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666 Revealed: Aleister Crowley's Horoscope With Basic Interpretation And Lesson; Advanced Uranian Astrology Formulas (did he really sacrifice 150 people?)

ASTROLOGERS: basic astrology chart and interpretations are on the bottom past the essay. The research into whether or not Aleister Crowley sacrificed (i.e. murdered) 150 individuals is on the very bottom, per Uranian astrology interpretations of yours truly.

Aleister Crowley (pronounced "crow" lee,  and not "crawl" lee) was born Edward Alexander Crowley on 10/12/1875 in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom (11:42 PM). The story goes that he changed his name so that the Kabbalistic number added up (per letters) would be 666, the number of the Beast. He ranks 53rd as the most influential person of the British Commonwealth, and his influence in the world of occult literature is huge. There is a claim that he once bragged about sacrificing 150 people, and he did write (on page 93 in "Magick In Theory And Practice") that "a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim" when discussing the human sacrifice. He also explained the importance of "placing the victim in a triangle," with blood flow to go into the triangle (and didn't this sort of thing happen with Dealy Plaza (shaped like a triangle) and with JFK ? Kennedy was not a child and definitly was not innocent, but he was highly intelligent enough to try to end the Federal Reserve Banking System in the United States via his introduction of United States Notes. And that qualification was probably good enough for the money addicts to allow JFK to qualify for this type of "ceremony").

Crowley was a chess player (sometimes playing three people at once), painter, drug addict, hedonist, bisexual, poet, and skilled mountain climber. He was also an astrologer (who correctly interpreted an aspect of the Moon as "the common people," but misinterpreted Neptune as "the soul." I think this was a deflection due to his drug problem, which is highly Neptunian). And yes, he was also an occultist.

Crowley was a member of the Golden Dawn, but had conflicts when it came to promotions to higher degrees within that order. His secretary was one Israel Regardie, who would later turn heads in the secretive occult world with his publicly released text "The Complete System of Golden Dawn Magic." The original publishing came with cassettes from Israel Regardie, and I personally found it very rewarding (although I never really got into the advanced portions of the text. I really felt different (and enlightened), especially after doing lessons with the cassettes. Even if you're not into the occult, you will love the pictures in this book). The Golden Dawn does not discriminate against anybody from becoming members, and they reportedly accepted athiests and muslims (in addition to jews and catholics) as members of the order. If you want to hear Israel Regardie's voice in an industrial dance music composition (that is quite intense), check out "Golden Dawn" from the LP/CD "The Land of Rape and Honey," by industrial rock group Ministry.

Aleister Crowley And Jack Parsons (co-founder of NASA) would start the organization Ordo Templis Orientis (or O.T.O.) in 1947. O.T.O is a lodge-type system offering advancement (in a degree system) per knowledge and experience with areas involving the occult and metaphysics. Crowley would die in December of 1947, penniless and addicted to heroin and cocaine (long before "speedballing" became popular in the 1970's). Jack Parsons would later die in an explosion in his lab. In addition to O.T.O. and NASA, Jack Parsons would be responsible for the startup of the California Insittute of Technology (or Cal Tech), which still ranks as having one of (if not the best) astro-physics progams in the world. 

I was an initiated minerval degree in O.T.O., and I lasted one month as the resident astrologer of Eulis Lodge in Atlanta, Georgia. But while I was there I did enjoy the Egyptian Mass and the extensive library on the premises. And I had read "Magick In Theory And Practice" and parts of "The Equinox Of The Gods" before I was initiated. It was quite an experience; I literally had ringing in my ears and a feeling of dizziness while reading "The Equinox." But I was not pleased with some of the personalities of that lodge (at that time), who really took (and used) the hedonism and drug-use as a serious basis for use with political angling within the lodge. This was in addition to some very serious and questionable applications of the occult done by some members (which I thought had no place in my own growth). I was simply trying to get something started, especially from an astrological perspective. And yes, Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) and the Beatles were big fans of Crowley (the Beatles would put Crowley's picture on their LP "Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band," among "the people we like" background on the front cover).


Basic Horoscope Interpretation:

Crowley's Sun is in Libra, as well as his Venus placement. Venus rules the sign of Libra, and hence one can expect a strong Libran and Venusian personality. Libra is symbolized by the weighing scales, and Librans usually take their time carefully weighing all alternatives of a situation or problem before commiting to action to such (as opposed to "charging ahead," which is a trait of Aries (on the 180 degree side of the zodiac from Libra)). One of Crowley's favorite quotes was "don't make a statement unless you can prove it," and while he reportedly had an incredible memory, he did take his time with decision-making and was careful with his actions (as opposed to rushing into situations). 

Cartoon classic Charlie Brown is the classic Libra, accused of being "wishy washy" by Lucy (who is a classic Aries character, as she seems to like charging into others affairs when such affairs affect her). And yes, Charlie Brown liked to dress in a certain fashionable way AND with hats (which is also a big Libran trait. Crowley was noted for his love for wearing ceremonial headpieces at certain functions, and he had an interesting taste in fashion that was sometimes British and sometimes Middle Eastern).

But Librans can also be straight-up competitors, and may especially enjoy one-on-one competition with others. I think this aspect of Libra may have been what got Crowley into trouble with advancment within the Golden Dawn; he was directly challenging certain areas of the Golden Dawn system and challenging certain high-ranking people within that organization, especially from a political and philosophical point of view.

The Sun is in the fourth house, and Crowley was at his best when he was on his own turf, or within that which he could call "home" (as opposed to being outside "the home") since the fourth house rules one's home. This is further emphasized by Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury placed in the fourth house as well, and all of these planets are well aspected. He did a bit of travelling, but he always (in younger years) had money to "establish a base" where he would conduct his activities with others.

The Moon is in Pisces, in the eighth house, and involved with a good sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) angle with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter forming a sesquiquadrate to the Moon in the eighth defines success with secretive or sexual relations involving the public and/or women (in a man's chart), and Crowley wouldalso invent a form of magic that involved the use of physical sex of participants within the framework of a Kabbalistic magic ceremony (that also combined Egyptian ceremonial magic elements within the "ceremonial orgy" as well). Please also note that Helter Skelter murder perpetrator Charles Manson would also try to emulate this magic technique with his family of dirty hippies, trying to get everyone to reach sexual satisfaction at the same time in a ceremonial way.

Mercury is unafflicted, in the fourth house, and in the sign of Scorpio. With Mercury ruling communications and Scorpio ruling research and secrets, this is good interpretation for "the researcher at the home" or "secret reading in the household." Mercury is also conjunct the star of Zuben Elgenub, and this star tends to indicate theft, betrayal, loss, poisoning, criminality, revenge, and venereal disease. Crowley was not good at protecting his copyrights, but then he was involved with some questionable activities.

Venus is involved with a yod ("finger of God," which is two separate quincuxes (150 degree angles) with Pluto and the Moon (which are sextiling (60 degree angle) each other, while each forms a quincux with the Moon). This adds to the Libran identity of Crowley in terms of much relationships and involvement with people (the Moon) who seek some sort of transformation (Pluto).

Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, and is in the sixth house. The sixth house rules analysis and criticism, and with Mars placed here (and in the "workhorse" sign of Capricorn), Crowley was an absolute perfectionist in certain details of his work and creations. This placement is also favorable for work that uses steel tools, including swords and knives. With the sixth house representing job skills and Mars (action) in the sign of Capricorn (cardinal earth), this may describe a job skill of mountain climbing (which he reportedly was very good at). The square between Mars and the Sun is weak, but may suggest health problems (sixth house) with cuts or pokes from sharp steel objects (Mars). Crowley did get addicted to heroin and cocaine in later years, and may have gotten into trouble with the use of knives in previous years as well.

Saturn and Uranus are involved with a strong opposition (180 degree angle) with each other. Uranus is in the first house (expression, physical health) and Saturn is in the seventh house (older people, relations with others, the legal or court setting). Saturn and Uranus are known not to be friendly with each other. Saturn represents the current and grave realities once must deal with, while Uranus represents aspirations for future realities that may manifest on one's horizon. Crowley would no doubt have conflicts with older people due to his revolutionary expression (Uranus in the first) pertaining to his relations with others and older people (Saturn in the seventh) would intervene or attempt to moderate such expression. Because Saturn represents authority figures, this placement may also have had a role for his problems with the older and more established members of the Golden Dawn, as well as with local authorities who heard what Crowley was up to in their neighborhoods or villages.

Neptune is unafflicted, in the sign of Taurus, and in the tenth house. Neptune in the tenth house tends to define one who may be viewed by older people (tenth house) as being "lazy." Jimi Hendrix had this placement, and his Harlem girlfriend Faye Pridgeon stated that her mother thought Jimi was nothing more than a bum. Jimi's father reportedly felt the same way about him, even when he got that first phone call from Jimi in London. But Neptune can indicate success with propaganda, and thus it can define success in creativity, advertising, and sales abilities (if real talent is evident). Unfortunately, Neptune is deceptive, and one may face disappointment in career advancement within certain areas with this placement (unless one learns to work with the energies. Learning to work with astrological energies of all sorts is an important lesson in life). Crowley may have been successful with use of propaganda upon others in his quest for occult knowledge, especially after his inheritance, financial sources, and savings ran out in his later years. The disappointment (Neptune) with money, banking, and finances (Taurus) may be another interpretation for Crowley's Neptune in Taurus placement.

Pluto is in the tenth house, and also in the sign of Taurus. Pluto in the tenth house tends to indicate a strong will to succeed, as well as leadership potential in areas that tend to challenge powerful people or powerful leaders of some kind. And it is for this reason that Pluto in the tenth house may contribute with crisis (Pluto) of one's reputation (tenth house), especially if the infamous Pluto square Pluto transit takes place during one's midlife. In the case of Crowley, the Taurus (financial or money aspects) placement of Pluto indicated potential crisis and/or transformation (Pluto) of one's financial status (and Crowley would inherit 30,000 pounds (a horrific lot of money back then), and lose it all in a few decades). Pluto is conjunct the star of Capulus, and this defines primitive male sexual energy, adventurous, dishonesty, penetrating, and "blindness" per either spiritual vision or actual physical vision.









Advanced Uranian Astrology Midpoint Interpretations:








Advanced Uranian Astrology Type-3 Planetary Picture Interpretations:








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Nope, 666 is heavily involved in the Bible itself. One cannot buy or sell wisdom of the Bible without the image of the beast. Aliester Crowley's order of Thelema is a Catholic order. Indeed, they love to use 666, and it has a number of other meanings, but the one to be especially concerned with is this:

Actually yes. Crowley's real allegiance was with many, including the Egyptian God of Set (and his so-called conversation with Set was in a booklet I was given after my initiation as a minerval degree, and I was told to destroy it (and many of these same booklets are now available for purchase on EBay)).

I don't remember any use of the term "catholic," but O.T.O was also known for having a component called the Gnostic Catholic Church (if that is what you are refering to) that dealt with the Egyptian Mass (which actually had portions of the mass reminding me of my childhood days as a Catholic in New Orleans. The Catholic Church had "The Apostles Creed," and O.T.O.'s Egyptian mass had portions that were of the exact same rhythm and word structure as the Catholics' Apostles Creed, long before that organization was even started).

I don't know much about Crowley's Order of Thelema. But if it was involved with the Catholic Church, they sure didn't help him financially at all since his concept of Thelema was developed in his later years, when he started to go penniless.

Thanks Stella. Here's parts of a book that may help answer the murder question about Crowley. I think he did commit murders, and this book seems to help verify this (along with the Uranian astrology). Please read the section on his Mercury (which plays a role in magic) and the conjunction of Mercury with the star of Zuben Algenub before reading the section pasted below. 

Aleister Crowley Murdered The Victims Of The Curse Of Tutankhamun

Sorry, I can’t resist this one .

According to a new book “London’s Curse : Murder, Black Magic and Tutankhamun in the 1920s West End”, author Mark Benyon claims that seven deaths attributed to the Curse of Tutankhamun was not down to King Tut but was actually the work of bete-noire Aleister Crowley .


Six of the  deaths occurred in London in the 1920s and were committed by Crowley in revenge for the opening of the pyramids by Howard Carter which, according to Benyon, had angered Crowley .

From Mail Online, the victims were :

Raoul Loveday who died on February 16, 1923. The 23-year-old Oxford undergraduate was a follower of Crowley’s cult at a Sicilian Abbey. He died on the same day at the very hour of Carter’s much-publicised opening of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber after drinking the blood of a cat sacrificed in one of Crowley’s rituals. Mr Beynon argues that he was deliberately poisoned.     

Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey who died on July 10, 1923. The Egyptian prince, 23,  was shot dead by his French wife of six months, Marie-Marguerite, in London’s Savoy Hotel shortly after he was photographed visiting the tomb. Mr Beynon says that Crowley and Marie-Marguerite had been lovers in Paris. She was working as a hostess at the Folies Berghre and he was a regular patron at the same venue. He suggests that Crowley put her up to the shooting.     

Aubrey Herbert, died September, 23, 1923. Shortly after Marie-Marguerite’s acquittal, Aubrey Herbert, the half-brother of Lord Carnarvon, died of blood poisoning after a routine dental operation went suspiciously wrong at his private hospital in Park Lane. He had only recently returned from his own trip to Luxor. Mr Beynon speculates that Crowley was behind the death and may again have used Marie-Marguerite to do his dirty work.     

Captain Richard Bethell, died November 15, 1929. Howard Carter’s 46-year-old personal secretary was found dead in his bed at Mayfair’s exclusive Bath Club. Bethell was said to have been in perfect health. It was initially thought that he died of a heart attack but his symptoms raised suspicion that he was smothered to death as he slept. Crowley had only recently returned to London and was often a guest of novelist W. Somerset Maugham at the club.

Lord Westbury, died February 20, 1930. Bethell’s father, Lord Westbury, 77, was believed to have thrown himself off his seventh floor St James’s apartment. But Mr Beynon found that it was practically impossible for an elderly man to have climbed out onto the window ledge and suggests that Crowley threw him off.     

Edgar Steele, died February 24, 1930. Only four days after the death of Lord Westbury, Mr Steele, 57, died at St Thomas’ Hospital after a minor stomach operation. Mr Beynon speculates that Crowley was behind the death. He was in charge of handling the tomb artefacts at London’s British Museum.     

Sir Ernest Wallis Budge, died November 23, 1934. A former Keeper in the British Museum’s Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, he was found dead in his bed in Bloomsbury aged 77. A friend of Lord Carnarvon, he had been responsible for displaying the artefacts from Luxor. Mr Beynon says there is evidence that Budge and Crowley were associates on the London occult scene.

Benyon argues Aleister Crowley was obsessed with Jack the Ripper and that the murders inspired Crowley . He, also, claims that the sites of five of Crowley’s murders formed a pentagram . As well, he says there is circumstantial  evidence linking Crowley to the deaths and that there are clues in his books and diaries .

Call me an old cynic, but if I was thinking of a sure fire story line for a successful book, it may include Aleister Crowley, the curse of Tutankhamun and Jack the Ripper . The book can’t fail !

 Information I gathered was that Crowley left unwanted energies on this planet. Havent had time to really dive into opening the world of Crowley. Poor man, those drugs will do you in. Good read.



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