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As we envision our emerging world, we feel a Standard of Excellence is vital to our collective success, laying the foundation for harmonious relations. Through experience, we've come to recognize that a standard of personal excellence precedes magic, miracles, serendipity, synchronicity, and personal and global transformation.

As stewards of the World Gratitude Gathering, it is our commitment to you, and everyone who participates, to create the space for heaven to shine through, thus reflecting the highest quality experience for everyone involved. We believe that such a space is made possible as we each agree to the following 9 Agreements prior to participation in the World Gratitude Gathering.

As a member of the World Gratitude Gathering, I agree to the following:

I agree that a world of Love and Gratitude begins with me. I choose to be a conscious mirror and model of the change I wish to see in the world.

I agree to consciously set an intention for manifesting something miraculous in my life throughout this process.

I agree to tap into Gratitude on a daily basis and as much as possible in every waking moment. I know that the rewards of doing so flow through and extend beyond me, strengthening the collective field of Gratitude from which we may all derive benefit.

I agree to be a consistently uplifting inspiration in all my interactions in World Gratitude. I commit to see and mirror back the greatness of each soul who crosses my path. I choose to discover and nurture the light within so that it may shine forth to others and magnify their life.

I agree to honor each individual's right to choose their own belief system and life path.

I agree to be open to both give and receive within this community. In all my dealings, I seek win-win, mutually edifying interactions and transactions.

I agree to be my word in my exchanges with others. I realize that my personal influence is magnified to the degree I am able to keep my word with myself and others. If something comes up and I decide to change what I had agreed upon, then I agree to make that communication as soon as possible to the affected party.

I agree to love and enjoy my life as much as possible!

And, last but certainly not least, I agree to be Grateful for ME!

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