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For the first time in all my time here in this physical vessel I felt my 3rd eye tingle as it apparently opened, now I feel more psychic than ever!! I rarely even meditate!! Has anyone else experienced this sort of phenomenon lately? Ascension symptoms??

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There are 7 energy seals in the body kind of like light bulbs that light up when attention is there. Bottom one sexuality, 2nd pain suffering and victimization, 3rd  power control and tyranny ( common humanity bounces up and down with these 3 ) 4th is all about love 5th is truth 6th is the 3rd eye. PS DO YOU WANT TO SKIP LOVE AND TRUTH AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE 6TH ?

Funny you should mention that O, I am pretty sure my heart chakra has been opened since I was a young lad (I am very close to my animals and family/friends) and have been writing what I term 'wizbits' (bits of wisdom), or aphorisms since the age of 17, so, being that I am 44 now.. not worried about those energy centers!

I'll share a bit:

Aphorism #1: This lifetime is bit a shiny moment in eternity

Aphorism #2: Whatever you think of me, you certainly have a right to be wrong about me :)

Thanks for your input though, O!!

To love and truth,




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