2012 has come - where to now?

I am so sorry that people are disappointed by the passing of 21/12/12.

Some were hoping for an extraterrestrial rescue.
Some were perhaps even hoping for an end to all the pain in the World.
Some perhaps even considering if man might come to an end.

The one thing we all had in common was this:

We had readied ourselves for the end. We had prepared ourselves mentally for life to change completely. We had set our minds on how we would proceed in a new and total freedom,

Now I am saddened to see people prepared to let go of that hope.

To be drawn back down to 3rd, to start thinking all over again about the mortgage, about your pension and about the future.

This is a retrograde step.

REMEMBER! Remember who you are. Do not let these trivial matters start to cloud in again. The focus, the portal that was 2012 had the effects I mentioned at the start, it prepared you for bravery and change. It gave you the ability to see, to REALLY SEE things as being different. You really believed in the change.

Do you not remember how all things are created?

From intention.

I intend... so it is.

Now, please go back to your hopes, they are not dead. Go back to your bravery. It is still there. Go back to your dream, it is still more real than the TV or the Bank.

This valour is what cannot be taken from us. And whence did it come?


All of us, we dreamed 2012. We dreamed our courage, and we dreamed the new world. If you have one tiny seed of faith, your INTENT WILL CREATE what you focus on.


Simply know this, and let your actions and the workings of the world flow naturally from this, without fear, without reflection on the past or future, but all, all in intent, in knowledge and in certainty.

Peace for all of you from this Aquarian in this new age of Aquarius.

Nothing on this planet is more powerful than YOU.

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  • 2012 has come and GONE.

  • Well, whether you believe the Bible represent the good guys or the bad guys, it's not insignificant by any means.

    Either the people win, and create the righteous everlasting kingdom, or the new world order has it's way. Now, are the ET Elohim's mentioned here, yes most likely in several places. Are they going to interfere? No... But if we fail, and the power elite and reptillians gain control over everything, this planet will be a threat even to them, just as it was at the time of the tower of babel. "Let us go down and confuse their language, the people are all one and now nothing they do will be withheld from them."

    If the bad guys control that one, then there is no more hope, there are no more variables, we have the creation of another prison planet with technology and drones loyal to the elite, and since there is no longer any chance for us to sort this out on our own, they will be forced to intervene, and when they do the whole world will be burned and destroyed with very few survivors. That is the meaning of the wrath of God.

    As with a little chocolate mixed in with the vanilla, it's only ever a matter of time before evil consumes everything and then the only solution is destruction. What other way is there? If the majority of people were awake it would be different. The light of virtue has failed for too too many. The strength of good is worthless, they are not good, they are lesser evil. People are evil... they are lustful greedy creatures that care about nothing more then stuffing their faces. They deserve everything that's happening to them. I'm ashamed to be human in this day and age. Truly, they have no virtue and no regard for the truth. They fall for every deception, and the superior evil trick them into worshipping them.

    There really isn't any choice, the Bible says it will happen and it will. Isaiah 24.

    • I sometimes feel this negative about humans too. They can be so loving and caring and then, when it comes to the crunch, they cower or look to self interest, they are motivated by fear. It's sad to watch and difficult to understand.

      I remember events last year when I saw a group of people beating someone up, kicking him on the road in London, right outside the Trocadero. I cannot stand by and watch this, and I intervened, standing over the man in certain knowledge that I was right and they were wrong. I said nothing. They left. Fear does not come into that. I do not know why they were beating him up, or whether he had done something bad to them, and I was not interested.

      What shocked me most of all about this situation was when I looked up and saw two or three hundred people watching from the kerbside like frightened sheep. Not one of you? I thought. NOT ONE OF YOU????

      I want to motivate people and if my words and actions are not inspiring then there is little else I can do. If they will stand on the side, on the kerb and watch while their own destruction occurs, then so be it. But I will always step off that kerb, because that is who I am and I will not be destroyed, for I am that man being kicked and I am also those men kicking him, if I stand and watch. And when I change the situation, I change the men kicking, and I change the man being kicked. This is very powerful.

      It is because I have no fear left.

      Let go of fear and watch amazing things happen, and remember in the words of Muhammad Ali: ME, WE

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