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Today, taking a look at the post a few contacts on Facebook, I saw one that brought me into reflection of the morning.
the note was about experiments on animals.
a friend of mine, said about how cruel humanity is, and I answered:

.. I believe that humanity is the lowest form of life on earth.. I do not like humanity always put a' 'and'' between ''Humans and Animals''came the other day thinking about that ''and''.. are all part of the Earth itself .. I do not understand this mania for being superior go through, when we are able to do such harm and torture of a creature of the same Mother Earth .. the intelligence of every excuse not to differentiate .. all born, breathe and die in the same way .. when mankind achieveunderstand something so simple? u.u


I think I went too far in saying that humanity is the lowest form of life LOL
but seeing the day to day, and what happens, unfortunately I can hardly see humanityas something else.
while people are dying to make a change, examples, after a few days forget, unfortunately.


once I heard in the news that a man threw his dog for the 1 st floor balcony,with the excuse that it was old and this man wouldn't love him anymore.

that that I wrote that made ​​me think about humanity, why humans lost sight of our past as animals and now we feel so superior as to not realize that we do not own this planet?
both animals (which includes humans) and plants, all born, we breathe, we eat and die in the same way.

I like to think that God chooses a creature of every planet where there is life, and endows it with more capacity, smarter or more spiritual, so that this species evolved enough to care for and guide the other species the corresponding evolution, so like the shepherds guide their flocks in harmony and without violence. :)

these are the words of a crystal adult.

I wanted to share with you this little reflection on humanity.
Humans have turned their backs on their mission on this planet, and full of greed andambition, we have sadly where we are now: in a world full of hate, violence,disintegration, inequality, discrimination towards other species.
all those adults and children both crystals, indigo, dolphins etc, read this .. I send lots of light and love and encourage them to continue to awaken hearts :)



























Love and Light! ~ <3

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