24 God Creators.All created different universes, different races.Once of these God Creators is called Melchizedek.They created many lines of races, only a few of these races were able to retain full conscious awareness during the evolutionary cycles. All other races lost it along the way at different times.Our human line was created by the Melchizedek Creator to assist those races that lost full consciousness and were willing to re-evolve to catch up with their original time line of evolution. They would re-evolve and return to their home planets and own race line to assist the ones there with what they learned here on earth. So they could evolve once again.This was a long time ago and we are the third race line of human beings on earth. The other two were failures and the re-evolve plan was started again for the third time.Now it was not just the fault of the human race line, many factors resulted in this failure and we can see that while we are in the third race line.At this moment we are in the final phase of this plan for re-evolvement of all race lines. The final phase started around the year 2000 as was planned about 260.000 years ago.During this time we were subject to many outside manipulations, sometimes allowed manipulation to assist in the re-evolution path, others to work against us on this path.The human line was coded with all that was needed to follow this path and for this to end in the full completion of re-evolvement of every race line that had come as an incarnate in the human race line.Many of these codes have been altered along the way, most of them were reversed to be precise.And not just the coding for the human line, the earth we are all connected to was subject to the same.All to make sure we would not be able to complete the re-evolution path and allow for many other races to evolve again on their original timelines.One way that was used and you all know this one, is the method of opening your heart chakra, to sent out your love. When you open your heart chakra, you also open your 4th dimensional astral body. How many of you know this? When you open this body, any and all being can come in, hook up to you, implant you, sent frequencies through you, and you don't even know it. Very specific teachings that have been taught for some time now. Accompanied by, do not worry, the angels will protect you, your guides and all the others are here to protect you.So did you ask those guides and angels to protect you, to make sure nothing would come in through your 4th dimensional astral body?Many of these angels and guides, or even ascended masters you are talking to are not what they seem they are, since you have your 4th dimensional astral body completely open anything can come in and tell you anything you want to hear. Including that they are of a 100% light.So yes most of the information coming in tells you, you are going great, thank you for sending all that light, it is of much assistance to us. Some of the messages will have actual information that is useful in a way, but it will be distorted in the small print so to speak.Much of what has been taught has been distorted in many ways, some of it not. For example the merkabah, this was being taught in a reverse spin, the metatronic codes in reverse, your DNA template coding is in reverse and so much more.The earth's grids that were created to assist us are in reverse, anyone connecting into that and even doing special activations with them is fueling the reverse and these gridworks are being used to control us as humans. We are connected to those grids, we have them in the human body as well, this is why we are so susceptive to these grids and energies.There are about 9 main grids out there, the falcon, the dove, the phoenix and more. If you would like to know more you can find them on this website http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~noelh/APINS.htmThe fun part is you see people connecting with the DOVE, this is where you get your first clue. The grid name is not the DOVE, it's the DOVE and the OLIVE BRANCH. Now why would they leave this part out do you think? That's what we me mean when we say read the fine print.So all these grids are being controlled through reversed currents being sent through, connected to the APIN, LPIN, GWEN Towers and our cell phone towers of course. The name already says it, APIN means Atlantean Pylon Implant Network. What kind of implants and why do we need implant networks.We have heard from many around the United States, telling us that it is so strange that many people are walking around like zombies. This happens when they turn on these Grids and Networks.They control you, they sent you the feel good feelings, they do not allow you to think for yourself. Why would you need that, this world is a great place and they have everything under control including you.And where is the rest of the story, oh we forgot to tell you, the earth and of course you as a human race are in the final stage. If you don't make it, which means reverse all coding and more, guess what, you're not going to make it and not just you, the earth won't make it as well.But do not worry we have everything under control, oh, and did we tell you, we destroyed the New Earth that you prepared for this. So, no place to go but home. If you can of course, since there really is no way off this planet unless you again reverse all the coding and more of that stuff.In the mean time you will read these messages that are telling you, be the light, just sent the light, you are doing great, just a little bit more, we're almost there. Do not worry we have everything under control, including you, another thing we forgot to mention. No need for you to spent time breaking your little head and mind over this, we will think for you. Do you feel those new energies, aren't they great? See you are really going into those new energies and they feel so good. They are coming through the grids, the APIN and all that, we are sending them to you right now.In the mean time, life goes on, and you won't even know even know when it hits you. You have turned into a zombie, just a being sending the light and the love. What about re-evolvement, ascension, you have ascended, you are in 5th dimensional energies. Oh that's not what it is about. Oh I don't know I just know I have to be the love and light that I am. As long as I am that all will be fine.A plan for the human race, a plan for all those other races, don't worry, it is taken care of, they tell us this all the time.Yes, we are in the final phase, and the danger is not just coming from the ones that control us on earth, no we have some others that have been fighting over our universe, or to be more precise the space our universe is in. These groups are from the Black Hole races, one of them is called Wesedak, the other Wesedrak. They have been fighting over some territory, guess what territory? Our universe.Now one of them is using the Blue Fire Sword, the other one the Spear of Destiny. They are influencing all that is happening in our universe as well. Familiar words to us all on earth, including wesedrak and wesedak, reminds me of the wesak festival.And if this all sounds like science fiction, this is all interwoven in our earth's history with many clues along the way.The last part you have heard about this one many times, but what is it exactly?The Arc of the Covenant, yes it's a box with the Rod and the Staff. Yes you can use these to open Star Gate portals for ascension, or actually leaving earth. The Arc has been used as a passage way in the old times, and even during the last 10.000 years for this alone. It was still used in Egypt about 10.000 years ago. Until someone made a mistake and opened a portal to the 2nd dimensional phantom earth, but that's another story.Each human is encoded with a set of codes that allows for passage through this arc, depending upon their time line on the evolutionary path, they have a set that is connected to that, so it might be 5th dimensional or higher. The further you get towards the end of your re-evolution, the more coding you bring in with you.To be able to fully activate the Arc and return to your planet and race of origin you need the full coding. This means you have fully open consciousness.This can be reached by activating your pillar of light or rainbow bridge.Now some have this pillar partly activated, a few have the full pillar.With full consciousness we mean full conscious experience and knowledge of the past, present and future, not just in our universe, but all.At this time we have some souls who came from future races that were able to maintain this pillar at all times. They have within them the tools to assist in activating this pillar and reverse all codes and more.They cannot do this alone though, critical mass is needed, so to speak, to fully activate the Arc of Covenant. Once the Arc is opened we need enough humans to be able to retain a full hologram of earth, that allows for all humans that have not awakened to stay on the earth. Another group is needed to take the earth into the bridge zone of the Arc where the earth can be healed completely before she returns to the ones that have not awakened yet.This takes three days, remember our three days of darkness? Another thing that will be accomplished is that the earth will go through a cosmic time clock reset to return the earth to her original timeline of evolution.This will allow for a new start and new chance for all that have not awakened.Now we are already talking about plan B.Plan A was to not activate the Arc and leave earth the way it is, merge the higher dimensional part of earth with the New earth, so humans would have more time to awaken. A 3rd dimensional earth would be there for the ones that have not awakened and made their pillar of light, or started making their pillar of light. A new earth was being prepared for those already further along the path. This new earth was destroyed about a month ago and so we are in plan B.We actually had several time lines to assist us, so we could evolve through different time lines depending upon our needs of knowledge. These time lines collapsed when the new earth was destroyed. We are now back to one timeline.So here we are, every human being on earth is an incarnate from other planets, universe, starsystems. Depending upon their evolution there was a path to follow to complete their re-evolution so they could return to their original planet and race line to assist them with what they had learned on earth.So what did you learn on earth so far?Be the love and the light.What about your consciousness? Is it fully open, or even partially?Most of you are just guessing about the ascension, not even thinking about re-evolution. Yes you feel the energy changes and they make you feel good. Most of the time so good that you think, see we are fine, all we need to do is be there, be in the NOW, they are taking care of us.What a lesson you have learned. How do you assist others, you sent them love, you sent them light. Just be there, everything is taken care of.Wow and why did they make this whole plan for re-evolution, what are you talking about, no need for that, we are already there.So here we are in the final stage. The earth is completely into reverse mode, the humans are in reverse mode. And in the mean time we have two other groups working on becoming the owner of the space our universe is in. Just means our universe will fall into a black hole. And all will be gone.But no need to break your mind over that, just be. Stay in the now, be the love and light that you are. You are taken care of.Just one little thing, we forgot to mention, or actually there is a lot more we forgot to tell you, but you're feeling good, so don't worry. We have everything under control, including you.In the Law of OnePetraAs a side note, this is not to bring fear, this is to completely inform you about all that is happening, not just on earth, but in our universe.Many of you know you come from different planets and want to return to those planets, go home, as most people say. This is what gives us the chance of going home. Being completely informed about all that is happening and why we are here at this time, as we have been here a couple of times before. We have learned from the mistakes in Atlantis and Lemuria. SO WE ARE READY TO RE-EVOLVE AND FINALLY TAKE BACK OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE IN THIS UNIVERSE.Sherry and Petraascendedmasters.orgiamthelivinglight.com

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