21/12 - & My Update!! Share yours!

Its the 21st already over here and i Just want to wish everyone a beautiful day....!!


I had the first memories restored back tonight, of my life of ET.... which was pretty amazing... !!

 ( a time outside of our current space.)


The life of Galactic ET's Angels can be imagined about; read about... but to experience.... oh god... it was amazingggggggggggggggggg, thank the heavens....


I wanted to share even though I consider myself a very private person;(yes really!)

because god knows this site needs much positivity and encouragement... and god knows,,, i love to share the good things with fellow lovers of the divine!! :))


Today FINALLY i got to experience *that* feeling again* of being an ET; and it was beyond words!!!

  teleportation, mind over matter,
freezing *3d time*, and moving in and out of realities/ parallel dimensions...

the things i saw again... my god.... and thank god... !

I want to thank everybody for all their support & love ... and to say thank you to Rune publically and to our son... both of you are amazing...thank you for everything... thank you angels for reminding me of the ONE... OF LOVE...OF PEACE... HOPE... CALMNESS... OF ALL GOOD THINGS, I WISH TO YOU ALL...


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    It was such a pleasure to read your message and your previous articles. Such joy and peace comes from them. And you place these messages with such beauty and creativity.  Thankyou for your spiritual wisdom and insight and your own experiences you have shared with us. Great blessings, love and peace.  Nikki 

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for your kind words.

      I am glad you enjoy my articles and derive pleasure from reading them;

      it is with great intention, they are made manifested.

      Thanks (again) & have a beautiful day!! ;)


  • weird-cat-looking-thing1.jpg

    I am definitely starting to feel real wierd.....

    • haha Eddie,,, lolol

      cat says ; meowwwwwwwwwwwww


  • definately having a lot if vertigo and dizziness today....just feel strange...a little disconnected. Where I am in MI its only 8:45pm still 12/20. I really wasnt expecting anything but I really do feel wierd. I feel very quiet too.... like Im distracted by my thoughts or something... lol Anyway ; ) Happy Solstice!
    • OO wonderful!! :)

  • Hi Star! I am about to make a thread asking everyone how they are feeling now. But you already made this thread so I might as well just contribute here.

    Since yesterday, I am feeling a lot lighter/happier than usual. I am already a happy and stress-free person but I feel lighter now. I feel like something good is about to happen but I don't know yet. Or maybe I am just perceiving the ebb of energies swirling around our planet now and this happens to be positive energies. I will observe my feelings more to know where this feelings come from.
    • The time is NOW to feel good :)))

This reply was deleted.

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