Allow me to introduce myself, My name is David Garza.

I am a Professional DNA facilitator/ Health Consultant and Spiritual Advisor.

I would also like to state that I do not intend to lead anyone into some dis associated path of enlightenment or claim that this healing that I offer is the only thing you will ever need. What I am here to do is lead others into there own greatness and self actualization. I have noticed many other healers who claim of activate DNA and claim to clear out karma and I don't doubt there work but without being properly trained and directly working with Scalar Wave Reprogramming than other DNA activation are useless. Most of the time when people do work for free it comes with some sort of IMPRINT or program that only create more karmic baggage not only for the facilitator but for the person getting the healing.

So what I require to do is cohesively explain what DNA Activation truly is how it is activated. By coming to the comprehension of how this healing is done than you will begin to recognize the magnitude and importance to who you get activations from and how these activations happen.

So without further a do here is the information:

The Angelic Human DNA template contains scalar wave blueprints for 12 double helix DNA strands. 12 double helix DNA strands is the genuine Angelic Human Diamond Sun DNA template. Each strand template or energetic strand blueprint contains 12 fire letters that are intended to translate into 12 large chromosomes. A fire letter is a scalar wave program, held within the DNA template that creates diversity of form.

The DNA template is composed of specific arrangements of fire letters that control the manifestation of matter, biology, and consciousness.

Scalar waves are standing wave points composed of quantities of conscious energy. Scalar waves are multidimensional standing wave patterns that emanate out of a fixed point of sound-tonal vibration, within the morphogenetic field. Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light and stay in one place.

The DNA template that we are speaking about right now is what exists in what is called the morphogenetic field, or form holding blueprint. All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic field, or form holding blueprint, which exist as a quantity of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of certain patterns of frequency.

Scalar wave programs: your thoughts, your words, the sounds affect other scalar wave programs. This is the power of symbols. Everything is about codes and frequencies.

Everyone on earth has different Form holding Blueprints, Some have access to 11 DNA strands and other 12 DNA strands and INDIGOS 24-48 DNA STRANDS. It all depends what you inherit from your own unique genetic line. So with that in mind, the situation for people on earth right now is the DNA of most people on this planet has already been mutated. That is why only 3-5 DNA strands are active instead of the 12-48 DNA strands (which used to be the norm for angelic human race).

By interacting with the Scalar Wave programing and epigenetic overlay you can than begin to re order the fire letter sequences back to their original and intented form.

I know I am using alot of terminology but the point of the matter is that ascension is only possible if you awaken your DNA and embody the high frequency which thus raises your vibration.

Also another important thing I will add is that many people in the spiritual community have prolly heard of the 7 embodied chakras but no one is actully speaking about the 8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15 which are the upper Morphogenetic chakras so that Higher frequency energies being transmitted by the forces of light onto this planet allow individuals that are open to receive to activate their higher Chakras (7 to 15), which opens their central channels (Universal Kundalini), raise their frequency and DNA between 2012 and beyond.

So with that in mind, it is vital to cleanse the aura/morphogenetic field in all 15 chakras, 4 brain centers and DNA template to raise to its greatest potentality.

What we have to endure is the fact that there is countless blockages,imprints,implants and DNA blockages that have hindered the natural process of DNA activation. So what is required is that we manually go in the light body and merge polar opposites and bring in the christed energies to transmute these things permanetly.

During times of high stress, illness, traumatic experience etc. part of the soul fragments itself, gets energized by fear and becomes an identity or id. Ids are carried through lifetimes and most of the time people carry a huge baggage from previous past life experiences stored in their soul memory. Because of occupants, discarnates and portals in the energy field we experience blockages in optimal brain function, hormonal balance, energy levels etc. All physical dis-ease originates from blockages in the energetic anatomy.

By cleansing your field and DNA this will ultimately clear the DISTORTIONS that ware within the first 3 STRANDS/Chakras and KARMA that humanity has been burden and stagnated in. what we call 3D. Take Action and leap out of the KARMIC LOOP of INCARNATION, the choice is yours.

When you begin to activate higher strands you are embodying higher aspects of your own SOUL.

Strands 1,2,3 Incarnate Identity, Strands 4,5,6 Soul Identity, Strands 7,8,9 Over Soul Identity, Strands 10,11,12 Christos Avatar Soul Identity and eventually RISHI Identity.

This can be explained through quantum physics, metaphysics and the holographic Universe to how this healing is possible to be done REMOTELY.

So I come from a place in the heart with joy and bliss to present this wonderful ancient art to assist others in there own line of spiritual development and IN line with there own HIGHERSELF.

I offer free consultations and free auric clearings from time to time.

If you would love to learn more about this incredible healing and learn how to connect with your Higherself, fill free to send me a message or post a comment below.

Another thing I dont not intend to advertise or promote this in any negative way or anything that goes with the websites regulations. I completely respect and agree with the rules that are in ASHTARCOMMANDCREW.NET

Much Love and Respect,

David Garza

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  • I have been conected with my higher self but that connection is lost and now the only thing that comes thru to me in my thoughts are lies. I ahve lots of communications thru thoughts and i can also do automatic writing but now i cannot reach to higher realms and i get only shit messages and cant find out what to do to progress.

    Could you please check what is blocking me and help me to reach again to my higher self , angels and spiritual guides


    • Greetings,


      Usually when you have thoughts that are not yours or become dis associated that might mean you have negative thought forms, occupants and discarnates in your field.


      These fractured soul fragments of yourself over time distort your connection with your higherself, so what I do is connect to your higherself remotely and scan your whole 15 chakras and clear out countless blockages and lift your vibration so you can become more embodied with your own higherself.


      If your interested in a free consultation visit my web for more info:




      Much love and Respect,

      David Garza

  • I am very much interested in connecting with my higher self and learning how to activate my higher strands of DNA and also to clear any blockages that may be present and preventing me from accomplishing these goals.

This reply was deleted.

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