think we are defiantly on the right track. I cannot speak highly enough of Tom McArthur and the work he does. I am very grateful to have met this wonderful human being.

thanx shelly i hope it will work for you and many others whom have been wasting money believing that other companies to whom where they buy their products work failed.

Wow, thanks for the sharing. It is great this guy didn't sell himself out to the drug companies. It's refreshing to see so many doing so much for the greater good. I will have to check out his products. peace <3
..he looks genuine, just like Jim Humble.... these people are the "real doctors"... just like he said, in the future, eventually, people will turn this way for curing and dealing with diseases... natural treatment...




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