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2019 A Year To See More And More Vegans Upgrading To Being VEDIC VEGANS Taking The Best From Ayurveda And The Best From Being Vegan PLUS Have Vedic Vegan Restaurants


Vegans tend to eat onions, garlic, mushrooms, chillies and a few other foods that according to Ayurveda is in the Mode Of Ignorance and in the Mode Of Passion and these foods should be avoided so as to keep to only the foods that are in the Mode Of Goodness. However although milk products, honey and a few others may be in the Mode Of Goodness they taking the view point of Vegans are not suitable as milk is taken from cows that are not properly treated with love so the milk has low vibes in it and it’s a animal product. Honey according to the Vegans is not suitable as the bees make honey only for themselves and various other reasons it’s not suitable for vegans. 

“Vedic Food Wisdom” refers to ancient wisdom and knowledge that prevailed in Vedic period (1000-500 B.C.E). “Yoga” has descended from Vedic culture and we are all aware of the benefits it can bring to our lives if practiced on a regular basis. As Yoga provides peace, stamina, and connects us with our conscious mind. Similarly, Vedic Food provides us with nourishment, physical energy, and positive thinking and promotes our overall well being. Yoga and Yogic Food (i.e. Vedic Food) are part and parcel of a Vedic lifestyle. In essence, Vedic food wisdom provides knowledge on food selection, preparation, right food combinations, healing spices and herbs, and method of consumption (mindset and prevailing environment).

Vedic principles embodies techniques on how food should be prepared and consumed, and emphasises on eating with a conscious mind and gratitude.

Basic Ayurvedic Food Practices –

Consuming Fresh and Seasonal Produce (Closer to home) – i.e. Food with less mileage. Food that has travelled less to be on your plates provides higher nourishment and nutrients, hence are best choice of food! Seasonal and local grown food is a better option over any food that may look exotic but had to be shipped miles away from another part of the world. Fresh and Local food is high in Pranic value (i.e. the life source in food).
Cooked food over Raw – Raw is not for everyone, Cooked food is better digested and assimilated in our bodies. There is a new trend of eating “Raw” and juicing all your vegetables. As per Vedic Science, only fruits are naturally meant to be consumed raw; raw vegetables such as Spinach, Rapini, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbage etc.. should rather be cooked prior to consumption, to avoid unnecessary burden on your gut. Summer is more favourable for eating Raw, whereas warm and cooked food should be consumed during fall and winter seasons.
Cooking with healing spices and herbs – Vedic cooking entails integrating food with right spices and herbs that have a number of health benefits. Spices and Herbs adds flavour to your meals while also help cleanse toxins from our body. Vedic Food Wisdom dictates that the food we consume not only affects our bodies, but also influences our mind and soul. Vedic cooking principles offers more than satiation and nourishes your mind and senses.
Consume food high in Pranic Value/Life Source – Food that is fresh and consumed shortly after it’s preparation is considered high Pranic in nature. “Prana” refers to the life source that gives you the vital energy to sustain and live life to the fullest. It is recommended that meals should be consumed within 2-3 hours of it’s preparation. Anything longer than 2-3 hours is basically a food with diminished Pranic Value and will lack vital energy and be tougher to digest (i.e. Frozen foods are best to be avoided).
Cook with 6 tastes of an Ayurvedic Meal – Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Astringent and Bitter. As per Vedic cooking principles, 6 tastes when included in a meal, makes it a well-balanced meal that delivers energy to the body and rejuvenates your mind. In essence, 6 tastes in a meal makes your feel completely satisfied, leaving no room for cravings.
Conscious eating– This specific principle refers to eating with a conscious mind. To elaborate, eating with a state of mind that is peaceful and calm, away from all distractions, solely the time to just relish the food that’s in front of you (In the Vedic period, squatting on the floor on a mat and eating with your hands was the traditional way to consume meals – In a very Yogic posture connecting you with your food). Conscious eating also refers to paying closer attention to our body – i.e. listening to your appetites. Eating only when you are hungry, and eating just 2 handfuls at each meal. eating anything more may be pleasant to your tongue, but will be unpleasant to your stomach and overall digestive system.
These ancient principles and techniques go a long way in restoring and maintaining your health and well-being.

BEING VEDIC VEGAN IS THE BEST WAY TO LIVE ON PLANET EARTH ..but more in the future will go beyond Vedic vegans 

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Really Vedic Vegans would be the new type of conscious human beings as they would not only be kind to animals but also eat very healthy and healing food only like including more superfoods, nuts and seeds. 


The primary reason these three foods are not eaten is because they stimulate the lower organs and chakras of the body, promoting the base nature of Man. Onions and garlic heat the body and for those who meditate and are seeking a higher consciousness, it is better to keep a calm nervous system and cultivate greater sensitivity to subtle energies. Food does not only affect the body but the mind itself. Body-mind-spirit.


According to Ayurveda there are three bodily constitutions – pitta, vata, and kappa. There are also three mental constitutions – sattva, rajas, and tamas, described as essence (subtle), activity, and inertia (gross). Food can also be classified as sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic, which are incorporated by the yogic diet.

Sattvic foods are fresh, light, and nourishing and support higher consciousness. Rajasic foods promote excitement, activity, and movement. Tamasic foods increase inertia, confusion, and inner darkness. These are fast food, alcohol, pork and other meats, shellfish, soy bean, onions, garlic, and mushrooms.


As much as these three foods are touted as health foods in the West, Eastern traditions have additional insight.


The Taoists believe that the alliaceous family has a negative effect on the human body and affect five organs – lungs by onions, heart by garlic, spleen by leeks, liver by chives, and kidneys by spring onions.1


In the 1980s, Dr Bob Beck discovered in his research the effect garlic has on the human brain due to the blood-brain barrier penetration of sulphone hydroxyl ions that are poison to brain cells. In a lecture he gave in 1996 at the Whole Life Expo in Seattle, Dr Beck also shared that garlic has been known since the 1950s to decrease reaction time in pilots (during test flights) by two or three times.2


The reason some people do not consume mushrooms is because it is a fungus and uses decomposing materials to grow. Unlike plants that use chlorophyll to photosynthesize light, mushrooms are considered tamasic and lack light and life force.

For these reasons, the Yogic diet does not normally include onions, garlic, and mushrooms.


What I recommend to take daily Organic Ginger and Organic Turmeric with Organic Black Pepper...not to much but a small piece of organic ginger, a small piece of organic turmeric with little bit of organic pepper in your food daily.

Organic Ginger and Organic Turmeric IS IN THE MODE OF GOODNESS according to Ayurveda 



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