3d and 4d karmic question

I have a question for the group:


Someone from work is pesturing me about work things, leaving voicemails but not leaving references or information.  I have told her plenty of times to send me an email if she needs something from me, as I do not like having to hunt people down on their phones.  There is no reason for me to have to do things for her convenience.


So again, I am not calling her back because she left no context and I see no emails regarding an urgetn matter.


What does everything think this has to do with the 4th dimension, and karmic experiences?  Any insights?

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  • Good day, James, there are many wisdom keepers here, but my gut goes with Anush on this one.  See, women aren't dumb, if this lady has been given notice by yourself that you are unable to return calls without more information she is obviously looking to manipulate you or the situation for the points noted by Anush, otherwise she is totally out to lunch and that isn't possible in todays job market. 

    I'd look at what she has possibly to gain from repeated discussions, it can be as simple as insecurity in her job and wanting to feel validated by your attention.  It could be she has a crush on you or wants your job.  A control freak would often do something similar to myself, instead of stating what she wanted in a voicemail for instance, she always wanted to waste my time playing phone tag by calling her... it made her feel that she is was in control of my actions and not the other way around.   

    We are beyond such things now.  In a 4D level insight, I would say that she is your challenge on how to encompass your Light Body awareness and changes, it is up to you how to treat the situation because she is stuck in the 3D materiality... you have to take control back to your own zone without compromising your self and values...

    • Thanks Happy Kelly!  It turns out that, as usual, it was a combination of things.  She is a perfection freak that was threatened by the fact that I was not willing to be strung along by what made her comfortable, especially after having established proper boundaries.  Because I have been instrumental in a number of business-saving ventures recently, she is undoubtedly also feeling threatened by my presence, as I neither respond to intimidation nor play phone-tag with those who do not take the courtesy to leave a message with proper context.  My time is my time, and I will not have it any other way =)


      I was contacted by a recruiter for the same company I word for when she was in the same office as me, and I let her overhear the fact that I was out of the New York in the end of May and would like to have a transfer available by then.  As I expected, she brought the subject up, and become much more docile and conversational, having realized my tenure in new york was limited and that she would not be as threatened as she imagined.


      Little does she realize, though, that I am informing all employees that I come across of their federally protected 15 minute breaks every 4 hours of scheduled work, as well as the one hour of non-paid time off they have for lunch that, by definition, is their time.  She can try to micro-manage all she wants, but when people realize they can take care of themselves first she is going to be might frustrated.  I hope not, though - I hope she takes the cue from all of us and settles down a little.  you know.  take a chill pill or something =)

      • That's awesome James, you have a good grasp of what makes women tick it seems, lol.  I too, have someone in my office who always seems to be in everyone's business.  She started just after me so I am sure there is some element of competition.  Thank god I have a wonderful job and great employers; I don't worry overly about her games. 

        Here's a question I've wondered about for you, James... what is going to happen to those people who aren't "bad" but do not embody Lighted principles...you know the type, selfish, vain, with no motivation to help anyone but themselves?  They aren't evil but aren't Lighted either.  They make a good percentage of the western culture, are they going to ascend? 

        • I think I've had eons of experience dealing with what makes women tick, so I'm not surprised I would have an intuitive grasp of it during this lifetime =)


          evil is the opposite of live.  to ascend into the light, you must be willing to live with the vibrations of all on those higher frequencies.  those who refuse to acknowledge any truth but their own most likely made a soul compact to descend to a lower frequency for further knowledge and growth.


          Everyone is going to ascend, since time is an illusion born from the necessity of experience to learn to evolve and grow.  This time around, anyone who refuses to acknowledge the karmic experiences that are being explosively channeled to each living soul will most likely descend to a 2nd or 1st dimensional state; since the earth is moving to a 5th dimensional state, there will literally not be a way for them to travel with the earth as it ascends.


          you must not think of this as right or wrong, good or evil.  It is all a matter of experience and choice, and time is the illusion that carries all the souls through this process until they can all ascend (if that's part of plan, of course lol, which would mean some choose to stay at lower frequencies, which sounds about right to me)

          • "I think I've had eons of experience dealing with what makes women tick, so I'm not surprised I would have an intuitive grasp of it during this lifetime =)"  For dome incredibly strange reason, I found that comment Insanely funny.  LOL! but please don't be offended as I am relaxing and when I do that I can act really peculiar.  Reason I rarely rest. Hehehe


            I also went O____O - it really is realy strange to hear my words repeated like this. WOW'  This is REALLy going to take some getting used to. Sheista!


            Kelly those that are not ready to ascend will never be lost, their place has already been prepared.  It is ready.  Everything is very close to ready, the scales are in place now Thoth and the crocodile need to find the balance and then we wait.

            • I know we are never truly lost, and that all will ascend in their own time.  But I am wondering at what will happen if some ascend and not all... it kind of feels like having a lovely dinner while the poor orphans are staring through the window lol....

              Hmmm upon reflection, since there is "no time" once you ascend, I guess we won't know the difference will we?  Since linear time ceases to exist for us in the etheric realm... things will seem much different.  Argh it's hard not to put my 3D consciousness into the future... thinking with my "smaller" mind again...

              • Here is Commander Drekx Omega's response to my posting:

                Drekx response:
                Linear time is not experienced by 5th density beings on 5th density worlds and higher…even on 4th density…
                It is an illusion particular to 3rd density beings of limited consciousness. Because the mind is not fully functioning and the light body is not fully integrated…

                Yet, many on Earth will indeed not ascend, as they came into incarnation to experience the transformation, without their own particular metamorphosis, which they would not benefit from at this juncture…as they still have an excitement for continuing 3rd density limitation….

                Yet, these “orphans” at the “feast” will be allowed the luxury of their own type of 3rd density feast in designated zones of linear time….Not unlike time bubbles…

                So, there will be continuing limited consciousness zones allowed to aid those who seek to continue to experience “time” in 3rd density and the zones we have designated within the Solaris Star Nation, are the outer surface areas of planets, Venus, Mars and Pax…
                Earth will no longer be required to furnish such illusions…and will transform from kindergarten to university status…..

                Yet, terraformed Mars, Venus ad Pax will be full member planets of the Solaris Star Nation and under the umbrella of the GFL, which means that those limited consciousness volunteers will not be denied appropriate technologies with which to live lives of comfort, learning and incredible beauty and harmony with nature…They will not be allowed to engage in warfare, nor environmental destruction, because of their special nutured status as trainees for a future ascension, under the local planetary Hierarchies, occupied by former earth Humans who have now ascended to become Martian or Venusian Ascended Masters, charged with the evolution of their kindergarten pupils on the surface….
                Unlike Earth’s UNIQUE application of the Law of Freewill, which allowed almost any abuse, the freewill of limited conscious beings on the future waterworlds, will be more in line with the standard application of that law…so a much different expression to that which has been seen to date on Earth and crime will fall, because abundance and free energy technology will be available for all and no “elite family” will be allowed to monopolise anything and unjustly rule the lives of limited consciousness Martians, Paxians and Venusians…

                Hope this explains….. ;-)


                I really appreciate him taking the time to respond and hope you all enjoy learning from him as much as I do.   

              • also, don't forget many of the souls that are not ascending are not doing so by choice, so there is little reason for you to focus too much on that =)  you should focus on those on whom you do have an affect!
  • Hi rayviathae, you said ""Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a life."

    Sure that's a noble thing to teach another, in the proper context. When within economic slavery, it doesn't quite have the same applicability as it may have had back in history.

    If ones labors are all retained and not stolen, then it's a good idea. However, today if a man caught 10 fish, at the end of the day he could only keep 2 and if I'm awake to this injustice and most are not, we have a major imbalance between those that don't seem to mind being or believe their slaves and those that do not wish to be enslaved. The old divide and conquer trick.

    Unfortunately, what is being taught to most people is, be a good slave or die, or be like us manipulators at the top and figure out improved systems to rob everyone blind of their labors and property.

    Oh and don't forget, that man (farmer) that just caught the 10 fish, was approached by one of the manipulators and offered money not to catch anymore fish in the future or to catch much less, to help create the illusion of lack.

    Hi james, i would say, if someone is asking for help connected to their basic needs and one can be of help, then i myself would do what i could.

    peace love light

    • Hahaha!


      Silly little human thinking silly little thoughts with your silly little mind. You say you're awake but really you're looking for another nice drama to play into at the end of the day. Someday, you will actually see the real complexities in life, and then you'll start to awaken. As it stands, you and many others on this site are using what was supposed to be a wonderful place - a place to discuss true awakening - to gloat about how amazing you are and how evil everything else around you is, and to condemn others so that you can feel special. My only real response to that is - that's nice dear. Whatever you say. *smiles and nods*.

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