Oh no it's good for you ...all it does is kill you ..no problems suckers


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  • Sadly so many people will suffer the consequences caused by the vaccine in the years to come… It will remembered notoriously, similar to other vaccines and medical treatments many years ago that were thought of to be beneficial at the time, yet turned out to be deadly! This is a destructive method to wipe out the human race only sugar coated with lies to make you feel ‘safe’… Intuition knows best👌🏼
  • How long until they start shooting people for refusing to get the vaccine?
  • And if these vaccines (whatever big pharma denomination) don't kill you, they ruin health, long term/short term....
    This was a test of spiritual connectivity......The choice was between trusting governments, or trusting God.....and many chose the former...Albeit, many of us know the wiser choice...
    • Well few know the wiser choice . . Rest are sheep's following the panic fake media followed by the panic stricken
      • Well, it's our job to wake such people up....
        • Such people attack you saying why have you not had the vaccine ..try telling them the truth they won't believe you ...the Vedas state : In the age of Kali Yuga falsehood is the charritor so the real truth is ignored by millions and millions
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"In ancient times, especially in middle east, religion was not separate from government. So a 'new religion' could have as well mean 'a new political party'. So you can understand why early Christians were persecuted. But even more importantly, you…"
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"Yes, the church compromised with pagan Rome for the purpose of increasing church members. But their ultimate aim was to grab power. This church is a far cry from what Jesus founded. The traditions of Bishops wearing funny cloths, Christmas, Palm…"
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"I will never consent to be governed again. I am sovereign. We are all divinely sovereign if we do not waive our power"
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