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Yes and more...They banned Hydroxychloroquine/zinc prescriptions, from being given to Covid-19 patients, by Doctors...
They then censored many experienced Doctors, who got together to complain about this, on Youtube...

Simultaneously, Dr Fauchi promotes his drug [poison] and Bill Gates promotes population reduction, through a mandatory vaccination [poison] program..

THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK..............................!!

Supposedly Trump is going to remove demon puppet Fauci and replace him with a human-maybe we'll get this mandatory mask thing over with and promote Hydroxychloroquine/zinc-msm is a huge problem

In the UK we have similar "science experts" giving advice [globalist orders] to Johnson, anent their "pandemic" [masque of the red death.]
One such "expert" being Dr Susan Mackie, a member of the British COMMUNIST PARTY>>>LOL

MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH is a masqued ball masquerade, for the global population and the dance steps can be found everywhere, giving arrows/instructions, upon the floors of; shops/schools/churches/government offices/banks/estate agents/hospitals/libraries/museums.....WEAR YOUR MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE, as you learn the totalitarian dance [of death,] gifted upon the world by RED CHINA and globalism....

Note the enthusiasm among leftists across the world, for this pandemonium...?? Their warm fuzzy power-trip, as they get to micro-manage people, using a charade-masquerade-plandemic.....??



Nice word play. 
Masquerade :) 

I expect "rising numbers" 
especially in October
just before the election.
It's also clear that many political leaders
are actually sock puppets. 
They repeat the same message
and don't mean a word they say. 

demon puppets

Devil Puppet Smoking a Cigarette. Stock Footage Video (100 ...

yeah-the creepy leftits were all about bucking the fed govs mandates of any kind-all different now

An Australian doctor found a vaccine that kills the coronavirus...The name is "Ivermectin"...Let's see if he is allowed to patent it...It should be cheap since it doesn't have to go through Big Pharma...?

The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

you can get it now-

That is good to know...I was not aware that it was already approved and I thought it was a vaccine...thanks Pet Rock...



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