Nothing will happen in 2012 21 12 and people will be severly disapointed, disillusioned and confusion. Then they will know they believed another lie from the mouth of false prophets. The mayan calendar ended in 1987. We are already in the new years of counting. the photon belt is coming on the other hand. read up on that. stock up foods and shelters. Three days of darkness and extreme light so bright it permanently blinds your eyes for three days to a week. the evil will try to ignite it to drain off the particles. get glasses,use a scarf or stay indoors. 

The evil will try their NWO, get right with God/Great Spirit/Divine Source/God Aton of Light..

follow the laws of God and Creation which is your TICKET AWAY from this earth. NO rapture,No ascending, it is ONLY the LAWS and a ride in spaceship to pleiades or chosen destination or a waiting turn until to a christed earth where no evil resides.

Nobody can ascend or rapture to out of nowhere. Especially not when atomic dust fills the athmosphere.

The EVIL has no good plans for you. your government are unfortunately so corrupt to want you dead.

Anything outside the laws of God and Creation www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com journal 27 will not come into the Higher dimensions/frequencies. simply cant. Simply unbalance outside of it. And where there is unbalance is confusion and chaos,which progress to evil.

things can still be saved. But only if people are willing to stand up and act and get together. what shall it take? atomic bomb?? why youre not willing to take your brother in hand and say enough is enough and do something?  dont you want to live continuously on this earth?

you only talk in here but what does that solve? when the planets soon blown off? come on, talk is cheap lets act and take back the constitution! see how.www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com

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  • Tickety tock, is right, now that we are on the subject wasn’t something to happen yesterday 11/11 or something?

    I think all this --- drama this  ----drama that -- is sleeping pills for the so called awakened, vaccination shots to keep the drama alive and well.

    The biggest drama pushers are the unlimited number of religions like weeds in the garden of life, there's just to many to pull.

    John xoxo

    • Dear lj, 

      This has just been posted.

      This is what I believe happens.

    • Profound things did happen lj. For me, and others just like me.

      Particularly noticeable after doing the 11 11 11 initiatory gateway of light invocation. I love Anrita Melchizedek. Such a beautiful, calming trance inducing voice. So other worldly.


      Noticed a profound shift in the way I connect to the universe. 

      And I don't think we can blame religions for the problems of the world, an more than we can blame the myriad esoteric beliefs, or conspiracy theories. Only the people that bring such things into disrepute by their actions.

      If there were no religions these people would find another vehicle to wield their flavour of doom and gloom. it is the nature of things..

      In my humble opinion of course.

      Quantum States   :(X):

  • With respect to the Family, they cannot come and say hi to us until we keep pour side of the bargain. Pure and simple. we have to raise the oveall vibration of the planet high enough gso they can interact with us in a way that won't energetically overwhelm us. Or scare the crappers out of us. And when all is said and done, This is our planet, our mess, our responsibility. Why are we waiting for them at all? Why aren't we sorting our own shit out? Tey are not obliged to do anything for us. Ye I wil guarantee that their technologies ahve been and are working invisibly for us. we are not equpped to notice. In the same way that mankind didn't notice radio waves in the 1600's. Doesn't mean they didn't already exist. 

    Quantum States :(X):

  • May i ask how you know there will nothing happen?

  • I think the creator of the topic is dissapointed...

  • Actually many things happened but most spent their time on backwards information sites full of scams and missed the innerstanding due to empty promises by those who love Paypal more than actual ascension. The real level of what is taking place is so deep that most now need several brains to hold it. The human body is the temple, with these new factions hijacking all the geometry and claiming they are the originators of it the true temple has been desolated and the so called controllers have entered the Holiest of Holies which is of course the DNA. The 94% of the DNA humans do not use is actually the information that confirms to oneself that they are in fact one with the Most High which encompasses silly space ships and little green men. The truth will always be within but the counterfeiter is upon mankind and they can't tell real from the fake, eating artificial food and playing with plastic has its effects. Meet you in the Sky.

  • The only issue I have with this, is that you are offering us a different "truth". And one that doesn't sit well with me..but then again, that's just my personal opinion. Everyone seems to be promoting their own agendas, while at the same time asking for everyone to come together. 

    • You got it. We all have our own path. However, we are all headed in the same direction, Lets celebrate the differences. 

      For some reason, a rumour was started that the changes are external, and the idea sent viral. The external changes are a byproduct of the internal changes. Of the harnessing of the subtle energies that have been streaming onto the planet for some time now. These energies will reach their peak on 21/12/2012. Indisputable fact. there is a galactic alignment occurring as a result of the precession of the equinox. The planet is being bombarded by photonic energy. If you do certain things, you can take advantage of these energies. They enhance your life, The ascension is personal. If you don't put effort in, life goes on as normal. Because you will not be equipped to notice them. And so you can't utilize them. Your personal vibration has to be at a level high enough to resonate in sympathy with these energies. It is the internal changes which will ultimately drive the external. And you may think nothing is happening, In the 25 years since the ascension began proper we have saved our civilization from destruction via nuclear war. Amongst other things of a similarly significant nature, Not so obvious when you are experiencing them in time. The history books however will reflect just how dynamic a time this has been.

      • Well, we may not have nuclear war, but isn't that Fukashima thing bad enough?

This reply was deleted.

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