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Want something enlightening to watch this weekend?
I will give you some tips. There are alot more movies
and feel free to share them in this discussion.

1. Powder

2. K-PAX

3. Starman

There are alot more movies
and feel free to share them in this discussion.


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3X now

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the recommendations. Of these three, I have not seen Powder but will watch it soon.

Kind regards,


I've seen K-Pax and Powder, but I actually don't think I've seen Starman, will have to check that one out soon :-)

A few others....Being There (Peter Seller's last with Shirley maclain)....The last Mimsy....Coccoon....Phenomenon...Close encounters....and of course.....Avatar.   Too bad these are the exception rather than the rule....

never seen powder

K~pax I found boring

starman was great

never seen powder. I liked starman (I like jeff bridges) seen bits and peices of k-pax.....

this is another great movie; august rush

Hi All,

I do agree that these are great movies but my preference are slightly different :

1. What Dreams may come true : Robbin Williams... ( Utterly beautiful)

2. Matrix 1 : It is in a sense Indian Philosophy of Master(Guru) and His Master (SadGuru) and freedom from bondage

3. Milarepa the Movie.

I have suggested which I feel one must watch at least once ...

Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL ................................


what dreams may come true~ good flick

milarepa the movie ~ don't know it but will keep it in mind

Hi folks, and one of my all time favorite movies with very good messages.

peace love light

I must see K-PAX..I will look for this!  Thank You Ben! I hope you are doing well! Sincerely, Amy in NC

Also the movie The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and the movie Tuesdays With Morrie and of the course the old classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind.    :-)



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