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Want something enlightening to watch this weekend?
I will give you some tips. There are alot more movies
and feel free to share them in this discussion.

1. Powder

2. K-PAX

3. Starman

There are alot more movies
and feel free to share them in this discussion.


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3 excellent movies :)  Starman was actually on a few days ago.Watched Powder a long time ago,so I think Im gonna go watch that again.


Enlightening yes indeed  :) and we could watch these everyday and receive new enlightenment each time.



Cheers 4 this!  Seen the first two and loved them!   Going to hunt out Starman soon - sounds great!



Good choices :)  

I'll have to watch Starman again, haven't seen Powder in forever, K-pax is cool too, Kevin Spacey was awesome in it!

starman was on digital video t.v. last night in melbourne on thursday the 24th of february.

But i think i will go and take out the video powder thanks for that.

I've seen k-pak's i found it kind of boring.
Hey eyes of the mothman, is coming out as weird unexplained phenomena's occured at the making of the mothman prophecy revamped.

Thank you for these three movies that you recommended dear Ben-Arion, I will try to find them and watch them!

From my experienxe I would highly recommend for ALL of you if you are able to watch:

  1. "BARAKA" - a movie completely without words, documentary type with amazing pictures from all over the               Planet.

  2. "Eden" (1996)

  3. "Fountain"


There are of course many other great films as Ben-Arion also said, but these would be very noticable spiritual movies I could remember at this moment and recommend them to you!

  Thank's for reading,

  Peace is with you :) 



Hi folks, Hi Ben, thanks for sharing those movies. Yes I've always loved that starman movie and powder is good also, never saw kpax though, will check it out.

Here is another old tv movie i think form 1976, it has some enlightening messages within.



peace love light

Yeah I've seen em all. And all have elements of humor lighten the mood.

I'd say Powder tells the story of many kids these days, with abilities they're yet discovering, in a society little more informed than one in the movie. 

"Starman", I've gotta say is one of my all time favorite films. It's so much from the Heart.

A few other of my favorite pics:

"Mother Teresa" with Oliva Hussey is a terrific film, filled with so much Compassion & Love, that tears of Joy flowed throughout the entire film for me. I've watched it several times already, & find it is very healing for the Soul. It is one of the most Spiritually uplifting films I have ever seen.

"Ghost Town", with Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni, & Greg Kinnear is a wonderful Spiritual Romantic Comedy that is pure delight, & I've seen it many times.

"Joe Vs. The Volcano", a sleeper with Tom Hanks, & Meg Ryan, another Romantic Spiritual Comedy, from about '89 will always be one of my all time favorites. I've seen it more times than I can count.

Thanks for the great post Brother Ben.

Blessed Is, Blessed Be...........Starman

Oh my God!  Another fan of Joe versus the Volcano.  I love that movie!

Also from mainstream movies that I recommend are:  Bedazzled, Groundhog Day, and of course, Matrix 1.


All three of these movies has my vote for the top three of all time.

why not watch movies that actually enhance your spiritual understanding like the celestine prophecy



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