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Greetings dear friends, greetings to one, greetings to all.   I am Ragnor, I am of that which is the Lyran community and I have with me this day, this moment, this galactic meeting of fellow bloodline, I have all that are here of the Lyrans, of the Princes of the Royal bloodline, of the Captains of the Federation Command.   We are here present at this time observing that which is the home that once gave us shelter.   

We recognise it not for much has changed upon the surface of this land and yet within it we still recognise the vibration and the resonance that calls to us. 

For in the Earth are the placements of our DNA that we have landed and left that we have placed within the very belly of T’Gaina knowing that she would hold it, she would mature it, she would produce from it that which would be for the highest and the most value for humanity.

But humanity has found these deposits that we have left behind.   Mined it, ripped it from the Earth and again has no understanding of the deposits that were left behind, why we left these.   

But that is just part of the story of humanity, the story that humanity learnt from those that fathered them however illicitly and however abusively that they were fathered.   And they learnt from those that kept them.

And it is this perception that I wish to address this day.   It is the perception of living under the shadow, living under the forethought, living under someone else’s opinion, someone else’s decree of your existence.    For when we observe those that are here upon this plane we see multiple, multiple species living together in harmony and yet they are at the most disharmonious way that they have ever existed.   The harmony comes because that they are not at each other’s throats.   They have been forcibly manipulated into places of containment.   And yet the energy that is there is, shall we say, quite vicious.   The energy is not contained the energy is not in a place of stability it is still violently attacking the energy of humanity, of T’Gaina and that which is the life-force of this planet.

And we Lyrans have said to you many times and we have communicated to you over the years, it is time to rise in the honour, rise in the dignity.   To know thyself and to be true.   Because it is not the time to be present in physicality but not be present in intelligence.   It is not the time to be present in intelligence and not present in physicality and to forget that the energy of that which is you must be accessible on all levels.

Because in this moment in this time dear friends, it is the unlocking it is the awakening it is the moment that many Lyrans upon this Earth have waited for to understand, to comprehend, that they are here for such a moment as this.   That yes, they have chosen to incarnate, to reappear, to come back to this moment to even, for some of you who may not believe this, yes, to come in in full body incarnation to experience the timings that has been experienced in this next decade.   

So there are those that are walking upon this planet that have not been born as you would expect a human or a humanoid to be born.  They have just appeared.  So the next time you see somebody that knows you so intimately and you have no knowledge consciously, but they know you.  And they look upon you with eyes that are not of this Earth but are eyes that show you the very inner being of the Lyran heart, acknowledge who they are. 

Now you do not have to go….. ‘Oh, you’re a Lyran, yes, yes, yes’.  It is of the heart, it is of the dignity, it is of the honour when you recognise it is of truth.

And this is exactly where you are in at this moment, you are coming into an awareness, awakening of that which is your Divine knowledge that you no longer have to be under the thumb or under the rulership of another dominion, of another place of forethought.   Of somebody else’s opinion, structure of thought.   Indeed it is a time where you, the Earthbound human, you the Lyran, you the Pleiadian, you the one that has chosen in this incarnated time to be present whether it is for realignment, for readjustment back into the fullness of the power of the Divine Centeredness.   Or for that which is to come into the release to bring yourself and those around you into the vibrational resonance of the higher frequencies to assist T'Gaina, to assist humanity, into the next level of that which is what you refer to as the Ascension what we refer to as The Great Awakening.

The Great Awakening has many corners, has many folds, has many understandings, many comprehensions, many windows to perceive.   Because in the true Ascension in the true Awakening understand that you are powerless.   There is nothing you as the human can do, as the humanoid in this moment are actually able to do.  (Laughs)  A Leec is telling me ‘do not confuse them, they are thinking that they are here for a purpose to do much in the energy and you are telling them, Ragnor, they’re not here to do anything, that they cannot do anything’. 

And that is the dichotomy that is the many windows.   Because you see that which is already here has been foretold, it has been played out, it is already in the wind if we could say.   And whilst there are many things that are occurring at this time that have yet never occurred on your plane to the degree that they are being turned out at this moment they have been played out before.  When I say ‘there is nothing you can do’ it is that there is nothing you can do to prevent what is going to happen from happening.

Swallow, take a deep breath and understand what I am saying.   As warriors you understand, you have knowledge.   The commanders give information to the chiefs, then the chiefs give information to the captains and so it flows down the chain of command until the man, the woman, the individual that is in the firing range or that which is the man on the road is told this is the plan.  But it is already underway.  Do not get in the way of it from happening and this has been the fault of humanity.  By saying ‘the fault’ I’m not saying it is your fault, it is a fault within humanity.   You get so intrigued, so wrapped up in what is happening and why it’s happening and why isn’t it happening yet and why hasn’t it happened and what is going to happen that you become so involved that you become a thorn or a bolt that becomes loose in the cogs.   You become a stoppage.  Because your inquisitiveness which is a natural thing it is a good thing gets in the way of the flow of what Universe is doing.

There is an energy that has come into your plane, into this realm and it is beginning to educate it is beginning to re-wire certain parameters in the human consciousness.   More and more humans are beginning to awaken.  Not awaken in the way that used to mean great love and light, yes.   But awaken in the way that they are becoming the warriors they are meant to become.   They are warriors of action, warriors of deed and they know what their calling is. 

There are many that are called at this time by the Higher Consciousness, by the Cosmic Mind to enter into a state of intermediatary-ship where they begin to mediate for humanity.    To present the case of the human condition to the great energy of Universe to that which is the pure Divine energy of the Great Creator.   Presenting case after case of why humanity is to be saved.   And there are some that are called to mediate against humanity to present equal viable cases as to why humanity should be eradicated.

Such is the time of the fulcrum in your time space continuum.  We Lyran have come because our promise is yet to be fulfilled. 

We are waiting for the final trumpet so to speak, the final call when T'Gaina will allow us to come in full force and deal with the ancient enemy of our people, the foe of our heart.   And we are eager, believe me we are eager.   For we have dealt a blow many times to them in the regions that you have yet to imagine.   But their stronghold, their nest is here upon this plane because they so believe, so, so believe that the Heart stone, the Crystal of Gaia is here.   They are like ants tearing the inner part of her heart to search for it, they do not understand.   When we have said, when Telos has said when even those who are awakened have said that the vibration is here but the Heart stone is not.   

Oh they hear, do not worry, they know that I am present and they listen.   They know the voice of Ragnor and they understand that I am close, so close to opening my weapon but they know that I am bound, honour bound to sheath my sword for I have not been released by Gaia.   My T'Gaina, your Gaia. 

But the battle is coming my friends.   And for those of you who are aware, those of you who are alert and are questioning when, when, when, do not hunger after bloodshed it will come soon enough.   Whether it is energetic or physical it will come.  Do not, do not chase it, do not be like those who for millennia have ruled your people by chasing you to generate the fear and generate the anguish of your energy to feed upon.   

But rejoice in this moment.   Turn these moments around.   Because where these were meant to be moments of depression, where these were meant to slay humanity, do you understand that they were hoping that humans would become so desolate that you would have hung yourselves because of loneliness, because of the extreme separations?   They were anticipating far more deaths of physical bodies than what has happened.   And that is because of the ingenuous formidable spirit of the human being that says I will not give up.  Push me down I will stand up.  Smack me down, I will stand up.  Push me down again I will stand up, it matters not what you do, I will stand.  And that energy is the energy that we are looking for today.   For we have called you to place upon you your armour.   We have called you to place yourself in positions.

It is not a small thing we ask.   It is divinely centred it is divinely planned out.  Each request comes to you not because we have nought to say and so therefore we fill empty words with empty space.   But we come in a Divine plan moment to speak unto you that which is the truth, that which is the vibrations of your realisations, your truths, your awareness’s. 

That as you begin to step into the true awareness of that sleeping DNA.    As it begins to awaken more and more, Lyran begin to practice.   Practice the invisibility.  Practice honour, integrity, truth, practice knowing who you are.   You call it the I Am, the Divine.  Know who you are.   Know the honour and integrity, know the dignity, know who you are, the strength and the family.   Recognise the colours.   What family do you identify with?   Find your place.   Those of you who are not Lyran, it matters not.  Identify your place of that which you are called in the Angelics in the Reptoids, and Zeta.   In the Humans that are here, the Earth bound, the Terrans.   It matters not the label that you are referred to what matters is the heart of the energy that you are responding.

There is a great rejoicing to be had.  There is a great dance of celebration.   For as you begin to elevate yourself as you begin to rise from the quagmire of all that is here to beset and to keep you locked in a pattern of drama.    As you rise above this, as you come into your own sweet recognition of empowered being-ness where you are able to laugh in the wind.   When the Universe touches the crown of your head and you recognise that touch not just as wind or cobwebs or something that is fine in the stratosphere around you, when you recognise it as the physical touch of the Divine Creator, Universe, Source and you begin to recognise the Divine calling in you. 

For whilst you have been told correctly that there is a Divine plan and then there is the plan within the Divine plan which is your working out of all things to get to the Divine plan now you will understand that you are at the frame, the Divine plan is in place and you are being called to do your part.   You are being called to partake in the dance of the Divinity. 

The dance of the Divinity is to understand the spark within you the life giving force comes from one Source, that is the Divine, the Creator Source.    If the Creator Source created you, implanted within you that particular Divine spark, is not the Divine in you and you in the Divine, are you not one and the same?   So therefore why do you keep so small?   It is time to dance the dance of the Divine.   To raise yourself in vibration and to see that you are the solution to that which is surrounding you.   

And the solution as we have said many times is when you heal the mind.   When you go into the fractures and heal the fractured mind and begin to stitch together and allowing yourself the equilibrium of knowing that the Reptilian brain within you is no more, no more powerful than the emotive brain.   Yes, you’ve been told it is my fight or flight, my hunger, my eating, my cold, my heat my this my that.   

Yes, it is, but are you a beast that you must rely on the smallest part of your brain?  Are you not yet fulfilled in the realisation that whilst it has a purpose to keep the pumping of the heart to flow the blood, it has a purpose to ensure that you breathe, it has a purpose to ensure that there are set mechanisms in place to keep you safe?   Yes, but that is all it is.   It is not a Reptoid it is not a Reptilian brain.  They call it such because it is the smallest most concise brain of the human body and because it represents in its functionality the same equal portions of fight or flight that you find within the animal kingdom, they call it a Reptilian brain.

Strange that.   Let’s keep the humans small.   Let’s keep them feeling less than.  Let’s remind them they’re nothing more nothing less than goop.   The mammalian brain, the emotional brain, these, these are where you find your connection to the Divine.

Dear Lyrans, dear Humans, Galactics, Zetas, Reptoids that are here in balance and truth we have fought together for far too long in the various battles of the galaxies.   It is time to recognise the Soul Family that is returning unto the One Soul that is returning to the Divine Creator.   And it is by recognising THAT One-ness and operating from that One-ness that you will begin to find the one true awareness understanding of the deep comprehension that you are the solution.

Now, you may ask, ‘but how am I the solution’.   If we have to answer that we are in the wrong place we will not go down that path.   We will leave it to you to define the exact parameters and then to divine the answers even if you have to throw lots to see where they fall to find your solutions and your answers.  But you are warriors, you understand that which I am sharing with you.   I ask that you would stand in the awareness that Lyra is closer than what you think and the vibration of the Heart Crystal is emanating the Heart Crystal of Earth.

This is a moment of your history not to be taken lying down but to be part of, to be co-joined in a historic event.   We are here closer than what you may think or feel.  We are here and it is time to rise as fellow warriors, to drink to the completion of what was started so long ago.   It is time in the continuum of all things for the singularity to come into place so that the final implosion can be achieved.

Observe, and in human terms pray for those that are doing the work on the human level, support them in the energy.   For there are many humans running around not knowing their lineage to Lyra, not knowing their lineage to the stars and they wear fatigues.   They wear armour of this day and age and they go about doing work without question because their commander asks them to. 

Your Commander RexNa Liod DeAqua, your Commander, asks you to rise.  To come into battle gear and to stand in the energies in preparation not just to wait but to actively, energetically do, to connect in for the paramount survival of humanity lies on the results of the choices that the few make at this time. 

For you are not alone.   We have already prepared our ships, we have prepared our warriors and there are those who have already heard and responded and there are some that are still waking to their awareness of who they are.

And so it is that I am Ragnor, I Am the Negotiator of Negotiators.  It is my sector that stands before you in our robes, in the blueness of that which is our rank to call to those who are negotiators who are explorers, warriors, to step into the divine dance to bring this final implosion…….and yes, I am saying implosion, not explosion, to pass.    That all will be sealed that needs to be sealed in the void that is not escapable.    This is our end goal.   To seal the endless void that none can escape once it is done.    

And so it is.

I Am Ragnor, I leave you in the honour and the dignity.   

We are with you, we are here and we leave.

Via Louise Reiss-James of Cosmic Life © youtube itiscosmic

also see Ascension Explorers youtube for our archives

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