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April 10

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I like to create music and art. I like to meditate, reflect, and daydream. I am kind of shy and a major introvert for the most part so writting stuff about 'me' I am not quite sure what to say. I love spending time in and around nature, it quiets my mind and grounds my spirit. I am a lover of life and enjoy being around down to earth fun and loving people.

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Everyone I meet.

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  • I love you Christa!  Happy Loving summer solstice!
  • Hey Christa, :D

    Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like the music. :] Hehe.
    I like your style. ;D Lol.

    Take care!
  • Hello Christa pleasure is mine, it's a privilege to have you friend,thanks
  • One Love, fellow New Englander! It's nice to meet you!
  • Thank you for the acceptance. :)

    And you will get to know me better, you like it, so it will happen.

    Instead I would like to know you better... ..fair? :p


    Much Love to you


  • Hi Christa!


    Love the music on your page!  Sending lots of love & light <3  <38113800654?profile=original

  • Thanks it's called The Infinity Room...its a really fun art piece...its hard to wrap one's head around being in a box yet gazing into infinity...it's really quiet inside so you would like it...as you walk in you find yourself on a sort of bridge as the floor inside is water:)
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Christa posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Christa replied to Tigon Gurl's discussion twin flames
"We meet many many soulmates when we come to this Earth from our Soul Groups and Soul Nations. We are all from different places and dimensions not from the Earth as the saying goes "we are all star dust". Pleiarcturian has a great point as we do all…"
Jun 15, 2011
Christa replied to Butterfly's discussion Do you feel there is no time to fulfill your mission?
"I know it may feel like that sometimes Butterfly, I have thought about this too and have come to the following conclusion. The way I see at is that we have already begun fulfilling our mission since the day we are born. Our mission cannot be defined…"
Jun 15, 2011
Christa posted a blog post
"We’re in the midst of an interesting eclipse trifecta. Partial solar eclipses occur during the New Moons on June 1st and July 1st, which are sandwiched around a total lunar eclipse during the Full Moon on June 15th. Those of you in Europe and…
Jun 13, 2011

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