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Published on Mar 24, 2015

You will love this interview! Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors share an informative review of some of the hottest topics reviewed by our online community. You will hear a concise recap of what is unfolding now, what was done to prompt these changes, and what we can look forward to. Sheldan and Alexandra are discussing the possibility of a monthly presentation on specific topics! Stay tuned!

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

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  • Great that this forum is still tops.....Very important that members view the Sheldan Nidle interview.....This will surprise some and relieve others....His opinions were already well known to me and others, people like Mr.Ed, too...BUT, for Shel to go on the record this way and state his piece on Obama, is blessed divine right timing....The world needs it...TRUTH.

  • Hi hp.....!! Great vid find, which underscores what I've been telling people about the GFL ACTUAL position, for years....Sheldan is now on record as highlighting Prez Obama's dark role, as we have noted for years....This is great to see...........

    So thanks for posting it...


  • I really hope that friend STICK and other doubters of my messages, that run in parallel to Shel's official updates, views this salient interview with Sheldan......As you all know I love Nidle, who is a fellow Sirian starseed and contactee with my dear ET brother Vashtar, whom Shel affectionally calls; "Washta." LOL  Of course, in the Sirian language, the pronouciation is actualy closer to my approximation, but that's OK....Shel is salt of the earth and we all love him... ;-)

    Now here is the really juicy part......A future update of Shel's will announce for the first time, my mentioned name of the forthcoming star nation, which is "SOLARIS." As yet that has not happened, as it's not official yet, but I'm permitted to mention it, anyway, as not the official update news reader, that Shel is... :-) I'm in GFL logistics and planning...with some writing, to many here know. The GFL jumpsuit for the Solarians will be indigo, not Agarthan green......that will come out after First Contact.

    A juicy bit from the vid here, for people like STICK, is Shel's emphatic reply to the interviewer; that Obama is working for Wall Street and the cabal and not for the Light....And likewise, he places Putin in the lighted camp, as I have said for years now, to the howls of disapproval from Stick and others....PLEASE TAKE NOTE....Unlike fake channel Mike Q, Shel has now stated, on record, what I've been saying for years...

    • Drekx:  I also believe that Putin is of the light.  (I might be wrong, though).

      • Hello darkstar....Yes, Putin is definitely one of salient political Earth Allies.....There are such allies all over the globe and in many disciplines, many of whom are in our secret sacred societies, finance, science, politics, etc...Totally understandable that you have doubts, though, as per your qualifying comment in brackets...And that is a very good way to see this truth....When the real LIGHT are labelled in such bad terms by media and government, especially in the west, you know they must be doing something right..LOL

        ;-) Putin stopped several wars, including an attempt to start WW3 in Ukraine and the Syrian war Obama was attempting to trigger, using false flag chemical weapons...

    • Thank you Drekx for sharing that the Solaris jumpsuit is going to be indigo...that's awesome! I know the Agarthans were adopting the color green because of the color of Gaia's flora. Green has never been my color, lol.

      I can't wait to get my hands on one. Can you explain why we will be adopting indigo as the color representation for our new star nation?



      • Hi friend....Yes, the indigo tone defines our solar system vibration, which is governed by the 2nd ray energies of Love-Wisdom....

        Indigo is a type of purple....the tone behind the forms of Solaris.

  • Hmmmmm.  It's already almost the end of March, 2015.  Apparently none of the scheduled events have occurred.  Interesting, eh?

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