3d and 4d karmic question

I have a question for the group:


Someone from work is pesturing me about work things, leaving voicemails but not leaving references or information.  I have told her plenty of times to send me an email if she needs something from me, as I do not like having to hunt people down on their phones.  There is no reason for me to have to do things for her convenience.


So again, I am not calling her back because she left no context and I see no emails regarding an urgetn matter.


What does everything think this has to do with the 4th dimension, and karmic experiences?  Any insights?

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      • if you knew anything about what it meant to be human, you wouldn't say that.


        seeing as you don't, I don't need to humor you with a response =)


        but your condescending views are very amusing =)  keep it coming!





  • Hi folks, Hi shelly, you said "Now I'm fine saying 'no, you must get your own food, pay rent or do chores'.  I've been burnt many times which has now taught me where to draw the line.  This is called 'loving myself first, then loving other's.  Part of loving other's is expecting them to pull their weight."

    No disrespect, you still don't get it.

    Most of this world and societies have been engineered to create lack and a survival situation, so that the few can maintain control over the many.

    We are indeed responsible for the basic needs of life of our brothers and sisters.

    The manipulators are surely responsible as well, since they have and are actively maintaining this illusion of lack and survival with our ignorant help as well. To think that someone can take advantage of receiving food, a basic need, is comical.

    By all means, you are entitled to your misguided beliefs. Though I would apply some heart felt compassion to your thoughts and maybe things will become clear.

    The plain fact is this. We are all by divine right, entitled to all our basic needs being met and this planet can provide all those needs many times over.

    So I would suggest researching and looking inside yourself for the answers to why all peoples needs are not being met, instead of jumping on the, 'every man or woman for themselves bandwagon', which has and will never work, as the world around us shows us by example that it does not work.

    peace love light

    • I don't think Shelly was jumping on the "everyone for him/herself" bandwagon. I agree with what Shelly said, to an extent. When someone needs help, it's good to help that person to the best of our capacity. If that person then comes to rely on us, it's doing them a disservice to continue to provide that help at all times. There's the whole, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a life," argument going on. If you give a man a fish every day, you're hurting yourself and you're hurting him. Let him get on his feet. Help him get on his feet. Sometimes, like when teaching a kid to ride a bike, you have to let go for a little bit so the other person can start walking on their own. Otherwise, the other person will be stunted in their spiritual journey. Why would they want to move forward, when they can just come to you with open hands and you'll pour whatever you can into them?


      As to the original question asked in this post, my suggestion would be to again remind the person that if they need to get hold of you, they should email; you won't be responding to anything by phone because email is easier for you. Tell them that you see that they've been leaving you a lot of phone messages, but they haven't been giving you information you need, and you can't respond to that. Then say one last time, "Email me if you need anything; I won't respond to anything else," and leave it at that.

  • Thanks guys! I'm 30, so I guess I'm just a youngin' =)


    I had to teach all of that stuff to myself - I wished I would have had ANY role model that could have shown me that either in my immediate or extended family, but I guess it wasn't part of my plan.  Learnin' things from scratch is the human condition, and I likely would not have learned the lesson appropriately if I had assistance early in life.  Interesting.

    • You have always had assistance.  The only thing you needed to learn is to listen to yourself.

      All the answers you need is already inside yourself.


      The key is, to look and learn from your soul and then to use that knowledge in the physical.'


      I also see something else here,


      1 -she might be trying to get your attention, by doing that.....

      2- She might be trying to get you into trouble.


      I guess the energy I read it 1, It is her way of making you talk to her, in person.

      Everyone that cross our path, has a message for us when we learn to listen to the energy that surround you.

      You already have the key, explore the knowledge.

      • The minute you start connecting to yourself, and raising your vibrations, your energy become addictive.


        It is like you are the flame, for every moth out there.  Unfortunately.


        People, strat trying to attach themself to your energy as it makes them feel good.  It drained your reserves.


        You will learn to handle thet in time

        • =)
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