A disturbing thought

I read something today, which disturbed me greatly on this blog:


It is from Sheldon Nidle, of the GFL, and in the first 2 paragraphs, it says what is supposedly happening on earth at the moment with the mass arrests and such.

The thing that caught my eye was earth is undergoing a spiritual cleansing, to free us from the dark minions labyrinth.

Now, i dont know about you, but this rang so many alarm bells for me, because of the word cleansing.

So many dictators in the past have used the term ethnic cleansing, to convince others what they were doing was for the right reasons, then wiped out thousands of people, all in the name of religion, we all know this is wrong!

It was genocide pure and simple!

So how is this any different?

How is cleansing the earth of people who you dont agree with anything other than mass murder?

This is what your precious GFL is advocating, and you are condoning it!

How is this right?

It seems so many have blinkers on, and just because the word spiritual or divine or light is put in front of things, it somehow makes it ok!!!???

How far will this go?

How far will you go, in the name of love and light?

How many more times, and how many more religions will make people do things in its name?

Open your eyes!!!!

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  • Wellll... the way I see it is... If you have trouble beleiving this...then why are you on this site? just saying... you can beleive what you will... but I mean come on... I've been going through this change to the max, and its doen nothing but good.. maybe you should actually open up your mind abit more adn meditate on it.. don't worry about the GFL, find the answer through your meditations. your heart will know whats best, simple.

    • Thats just the point, my heart has always been very much open, but i can also use my brain too.

      Im on this site, because it is a good place to read stuff, and i have friends here, but i can also see so many people being manipulated, so that is why i post what i see and feel.

  • The Earth is cleansing itself, the vibration of earth and its enhabitents are raising their vibration. It is a  choice to do so, and stay with the earth as the vibration rises.

    no one is here by mistake, not even those who do not choose to raise their vibration and do choose to leave the earth!

    There is a new day dawning for human kind, its called out of the dark ages and into the light.

    We can question all we want, knowledge is power, but with this comes and will come a knowing, you will know in your heart what is right for you! Love & light Valerie


    • I have not been visiting this site for a few months and when I did I could not believe the 'slinging match' going on about who is right and making the other wrong, being quite vicious about it, tearing each other down, calling them all sorts of hurtful things...

      I am shocked to hear such verbal warfare going on at a site which is supposed to be about respect and acceptance and a safe place to convey feelings and thoughts and concerns. Aggression will breed more aggression even when it is expressed in words.

      There is no point in responding to the original post or some/many of the responses.

      What would love do/say now????

      Let there be peace.

      • i wasnt being aggressive, i posted my concerns and got slated for thinking differently.

    • There is a voice in the universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great planet. This the voice of inspiration, which is in each and everyone of us..

      DR WAYNE W. DYERvery nice quote this sits well with me

      The paradigm in this, our souls are influx, but it is up to us all to manifest the change we want to see. Change doesn't happen quickly, but real change is possible and can be accomplished peacefully. So whatever path you may choose to follow make your voice heard and let its music resonate on this day and the next until it becomes a orchestral master piece. The lost will hear its haunting tune and gather in a mariad of pattern until they are a crowd of murmuring souls, the audience will still and listen to the tonefull discourse and slowly each one will find their voice and begin to sing in absolute hamony. And as such the music of voice becomes louder and gathers more and more, the momentum of the truths and of unity are carried in the hearts and souls of every being. The fushion of this would be unstoppable, it would be a ‘life’ of its own.


      Thus, ends my muse……
      Truth is beauty, honesty and integrity is beauty within the truth; and this is truly beautiful.

      I know what is right for me always have.....

  •  :) ;)

    To be honest, Reiz you dont ramble, you make some very valid points etc, but i'm beginning to think 'vanity' is mostly to blame with a few certain people...oh well!... nowt we can do about that i suppose, Lol :)

  • Hi Reiz...funny video....

    Makes their tantrums kinda worth it actually xD......


  • I hear you, loud and clear. I have been 'on-board' with the whole GFL program but just recently, alarm bells are ringing in my gut too.  I just asked Ben A. to comment on all this. What I've read of Ben's articles, the "cleasning" process and that others are going to 'do for us' is not of ascension, love and light. The fact that we have to pay for Sheldon's updates does not show the community of all and love and light of people and ascension. I hope Ben does comment and clarify a few things. Maybe it would help if others sent Ben a message with this request too. 

    • Wow, I know now that there are featured members on board here that pay Ben Arion a donation and all, but they do this out of Love from what Ben says on here, but didn't know that you have to pay for Sheldon updates, guess I wasn't really paying much attention though, as it seems that is all they post on here are Sheldon updateds

      Goodluck with getting Ben A to respond on here. James Ryan and I both on here are on in hot water, because Ben had emailed us both privately and told us that we are to stay away from things that Drekx Omega posts on here.

      Only today does it show though, where Ben Arion sides on things, and that is the side of Drekx Omega on here, but yet he says that he doesn't take sides, but agrees with everything Drekx Omeaga posts on here, and that would be the Sheldon Nidle things as well 

      Unless you meant that we have to pay for Sheldon updates as in what the articles are saying, here on Earth, or is it a money thing like the Featured Members giving money

      Bless the Nite


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