A disturbing thought

I read something today, which disturbed me greatly on this blog:


It is from Sheldon Nidle, of the GFL, and in the first 2 paragraphs, it says what is supposedly happening on earth at the moment with the mass arrests and such.

The thing that caught my eye was earth is undergoing a spiritual cleansing, to free us from the dark minions labyrinth.

Now, i dont know about you, but this rang so many alarm bells for me, because of the word cleansing.

So many dictators in the past have used the term ethnic cleansing, to convince others what they were doing was for the right reasons, then wiped out thousands of people, all in the name of religion, we all know this is wrong!

It was genocide pure and simple!

So how is this any different?

How is cleansing the earth of people who you dont agree with anything other than mass murder?

This is what your precious GFL is advocating, and you are condoning it!

How is this right?

It seems so many have blinkers on, and just because the word spiritual or divine or light is put in front of things, it somehow makes it ok!!!???

How far will this go?

How far will you go, in the name of love and light?

How many more times, and how many more religions will make people do things in its name?

Open your eyes!!!!

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  • My basis is quite simple really. It goes like this, I control my body consciously, evidence: the fact I'm typing this message. Therefore I can learn to control my body more and more precisely with practice. Additional evidence: surgeons, martial artists, etc

    (they/you are still human)

     My body runs on energy, evidence: I eat food to live, food was once alive, therefore I consume some of their life force by consuming the flesh (plant/animal).

    No that ‘life force’ left long before you got to cook and eat it….

    You could science that up if you wish. Therefore with practice I shopuld be able to control that energy. Additional evidence, I dunno, Reiki and stuff.

     (yes…but  you are still human)

    Energy is infinitely transmutable, evidence: Nature.in all its forms. Therefore I can learn to transmute my own energy into any other form I wish with practice,

    It’s not as simple as that…(and who is going to ‘teach’ you to do that,) still a theory Reiz…

     including my own flesh which is itself just another state of energy.

    YES matter energy

    .........Additional evidence: Physics,

    (it’s not as simple as that)

     need I say more?

    (no… no…and no you can’t shape shift or teleport)

    It's simple, its got evidence to back it up, logical conclusions, etc. Is it a theory? Well maybe by your logic. But was an airplane just theory until it got off the ground? No, it was a fact long before then, it just took awhile before a couple dudes figured out how to build one.

    Reiz… you are starting to lose the ‘argument’ of course it was a theory (they worked on it…perfected the design through failed experiments etc …then the very first airplane became the manifestation of that theory….then it became undeniable ‘fact’) but this is ‘a machine’ not a body……

    They can't? Why not? Too hard to understand? People designed and built computers didn't they?

    Yeah so ….your point is???,And they started out as a concept theory. Same argument as with the airplane (materialistic, physical, mechanical )

    That seems pretty complex from a stoneage perspective... but people did it.

    Everything would from that perspective.

     So.... apparently people can't learn to understand more and more complex stuff despite that being proven wrong already?

    Ooh for goodness sake Reiz, is this your opinion ???. Because it is certainly not mine. Theories are becoming ‘facts’ all the time and I have expressed that here as well as in other posts.

    Oh right you define beings based on their biology. A cheetah is a cheetah becausse its shaped like a cat.... doesn't matter whats at the controls.

    Could be a human for all you know but I guess they surrender their humanity when they step behind the wheel of a cheetah body. 

     No….Utter rubbish… it’s a cat, this is tiresome…’humans are humans’ ‘cat is cat’ END.

    Humans can work on their bodies to be extremely supple, endure pain/cold/heat or immensely strong etc, but they are still HUMAN.

    :And is that it, that's your basis for saying shape shifting's not possible? Because you've never seen it done before? Do you have anything a little more concrete than that? Anything at all to justify this hard line stance other than your "I haven't seen it done therfore it cannot be done" response?

    Your hard line belief, it is possible… have you see it done???? I doubt it, so it’s still a theory, your stance…it takes practice… How do you know this???…how would you know where to start???, what kind of practice???.... you can’t read this in a manual as nobody has done this or anything remotely similar. Who is going to teach you??? ‘ET’ maybe????.. ..Although I doubt that they would/could teach a human to do this, if they are even capable of these things themselves. The idea that ET shape shift is ‘some ones else’s theory or opinion’ unsubstantiated claims that cannot be verified.

    So for sake of argument, since you are very adamant that this is ‘possible’. Any ‘practice’ could/would be inherently dangerous, trial and error, what happens when you make a mistake (the body is not like a metal machine, you can’t pick up the pieces and go back to the drawing board) you could very well end up dead or in such a state that the body is so damaged that it would be impossible to experiment again. (body parts in a disarray or even missing) or a bloody mess on the floor…yuk!...... Haaahaaa……then I suppose you would not be ‘human’ looking or shape, (point proved by Reiz…you’d go down in the history books…. ‘Pushed to the point I no longer look ‘human’) still genetically human though, whichever way you look at it.

    BS…(don’t like that presumption) Reiz…

     You require someone else to tell you what is and is not true or possible, you are incapable of deciding for yourself. Therefore other-proofs dependent. You can't prove it for yourself.    well in reality its not that you can't do it, you just don't do it.

    I question everything….hence this damned discussion, (the original, and this one); I look for more info and yes proof as well, if necessary.  I’ am not so entrenched in beliefs or cult dogma that I will unquestionably follow without ‘thinking’, I will always keep to my discernment whether something is true/part true, fact/fiction, simply still in its theoretic stage, or just plain outlandish.

    we are all entitled to ‘think and learn what we want’ and that is how it should be…Just because I don’t believe/ have a different view, want more info/proof does not make me ‘stoneage’

    On this site and on some others (religious, hard line etc) many people are making outlandish claims in the name of their (gods, channellings, and presumptuous unsubstantiated theories, dogma etc),

    I have questioned these and asked for clarification, you have seen this from my previous posts, to resort to that ‘statement’ above was wrong Reiz, you know nothing about me…

    It’s as bad as being accused of being rude and ill-mannered by Drekx, because I asked questions and questioned things that he obviously could/would not answer and because I did not follow religiously his dogma or outlandish claims.

    You and others have questioned these things, Reiz…a lot of things in reality and life is proofs dependent….it is part of the learning process and gathering info, so that they no longer remain ‘theories’ or ‘outlandish’ claims but become ‘fact’

    The only moral I decided on was to treat others the way I'd like to be treated and to hold everyone else up to that same standard. A race or faction or whatever that would decide that another race, faction or whatever needs to be "cleansed" spiritually or otherwise means that that race, faction or whatever believes that someone else also has the right to cleanse them the same way they believe they can cleanse others. If their cleansing is based on simple "you don't think like us" criteria and their methods are to kill or otherwise remove the offenders... well then I guess I and anyone else gets to do the same to them. Kill and massacre their people as a means of "cleansing" them. If the cleansing is simply talking philosophy with people nd giving them a helping hand in the garden or whatever, same thing. I'll help out too.  After all, its their own belief, clearly they must be okay with it being done to them as well regardless of what it is.

    Nice statement…I still don’t hold with the ‘cleansed’ bit, maybe a better word such as giving ‘wisdom’, ‘teachings’ or even inspiration’ perhaps.  I don’t hold with the ‘killing or removing’ part neither nobody has the right to do that.

  •  Sounds to me like your definition of "humanity" is based solely on biology then. And thus your definition of someones race would based on their physical abilities. If someone could levitate, rearrange the matter they're composed of into a new shape, and et.... well based on your logic they couldn't be human. It wouldn't matter to you how they did it because you've already decied that biology determines race therefore whatever they can do must be due to their biology. That's what I'm hearing from you.

    OH for goodness sake Reiz....NO that is not what I trying to get across to you at all, levitation is possible, astral travelling, remote veiwing, even moving thing without physical touch, etc, using the energy/mind within. Yes… entirely possible have seen/experienced these, but shape shifting and rearranging matter they are composed off NO.

     And ET is most definitely not human, by its very name and the ‘wholeness’ of its existence and its own evolving process on/from another planet.

    And it is more than just ‘biology’ that detemines race.


    Your science also seems based on hindsight and other-proofs. You wouldn't believe something is possible until it was performed in front of you.

     or if a member of perceived scientific authority told you it was true. Whether that's a textbook or professor or whatever

    Nope wrong again…so called experts get things wrong all the time, say this is good for that’s bad etc none of them agree with each other…then the next week /month/year they change their minds again.


    So…Yes…I personally would have too see with my own eyes, someone performing 'shape shifting'


     No real scientist looks at any phenomenon as absolutely impossible.

    NO…but they are bound by ‘theories’ until they can manifest/accomplished any given task, then they can factually present the result. So with this in mind, supposed shapeshifting is a ‘theory’ not yet accomplished now or in the Immediate future.

     At best things are conditionally impossible, and from what it sounds like your condition to make such abilities possible is that the person no longer be "human" and thus be bound by "human" limits.


    What….humans are unable to shape shift or alter their genetics to become a planet or whatever….whether ET could shape shift etc is irrelevent to the argument we are talking about what the ‘human’ is actually capable of.

    So once again I ask you, Do my abilities determine my race???    ‘

    ‘Race’… are you claiming to be something other than human…confused…?????You’ve not answered that one neither. And i have answered that one.....

     You've never anserwed that one yet. Its a simple yes or no question so come on. My body is just a machine that I control after all, how far can I push it till I'm no longer "human?"

    (you will always be human) you can’t change that…

    Or is it the soul that matters more than the flesh? Which is it? Which determines whether or not you are human? The soul, or the body?


    Oh come on…it is both for goodness sake, neither is more important than the other, but you will never be anything else other than ‘HUMAN’ or are you trying to/ or claiming that you are an alien energy form ‘living in a human body’ HHHAAA lol.

    All right then, lets say you take a car and you replace every single part of that car with stronger pieces. Upgrade the frame, the engine, the axles, everything one piece at a time. Lets say this car was a volkswagon Jetta when you started..... is ity still a Jetta afterwards? It still looks the same after all, but it can outperform any standard Jetta in all areas. Maybe you even got really crazy and engineered some feet and legs for it to turn it into a quadraped for incredibly rough terrain. Or maybe another modification that could turn it into a boat. Is it still a Jetta? It started as one, the controls are still more or less the same in a sense. The owner at least understand how to control it perfectly well. But the things this vehicle can do goes far beyond what a standard jetta could ever hope for. And its all thanks to the ingenuity of the owner who tweaked and fiddled and studied and imagined in their garage what things they could make this Jetta do and then they did it.


    Unfortuately…it is no longer a jetta, in its true sense, however its still a machine and machines can be altered and adapted…but to change a physical body human or otherwise to that kind of extent with all its complexities is unlikely and impossible. You can’t turn in to a cheetha, just to run faster, or a rat, so you can scurry off into some dark corner….by all means adapt the body with machine parts to run faster etc, but you will still remain human.

  • Stephan King the Rage, was a really good book, it had given some insights on how the psychology mind works and how we can easily think something is a certain way, but in reality it isn't a certain way 

    This would of been one his books that was out, before he had under went the name of Stephan King. I remember reading the book in school, and it was mind exploding, because you are reading about a boy that is a teenager, who seemed perfectly normal, only mins into the book, you realize he is holding the classroom hostage 

    It then goes back in time, and talks about the things that had happened in his life, that made him get to where he is at within the classroom holding all of the students there hostage with a gun '

    He talks about his early stages of having thoughts of something like this before, and as he is talking though about some of the things he had went through, you are thinking man, this is just one normal kid that is dealing with the facts of life, but at some point he had snapped 

    Yet you are still trying to figure out what had made him snap, to get the point of holding the classroom hostage 

    I don't think that any of us can determine the type of mind set that will do certain things like this life, and that is why we can do all of the cleansing work we need for ourselves, but if there if there is something that is going to snap inside of a person, to make them do the things they have always wanted to do, they are going to do it 

    As far as Incarnation goes, something we don't have control over, we are given the life we are dealt with, and we have to deal with the life we have the best we know how, even if it does really suck at times, and that is the thing, that the reason Human Beings aren't as weak as they think they are 

    We can deal with a lot in life as human beings, and we can also know enough sense what kind of choices to make for our own lives, but to be able to prove something like, having abilities or skills, that is something we have to know for ourselves, and what we are able to do with them 

    Unity and Peace, are all things we can find for ourselves, and don't need a large group in finding it either, but there are so many right now that want to isolate, and say that we are the ones that are making the change

    Also something that no one ever takes into consideration, is that we all have certain gifts we are born with, and different smarts as well, it is the respect line. When we badger those, who disagree with our system always, we are never going to understand someone else's talent or Abilities 

    Bless the Nite


    • Ooooh for goodness sake Reiz…..you are beginning to sound like Drekx…The human race/body is not weak it is ‘limited’ at this given time/space by its very biology and physical reality. It is still human, it cannot be/manifest its self physically/biologically in to anything else.

       Also if you really think shapeshifting and rewriting your entire genetic makeup into something positively "non human", whatever that would be, goes against physical logic and etc... you might want to brush up on your highschool physics. Grade 12 physics is all you should need to be able to put the pieces together for most of this.

      B.A.Honors degree : Quantum mechanics, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Human biology, Philosophical/ ethical studies, criminal/child psychology …etc…. Please don’t patronise me Reiz

       Its all I needed at least. Once again, I've been there, I've done that. True I cannot do it in this body yet but I'm working on that.

       Exactly what I have just stated…thank you for agree with me finally…..

       If you really believe it can't be done then that's your own limit you place on yourself. 

       There is not a single human being on this planet that has ever done this, if it were proved with true facts and physical manifestations of shape shifting and ‘non-human state’ then this would be incredible and the ‘vastness’ of possibilities would be mind boggling, it would be fantastic to participate in the ‘grandness’ of it.

      It once again begs the question "Do my abilities determine my race?" From what you're saying they sure do. I purposely did this incarnation to try living as "normal" a life as possible

       ‘Race’… are you claiming to be something other than human…confused…??????

       I've also heard lots of factions say that they come in unity and peace and with the interests of everyone. I've never one yet seen it be true. Their version of unity and interests of all are really just self interest and unity in the form of "keep what we like, kill what we don't". In the end its all just hollow words used to thinly veil their desire for control, whether the control is direct or indirect doesn't matter. And whether they themselves see it in any sort of sinister lighjt doesn't matter either, sometimes its plain old ethnocentrism. looking at another culture and deeming it wrong or inferior because it does things differently than yours does. Then the "bad" must be cleansed because it is preventing the population from "unifying", etc.

      Well said…and for what is worth I actually agree with you…it is a very human concept, humans as a species and some individuals (some on this site) think and behave exactly like this.


      Stephan King the Rage, was a really good book, it had given some insights on how the psychology mind works and how we can easily think something is a certain way, but in reality it isn't a certain way.

      So very true well said April, and this is exactly what cults/beliefs etc exploit

      A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty… The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. … We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. (Einstein, 1954)

  • Humans and all other creatures on this great planet are limited creatures, shape and form, but I shall reiterate I ‘do not’ think humans are weak, please don’t assume things about me, I honestly thought better of you….I could talk in terms of raw biology, then yes the ‘might’ of it would have an argument.

    Except for the fact that you can train yourself to alter your own biology or use energy as a substitute/complement/addon for certain things.

    Yes… humans can train to use energy as a substitute/complement/addon for certain things. Lower forms of energy and some parts of higher energy can be easily manipulated by humans, if they receive the correct teachings and adapt well to it, people are individuals some are more adept than others with varing skills.

    But… no humans cannot alter their biology at all, the body in its blue print is as it is, yes genetics can alter looks, sex etc to a degree, but the ‘whole’ is still identifing as human.


    They ‘my friends’ do not judge anyone nor do I,

    Nor do they do this ‘bullshit racism I'm so used to hearing from them. And then they use that White-Man's-Burdenesque logic’

    They as well as I are diverse and unbaised, balanced with/for unity of all.

    Sometimes with the "Spiritual cleansing" that is of concern in this discussion because I've personally witnessed their methods of cleansing firsthand. 

    Then you are better informed than me…personally I do not agree with this term, nor do I actually agree with most of the supposedly channellings/ light ones on this site, or the attitude of some of the ‘others’or the fact that if you ask questions, clarifaction or question their ‘facts’ they ban you from discusssions.


    Honesty and interity is obviously an issue with these people, I ask for proof, especially if they are out landish claims, such as teleportation, able to alter the energy and manifest some thing physical like a cup for instance, shape shifting, and many others that actually defy phyisical logic and time let alone the whole biometrics.


    I must admit it would be fantastic if we all could do some or all, but it would only be misused like the human race does with everything else.

  • ’the sun is a big ball of energy’ they see/feel energy, so they ‘Aanliyah a’jinns’ can see beyond what humans could ever hope to see. This does apply to other forms of energy as well...

    But, in this instance, I meant the energy from the sun, what the sun is its composition etc…it the ‘sun’ is more than what humans think it is.

    Humans are not ‘weak’ …I have never suggested this, but humans  are limited to what they are as actually physical beings even as energy beings, need to evolve more, unfortunately, no humans can’t train themselves to do this it is physically impossible. Even if they could tap into their soul energy and use it constructively, may see a little more, but not on the level that they can.

    Humans are beautiful creatures they are unique life forms, but the behaviour as an individual and as a species have/ is damaging themselves and the other creature around them.  This needs to change.

    I love Planet Earth and all things on it, the whole system it is amazing.   

  • To be honest Reiz…. I really don’t where to start with an explanation of this, it’s just so complex. All I can say for sure an enormous amount of technology beyond our imagination…has been utilised with our very best interests at heart.


    When I was around 13years…I did ask them why only 2 million people, they explained to me that this was the amount that were already fully aligned and in unity…as one. These people were already in contact with them, I personally met them when I was 6 years old, however since then more people have embraced the notion ‘wisdom enlightenment’ to be more than they are, this kind of mindset is what the planet needs and humans as a species.

    That is the reason that they have begun adaptations, they (I suppose) probably did not expect more ‘humans to see the light’ as the current trend back then and somewhat up to now did not look very promising.


    As for dumping people else where (on other planets etc…is absolute rubbish), humans are part of the Earth….Earth is an awareness, entity of energy but is so beyond our comprehension that an explanation can not be granted or expressed to humans, but I was told that humans as creatures and what we term soul energy cannot go beyond our planet, that it is tied to the ‘wholeness’ of the planet.

    The planet is very large mass, it too has a ‘energy field’ similar to an aura or you could liken it to an aura (very simply put) and as such its ‘aura’ extends out, I think its just beyond the moon, but not entirely sure, may be a few miles further.


    The reason humans are unable to go beyond this, Ooooh.. how to explain this???

    Best explaination i guess....Its to do with the ‘separation phenomenon’, despair, desolation, becoming fearful would/ does take hold almost the moment that a person leaves the first levels of the atmosphere, (some cope better than others at this point)

    I’ve experienced this feeling, it has got tolerable over time, but I still can’t go very far before it becomes overwhelming.


    As for solar flares they can see them developing well in advance, humans can to some degree ‘kind of predict the lightly hood of them’ put not when and how big they will be…’the sun is a big ball of energy’ they see/feel energy, so they can see beyond what humans could ever hope to see.


    If you want more i'll try and expand on it....narrow questions down to specifics if you require exact points answered, I'll certainally do my best, but i may need to get them to give explainations.

  • By the way, the GF are absolutely open to scrutiny and questions, it's our responsibility as citizens to question everything we're told. Especially when it comes to something like this, where a whole other race is involved. We've seen in history what happens when we don't question and just blindly believe words that sound good from people who claim to have our best interest at heart. I think it's smart and responsible to be questioning.

    And I question too. I do believe in them and I believe they are pure and have pure intentions, but that doesn't mean they get a free pass. I see so much revering going on, and it's childs play. Just because they are more advanced than us, doesn't mean they get a free pass. And I believe in them and believe what they're saying...but I will not be like a mortal meeting a God when they get here. I will treat them like I'd treat anybody else. And I don't care what they say, they have to prove themselves. None of this, oh don't live in fear...no, you're going to prove yourself and that's it. But, I'm willing to wager, they'll be more than happy to prove themselves, and will do so in a respectful and understanding way.

    • Hi John....Yes you are correct 'last post' ...the one irrevocable thing they will not do is 'harm' they will certainly not remove anybody from the planet and 'dump' them else where, the one thing i do know is they would like to save everyone on the planet (if the probs with sheild and the solar flares could be absolute) but they don't know if it will be adequate in the end, there has been some encouraging results from the last solar flares unfortunatley nothing is difinitive.

      They have made provision for 2 million people, but other life forms are also a priority, as a lot more creatures are much more vunrable than humans....human adapt better and with this steady amount the human race would repopulate quite quickly.

      They are trying to adapt another section to accomadate much more people, but it still will not reach 'billion' mark as the time scale is not stable, things could spiral very fast, giving them no choice other than putting people in to an incomplete structure. 

  • Well you know, I don't know what they're about. And I'd be lying if I said I did. I have my ideas and my beliefs, but I don't know, I never met them. How am I supposed to know what they're about. I read the messages, and most messages do have a good energy to them, and I can understand logically how the whole thing fits together. Is that knowing, no. I'll only know when I meet them. And there's no point in arguing about beliefs, it's a waste of time.

    But, I personally don't see anything wrong with the words spiritual cleansing. I know I'm going through a major spiritual cleansing, and I can see that, and I can see it in other people. Is ascension happening, I think it's safe to say, yes it is. We can see it all over the world, the purification of people, the crumbling of all that is not pure and right. So is the cleansing happening, I think absolutely it is. Does that mean the GF are going to come and spiritually cleanse everything, which I guess would mean, forcibly removing those who they deem are not spiritually clean...I doubt it. But then again, I don't know. And if that is the case....you can bet I'll be joining the nearest militia group and fighting back against them.

This reply was deleted.

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