There is no Rapture without the Azazel Scapegoat Christ who dies for the sins of the world. Christians & Jews are VAMPIRES who sacrifice a "Blameless Lamb" as a scapegoat to transfer the karmic punishment of their sins to an innocent person or animal. These religions quite literally turn God into the Devil and evil into righteousness and salvation. "Shall not your turning the world upside down be esteemed as the potter's clay?" Jews and Christians have inverted the paradigm.

1948 (Israel) + 70 = 2018 deadline to "Finish the transgression and bring in everlasting righteousness." All bible codes and prophetic indications point to 2016-2018. The Rapture, Son of Destruction, and Day of the Lord are all connected:

1. Only the Father knows the Time of the rapture / rupture / harvest leading to the "terrible" day of the lord. 2. That day will not come until the son of perdition / lost child / son of destruction is revealed, and the falling away / rebellion comes first. 3. It is commonly assumed the Antichrist must be a world ruler, to mark people with 666, create a policy for craft to prosper

But, he is called the MAN OF LAWLESSNESS. As such it is more likely he will be against the rich and powerful, since laws, in the last days, are mostly corrupt, and exist for the greedy to enslave us. IF Antichrist is seated in a position of authority then he represents the force of law and order on the earth. Paul said "all rulers are appointed by God and should be obeyed." If antichrist is world ruler, Christians must obey him.

Jesus is linked with Azazel and Leviathan. and Gal 4:14 Paul said Jesus was the thorn of Satan in his flesh. (Eve/Lucifer) Phoebe, Paul's letter deliverer. Paul's epistles fit on the Kabalistic Tree of Life. Phoebe is the lucifer / Thief / Lightning Flash who has same title as Christ.

4. He ascends from the bottomless pit and goes into spiritual perdition / ruin. He will know that he is a Serpent, Reptillian, or has blasphemed the holy spirit, committed the unpardonable sin. He is self righteous, but will know he is damned in the Bible. The false prophet and beast are "Cast alive" into the lake of fire.

5. He "Antichrist" will be the false prophet, who takes the mark of the 666 beast, so as to become the 2nd beast who acts with all authority of the 1st. The only thing the 1st beast does is heal his deadly head wound. The God of the bible a man. Likely Ahkenaten / Obama, who is the man 666. To become God and create man on 6th day, is to "CAUSE ALL" to receive the 666. It never says there is a choice.

6. Jesus said "When the wicked spirit (Satan) is cast out, 7 spirits more wicked will move in, so shall it be for this entire generation." This generation will be destroyed by the 7 Spirits of GOD, which is an occult program or Drag-On the Antichrist will activate when he becomes God, and to prove he is God he will destroy the world and remake it in 7 days. "GOD" is the Persian God of fortune, money, mamm-on.

Job 31:35 "If my adversary had written a book I would bind it as a crown to me." 31+35 = 66 book, black/gold Saturn Cube Bible, same as Kabba of allah / Jewish Kaballah / Sephiroth and Osiris.

He will "want to change times and laws," Enter Aquarius the water bearer, who pours out the flood of Noah. Noah's Ark = New Jerusalem cube = a new reality, and if you get rid of all the good people, then "The whole world is wicked" and is subject to being destroyed by the flood, Rev 12, from the Dragon's mouth.

13. The Beast rises from the pit and kills the 2 Witnesses, Moses and Elijah / John the Baptist. Jesus is the image of God, and the Amen, lord from Egypt, Hosea 13, who is the beast 666. He blasphemes God in that he claims he can forgive people, says that he is God, etc. As God of the OT, Jesus had Moses killed and didn't permit him to enter the promised land. In the NT he has John Beheaded through his disciple Salome.

Hosea 13, the church follows Apostle Paul, NOT Jesus. One example, Jesus said "Do not call any man father," but Paul and the church calls themselves father. Jesus said "Do not eat food blessed onto idols," but Paul said it was okay. So anyone who is ignorant of the conflict between Jesus and Paul simply does NOT know the Bible, period! The most IMPORTANT Judgment of Christ was "If you do it to the least, you have done it to me." Christ made Salvation / Damnation based ENTIRELY on whether or not you help the poor. The enemies of Jesus are the RICH ELITE.

CATCH 22 - And if there is NO JESUS to become GOD (I am that I am, all that is all) then the program or Drag-on will degrade. The destruction and collapse of the current system is inevitable.

"The Beast will hate the Harlot and burn her with fire." The God of the Bible Hosea 13, is the beast 666, and this God it is who wants to burn the Babylon system with fire. Jesus returns with a "Name that only he knows." This is the Thief. Rev 16 "I come as a thief." Jesus said "the thief comes only to steal and kill." So the Jesus of Revelation is the thief Lucifer.

ANSWER FOR CHRISTIANS: You guys are all just wicked ignorant sheep who turn a blind eye to evil and believe in sacrificing a blameless lamb to take the karmic burden of sins you yourselves are guilty of, and you view your condition as hopeless and ask for pity. It is YOUR fault for letting this world become evil, and bringing Christ's rebellion against the pharisees to ruin. I did not cultivate a lifelong love of wisdom to live in your ridiculous paradigm of see no evil, that evil may thrive!

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?" The Adulteress is the harlot of babylon and the stone is Peter the Rock, and Christ who is first born of the dead.

Yeshua / Yuz Asaf survived the cross. This is the "good Jesus" who cast out demons, etc, the rest of the story is about Paul and his letter carrier Pheobe, who has the same Title as Christ. The female son, or sun god, of the virgin birth can only be female, of doomsday from ancient times, who is EVE, the thief, and Lucifer. She is the Thief, the harlot, and the elect lady of the catholic church. Picard or Pic-Ard, is Apostle Peter, and Q is the trickster Jesus Christ, while the race of Q are the angels who have everlasting life.

"Its quite simple, "no corpse', 'no resurrection', case closed!. Jesus Christ nowhere in the bible "dies". He never becomes dead "proper' in the text. There are 5 words for "dead" in NT, only two mean 'dead' proper (nekros, thanatos). Jesus is spared 'death' and does not die AS THEOLOGY ASSERTS. He never becomes a "corpse" and 'nekros' means dead proper in greek. The original gospel (protoevangelion) contains NO RESURRECTION or ascension. Those were "redacted" later. First century christianity knew no "resurrected" christ, they only knew a sage put to death unjustly.

He had to be crucified under roman law (if an actual figure), BY ROME, he had to have been a 'criminal' charged with a crime against Rome. The end of the gospel of mark has Jesus "dying", thats it!. The bible text claims Jesus was condemned with same condemnation as the two thieves. He was charged as a thief, murderer, common criminal. Bible theology actually declares jesus was spared rom death. There are far too many documents written asserting Christ survived Jerusalem and traveled east There's too much eastern philosophy in christian doctrine and in the bible to ignore it."

Yes, the devil is Ard-Ra. Lilith the mother of demons, or the queen of heaven, is the highest god in Qabalah / Paganism. The moon goddess Eve was masculinized into Yahweh / Brahma / Thoth, all moon gods. Thus Zelda is known as Tetra. The Goddess and her 10 Sephiroth.

Ard-Ra promises 1000 years of peace, after which she enslaves everyone forever. A Christian woman wrote a book about how Jesus took her through hell and it was the body of a woman. ISIS-RA-EL, who will be divorced. In her is sealed forever the reincarnations of the damned. "Come out of her my people, lest you partake of her sins and receive her plagues." The last plagues, Eucharist, sea became as dead man, etc.

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  • Thanks Esoteric Emissary. Hypnotist and author Dolores Cannon said that in all of her sessions where they did progression hypnosis, into the future, people said that 2015-2017 was called "The Shift", where the system was exposed as fraudulent and people created a collective system where everyone looked after each other. Just thought that the dates were interesting. I got lost after that..and it's late, but you've put a lot of work into this so I'll come back to it.

    Just one other thing, George Kavalassis is an Australian man who has travelled around our solar system and he reckons that God doesn't exist, that God is a clever invention by Satan that makes us worship something/one other than ourselves, pretending to be Creator God, as we externalise our attention and focus, therefore taking our power away. George upset a lot of people by saying this, but we took it onboard and now have realised how much that's true. So We are all the Gods and Goddesses that we've been searching for, and we are all Eternal, and our Angels are our equals. So Jesus is our brother, whose example was set for us to emulate, and my logic is that even if he didn't really exist, he does now, having crystallised out of thoughts. Religion is unnecessary in order to find and live in our truest highest power and to work for our highest good, which is aligned with the highest good of all. 


  • The summary of Christian teaching goes:
    a)God regards the whole world as to have sinned because of the sins of one man ( Adam)
    b)Then God punnishes one man (himself) for the sins (blames) of the many!
    • Yeah, lol, basically. Except that GOD is Adam / Atum, and Jesus is called the second Adam, the Image of God, and God in the flesh, who is also the begotten son of God. All this business about the Son being the father goes back to Nimrod and Semiramis, or Isis and Osiris. The son having sex with the mother, to reproduce the father. Tammuz is Nimrod reborn, Horus is Osiris reborn. Seth is Abel reborn. Jesus is Yahweh reborn. In the Babylon Trinity, Semiramis was represented as the Dove / Holy Spirit.

      But from the Bible's mystery persepctive, the sin of ADAM and EVE might actually be what causes the end of the world, and the creation of the same world. Christ said "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words are forever. Before Abraham was I AM, all who came before me are thieves." There are too may bible verses that suggest the current world will end, and begin over again, and then everything we have ever done would repeat. If so, heaven and earth will indeed pass away, and words of Christ be forever.

      Eve is Kaguya, and she tries to plant the Tree of Knowledge / Divine Tree in Naruto, and it's completely right about that. Eve was trying to destroy the world and remake it, Eve is generated from the antichrist MaDaRa, Mother Father Amen Ra, DA Serpent, Lemuria. who was a past incarnation of Uchia Sasuke, who along with Naruto seals up Eve and defeats her, and then has one last fight with Naruto, but Sasuke isn't lost, Kaguya IS.

      The only thing we can influence is our own Karma, which will affect future lives, and determine what ages in which we will even be allowed to live. If the population becomes low, then a lot of souls are not going to live again. If the days are not cut short, no flesh at all will be saved. I don't think any flesh at all could survive the destruction and recreation of the Earth and/or Universe.

      The Human History movie from Spirit Science, a New Age classic, says the Jews went back in time. So the Antichrist must be a Jew, he will be the King of the Jews, which Jesus did not claim that he was. It was assumed the man Esu or Yuz Asaf was calling himself the King of the Jews, but that relates to the all seeing eye, the Illuminati Messiah.

      And I was wrong. One can be any religion to Join the Freemasons, except Atheist. although the true God of Free May Sun Re is Amen Re, who is RHEA / Eve, the wife of Saturn / Adam. Atheism + Holy Spirit is the world of salvation, let those who follow the gods be sent back in time. Just remove them, so we can finally have paradise.

      Geez people, lol, do I have really have to put this whole thing into motion myself?

  • I don't mean to imply I know everything. I don't. But I am good at assessing contingencies and seeing patterns, like in the Entertainment. What is the Synchronicity of the word Synchronicity? The Sin of Chronos at the Council of Nicea, 325. You know I live on Main St, and I pay $325 in rent each month, to a landlord named Will, who is similar to my father, and he rents the place, and pays the Landlord Jose, as in Hosea 13 the beast 666.

    Oh, and they are taring up main st. Street repairs everywhere. Even though they will only work on one tiny area at a time, no, they have to block off the entire street, and make these tiny bike paths. I've seen streets torn up for years at a time out here in AZ. I seem to have become the man from Falling Down. Now I just need to get a shotgun and go hold up a McDonalds. One time they tore up a whole street, fixed it, and then tore it up again right away. When asked, they said they tore up the street to install a new pipeline, but because the budget for the pipeline came later then the budget for tearing up the street, they tore it twice, to receiving more funding. .


    What is Falling Down really about? Is He Jesus, or the so called man of lawlessness? here we have a guy who loses everything and then rebels against society.

    Ok, The Man of Lawlessness and the mystery of Iniquity. The thing is, you can't just blame everything on laws and lawlessness. I'm not against laws that are good, but the laws in the Bible are often not worth following. He will be possessed with Satan? Paul himself said he had a thorn of Satan in his flesh, named Jesus. If Satan is the Accuser, then from what basis does he accuse? Surely Satan is like an Attorney and must know the laws well. A murderer from the beginning who didn't abode in the Truth? What Truth? This is about Cain killing Abel or rather Seth killing Osiris. The Jews do not come from the bloodline of Cain, they come from Seth, especially if you hold that only Noah and family survived the flood.

    Not sure if this is the right video. It was about whether America should keep the 10 commandments.

    Apostle Paul "All the rulers are appointed by God and must be obeyed," Paul is based on Apollonius, while it is the mother church, and Phoebe the female Christ, who put together the Bible. These are the people who gave us Paul based on Apollonius, though Apollonius himself was a sage and philosopher, and the same characters and many same events and same journeys appear as Paul, he has clearly been dressed up and given his words from the church.

    Christians only pay attention to Bible code when it suits their interest. Take this one for example. The 144,000 have no guilt in their mouths. Paul said "Being craftly I caught you with guile," Anyone who follows Paul is part of the foolish virgins who are cast off at midnight. These are the people Christ will renounce to their faces, and say "I do not know you."

    Paul was Apollonius, but who is the real Saul of Tarsus? That I do not know. Simon Magus? Some say Josephus, but Josephus Bar Matthias was a Jewish turncoat who joined Rome, and did a lot of nasty things himself. More likely he is Matthias, the replacement for Judas, which he may also be. But Paul is Ophiuchus the serpent holder who has the Leviathan Job 41:15 = Acts 9:18 Paul has SCALES. No one seems to think that's odd. Paul was found in the House of Judas, Ophiuchus is between Scorpio and Saggitarius, which is the only Zodiac sign that is half man, half beast. Zech 11:12 Christ is inside of Judas when he's betrayed for 30 silver. Silver is the alchemical metal of the moon, and the month is an average of 30 days. Something about this betrayal is very deeply associated with the moon. All Witchcraft is about calling down the moon. Jewish holidays are about the moon. The werewolf or occult transformation from man to beast in Tarot 18 the moon.

  • So I am like Job, in fact I'm greater then Job. He started off wealthy, lost his family, and got them back again. He never had to suffer his entire life. So yeah, Job is the true Messiah, 31:35, and the Bible is a book written by Satan to torment him. The book of Job is very important, as it shows us the vain and worthless character of God, and establishes that Satan and God are holding hands, and having butt sex in bed.

    Oh but I better be careful. I had best learn to be evil and worship the system like everyone else. I don't want to become too righteous / Amalek, Tim Rifat talks about so that the dark God can gain the light gods powers. Its' basic law of thermodynamics. Cold absorbs Heat. Psychic Vampires absorb and consume. If Religion has taught me anything, it's that evil always prevails in a dark world of occult enslavement. There is NO good deed that goes unpunished. to walk the path of holiness is complete and total suicide. Yet to be evil incurs karma debt and punishment also. One must walk a straight and narrow path. not too good and not too evil.

    I have to learn to be more evil, that I may become average. Since there is no God who rewards good? Only a devil who punishes anyone that is righteously against him. I declare again, I am righteous, God is evil. "Will you Job codemn me that you may be righteous." Absolutely.

    And when I am roasting in hell, by an evil authority figure, at least I know in my heart that I am righteous and holy, and the whole universe is simply controlled by an evil and worthless god.

  • To hell with you, 15 minute edit.

    I fell for every home business scam. My best friend stole 30 grand and betrayed me, along with the woman I loved. Had 2 relationships, both ended in heartbreak and betrayal. I've made countless bad investments. I hate money and the god of money, and this is a big issue in the bible. The God of this world, appoints kings, and creates evil, Isa 45.

    King Nebuchadnezzer was made into the earth beast until 7 times pass over him, Job 40, he was made to eat grass like oxen = Behemoth. Until he "knew that God ruled the kingdom and appointed over it whoever he would." Then is the Father evil? Does the Father desire a world that is evil? No wonder, for he is a wicked god, who hates me, who is Righteous.

  • If one follows Revelation, it's clear what the beast is all about. Two things I should point out:

    1) The white horseman / Antichrist. Goes to conquer and win. Rev 19, Jesus returns on a white horse and wages war with the words from his mouth, in other words, the Jesus / Antichrist is the word of God, the Job 31:35 book written by Satan, that is Satan's Cube / Kaaba of Allah.

    2) We are told, those who worship the beast have no rest day or night. Hosea 13, the God of the Bible admits he is the beast 666. In Revelation there are 4 living creatures who worship the Lord on his throne. These have no rest day or night. 100s of ways, it tells you who the beast is.

    Perhaps I am wrong about what AC will do in terms of world religion. The powers that be don't have any interest in resolving things, but creating more religions and thus more confusion, such as Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness, both created by 33rd degree Freemasons.

    I'm not dismissing revelation as entirely uninspired. Everything in it can be found elsewhere in bible, but the position of one who truly obeys Revelation is to accuse the Bible God of being the devil who fooled the world. It is clear from the number of contradictions, namely Isaiah's stance against Animal Sacrifice, required by the evil god, that there are more then one god.

    Guys, I've dedicated a big part of my life just to thinking, research, and getting these observations out there, but I can't seem to reach any people who would actually care about it. Even if I find something big and important, these churchs, pastors, etc, have no interest in getting to the truth, they and the Masons are the confusion of Babel-on.

    "When nothing the people believe is true, we'll know our disinformation is successful."

    I'm just going to organize my thoughts and make the remaining videos and write my book, not sure if I'll have money to publish it, but I can still submit it. Then I'm going to be done with this. Everyone I know or cared about has either died or betrayed me. I've lost over a million dollars. Mainly, the first house was worth a million it became historic neighbordhood after we left.

    I will soon be homeless in a worthless world full of greedy people and impossible systems that are scams to rob everyone blind and enslave us. I am a thief, for everyone has stolen from me, and there is no place for me in this world. Perhaps someone will try to steal my things or some cop will try to lock the homeless in a fema camp. For then shall I die in battle.

    How often I have been generous with others, in so many ways. To the point where I regret walking the path of goodness. I wish I had been selfish and greedy like everyone else, and that my intuition were such that I could actually do the things I want to in life, but every time I try to do something, there are problems, technicalities, and it just goes nowhere.

    Black Sabbath Iron Man is about Jesus. "Nobody wants him, they just turn their heads. Planning his vengeance, that he will soon unfold." Jesus the homeless, his vengeance is to damn the rich and powerful, whoever doesn't help the poor. In this world of million dollar parking spaces while children are starving in Africa, it is the perfect judgment.

    From house to house I will go, with a black book, and I will take down a list of names for the Lake of Fire. Though it is not MY vengeance, I'm just a person who has eyes to see what is actually there, and cared enough to do his research. God forbid I should call myself something, as I have no authority in this world, and there is no place for me here. The Father really ought to have helped me, therefore I will do his work and lead them all into hell.

    • ~Though we disagree about your conclusions, Esoteric Emissary… I do respect your commitment to decoding many of the shadows in Christian doctrine. One thing we can agree on, ‘the Bible’ is a heavily manipulated text, the primary purpose of which has been the manipulation of the masses through Divide & Rule. Including the insidious Archontic implant that Humanity was born into ‘sin’ & should be ‘God fearing’, awaiting the day when a vengeful God would return to cast judgment on his flock. Utterly absurd!... & a direct manifestation of the earliest appearance of fear-porn, plain & simple. Which isn’t to suggest that the Bible doesn’t contain valuable pieces of Alchemical Gold in it’s pages… it does. & for those who are willing to excavate & decode it's true ‘message’, it can be quite powerful. Which brings us to the notion of the ‘Rapture’. The supposed 'transporting' of so-called ‘believers’ to ‘heaven’ at the Second Coming of Christ. Again, a heavily distorted vision of what authentic ‘Christed’ energy really embodies. The Second Coming isn’t about the return of one Christed Yogi to the Gaian Matrix. No; Jeshua Sananda Melchizedek was placed in the 'role' of ‘Savior’ (by 'the Church', an Annunaki construct), but is actually one of countless Christed Beings who have Graced our planet with the message of Unity-Consciousness. Which is a Living, Experiential Message of the Regeneration of Infinite Awareness/Christ-Consciousness for every'one'. A Return to Our Belonging & Natural State of Being. ‘Rapture’, like the word ‘Apocalypse’ (which really means unveiling, or revealing) have been coopted by the Illuminati/Annunaki to maintain a constant state of agitation & fear… which are primary forms of sustenance for the Archons, in all of their wicked forms. So, there have been no 1000 years of peace. Far from it, in fact. Look around. Humanity has been held in mental slavery since the ancient world… & now, we stand at a Spiritual crossroads that will change everything we know, or think we know, about ALL of this... in the blink of an eye. I highly recommend the book, Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief’, by John Lamb Lash. If you’re willing to go even deeper down the Rabbit H@le, it’s definitely worth your time. May even give you a new perspective to what you’ve shared here?... if you're willing to go outside of what's familiar, Esoteric Emissary.  ~TemetNosce247


      AsAbove... SoBelow

      • ApotheosisNow


        Chaos is what we've lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control.”... “Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it's a feather bed.” ~Terence McKenna

  • take two hours and watch Mulholland Drive-the plot is confusing but it is a passion play for the benefit of 'the dreamer',the genius, a dark god who is connected to the beast/matrix/projector-horror and glory-sacred and profane for a purpose-a sacrifice for the beast(there are passion plays all the time everywhere) to continue the illusion and at the end the two main characters move on-we are supposed to use this illusion to better ourselves spiritually while satisfying desires and not just pleasure but our ego desires to be someone or do something dear to our hearts-satify the ego desires and move up and out-or you can deny this illusion with your heart and mind and truly desire freedom from this illusion-through Divine service 

This reply was deleted.

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