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August 28

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I am 20. I live a regular below average life. (welfare) I have a fmily. A girlfriend, and a newborn daughter. I love sports, I can only see me playing sports. I love to help people in any way I can, even if it's just a tad bit of info. I love evrything in our world today and everyday, from flowers, to little tiny peices of rock. I never knew why, btu I just do. All my life, I felt alone, lost, disconnected. Now I feel alive, new, and ready for the entire SHEBANG! :DYEEE!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My greatest teacher in life would most definately have to be my uncle Mike. He encouraged me when I was at my lowest, he lvoed me all the time. Only recently... He.... left me for the discovery I made.. me beign a girl, nto the nephew he wanted.. :/ it hurt.

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  • I really hope your visions start to become more clear and more clear and the increasing energies bring constant love into your life. With you connections through ashtarcommand a virtual place you now are connected to thousands of like minded people to be here for you and help you through you ways- maybe all this heartship youve been going through with you family is to make you the strongest leader to help you people and maybe unite all of canada for freedom! Anywho I hope you days are going well since we last talked!

    I have still committed myself to making you this painting. I believe I have an image that came to me in my sleep when i was thinking about what painting i would make for you. I can tell you more about it next time you get this message but im going to make a painting that I personally think will inspire you to be a leader and to never be afriad and to always remember that your family are never truly gone. They are with you in spirit 24/7 because they are spirits and they have the ability to do whatever they want. "Their love will forever be apart of your essence" thats the theme of my idea for this painting.

    Sincerely your Brother here on Earth,

    Andrew S.

    my email is Slack.71@osu.edu and you can hit me up there once I start this image making process ill keep you filled in on it. I am a budding artist and this is apart of what makes what i do something that i love because I CAN help people with it, and i feel a very powerful feeling from god that I need to make this for you to help you on your spirit path. 

    Love and Light.

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IAMANDREW replied to 324tn1qy214cp's discussion A disturbing thought
"Wellll... the way I see it is... If you have trouble beleiving this...then why are you on this site? just saying... you can beleive what you will... but I mean come on... I've been going through this change to the max, and its doen nothing but…"
Apr 25, 2012
IAMANDREW commented on IAMANDREW's blog post Right from Birth native elders told my parents I am going to be a leader of the aborignal people of canada..bringing them otu of this mess they get forced into.
"Yo uhave dreams like I do.. they feel so powwerful don't they, recentyl I found otu that inside of this male body is a girl... inteersting and hard to figure tou, btu I think my soul schose this confusing life for me, to get me ready for what is  to…"
Apr 24, 2012
IAMANDREW commented on IAMANDREW's blog post Right from Birth native elders told my parents I am going to be a leader of the aborignal people of canada..bringing them otu of this mess they get forced into.
"Thank you for your posts.. really do help me believe in ymself. I can see my highway and the next steps... My entire life keep on revolving around the number 4... theelders says it a numebr of stability :D I also see it in evrtyinhg my life moves…"
Apr 24, 2012
IAMANDREW posted a blog post
Now more than ever I have dreams of that all comign true, I can see my leadership roll on my horizon... I don't know how... btu I have dreams of a indian man on top of a hill... and I take steps to him.. and every step I take..the man slowsly…
Apr 24, 2012

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