Nothing will happen in 2012 21 12 and people will be severly disapointed, disillusioned and confusion. Then they will know they believed another lie from the mouth of false prophets. The mayan calendar ended in 1987. We are already in the new years of counting. the photon belt is coming on the other hand. read up on that. stock up foods and shelters. Three days of darkness and extreme light so bright it permanently blinds your eyes for three days to a week. the evil will try to ignite it to drain off the particles. get glasses,use a scarf or stay indoors. 

The evil will try their NWO, get right with God/Great Spirit/Divine Source/God Aton of Light..

follow the laws of God and Creation which is your TICKET AWAY from this earth. NO rapture,No ascending, it is ONLY the LAWS and a ride in spaceship to pleiades or chosen destination or a waiting turn until to a christed earth where no evil resides.

Nobody can ascend or rapture to out of nowhere. Especially not when atomic dust fills the athmosphere.

The EVIL has no good plans for you. your government are unfortunately so corrupt to want you dead.

Anything outside the laws of God and Creation www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com journal 27 will not come into the Higher dimensions/frequencies. simply cant. Simply unbalance outside of it. And where there is unbalance is confusion and chaos,which progress to evil.

things can still be saved. But only if people are willing to stand up and act and get together. what shall it take? atomic bomb?? why youre not willing to take your brother in hand and say enough is enough and do something?  dont you want to live continuously on this earth?

you only talk in here but what does that solve? when the planets soon blown off? come on, talk is cheap lets act and take back the constitution! see how.www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com

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  • Truthers care that people who believe what is possibly a load of .... will be saddened and upset when nothing happens. Be aware and have Plan B ready.

    Yesterday I read that the Occupy movement is talking about buying peoples' debts from banks and forgiving them. That is awesome. Let's imagine that life goes on and every day is an opportunity to get more creative whilst working within the limitations of an insane system, and if the worst is that we all suffer and die, if that's really our destiny, then death will be welcome. 

    So basically we're covered :D


  • maybe something will happen and is happening on more subtle levels than the human mind can possibly comprehend at the moment... like a galactic alignment of energies, a subtle but not obvious change in our DNA and the reconnection to our complete chakra system ..

    perhaps 2012 is not meant to be in your face .. but is working on higher states of conciousness.. much like up grades in dreamtime.. where we are never fully aware that perhaps we venture out of our physical bodies and gather alongside our starry bretheren, performing crystal healngs on our selves and others, while we are in the land of nod..

    either way, the journey to full conciousness is well under way.. its just that not everyone is aware of it.. in fact, some people as I am sure you are aware, have no clue of what is taking place within all of us.. and see something like the xfactor as the most enlightening expierence of their lives.


  • well first of all...i like your profile picture, Maiailla :))

    i can feel the the consciousness shift very clearly. all assumtions and  "predictions" related to 2012-21-12 are irrelevant to me... so let them predict and lets stay focused on love and light, thats all. 

    • thats right Laura.. thats entirely the point..  stay focused on love and light.. when others grasp that fact.. then we will feel the conciousness shift even more clearly and we will have moved up in gear by being and staying neurtral, so to speak.


  • Right -- Exactly!! :)

  • No one is saying everything is fine, not by a long-shot --

    But that isn't what 2012 represents, no one ever said that on December 21st 2012 the world will be at peace and we will no longer have any issues as a human race... I am pretty sure that I never heard that....

    All I'm saying is people really need to lighten up and get more positive --

    Me nor anyone else ever tried to say that we don't have serious problems here in 3D, but you work on those problems in a progressive manner and do everything you can...  What else can you do??

    All of the negativity on planet Earth doesn't mean that Cosmic beings don't exist, and Ascension isn't a real thing... That's all I'm saying...  It really does come down to a personal experience, and if you choose for your personal experience to not have any Ascension that doesn't mean that others aren't going to experience something totally different...

    It really is all about Free Will.

  • nice.

    one person at a time.


  • I agree wholeheartedly with the postulate that people simply have the wrong idea, they've been looking at things from the 3d perspective all their life, myself for the most part (not all) included.  The mind requires light of knowledge to even sense the immense imbalance; better yet what to do about it.  I ask you, what is to be done, other than grow your knowledge, expand your light, keep yourself in balance, I think this is work enough.  It's at least the only way for others to begin to get the hint.  You can only do these types of things through kindness and love, it's the universal law.

          People do evil out of fear, out of a sense of futility and confusion, not because they really want to.  At least that's my take.  Beware of false friends.

  • Yah, but I still see a lot of negativity in what you're saying and focusing on here Kelly - what about people helping each other, and treating each other good?  And about a million other GOOD things that are happening in the world?

    If nothing happening negative is what it takes you get you to believe in "Ascension" I'll see you in about a million years... lol :)

  • Hey no worries devi... its all good..

    and I already know whats happening here...

    by the way.. I notice you have already seen Ben Arions latest video... as you know, its very pin point accurate and speaks volumes regarding getting embroiled in dramas or conflicts in the forums.. and the simple sollution and effective route out of them when the message is absorbed and fully understood...

    .. so as gesture of goodwill and in the spirit of sharing, I may as well leave it here for anyone else who wishes to raise their conciousness...




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