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revelation 15 states wrath of god on mankind after the rapture of the bride. 7 years of tribulation where the angel pours the wrath of god on mankind.1260 days has already begun in 2009 july. where are in the end of days.the book of daniel is un sealed where knowledge is increase daniel 12;4. the n.w.o will come to an end by 3.5 years. the closed of the golden age 12 december 2012.

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Replies to This Discussion the bible talked about 2012 also???..i didnt know about that...
...and i was telling them that the Mayans had a close relation with the Christians, but they didnt believe me...
..i knew it was somewhere there inside the bible.... ;)
"But some Native Americans converted to Christianity without abandoning their own beliefs and cultures at the same time because they saw the similarities. So they basically combined them."
- come on now, no Native American "abandoned" their own beliefs they were made to submit to the majority or face death. Christianity is a control mechanism for brain wash... sadly
That's so true!!!! Were living in the days of deception!



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