2012 and Beyond

2012 and Beyond


The Rapture and the Wrath

June 24, 2012


     The great shift we are hearing about is the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. Ready or not, the energy of human consciousness and the earth is evolving. The consciousness of humanity is awakening resulting in a shift in vibrational awareness. In other words, humanity is passing through a morphogenesis from one state of being into another. How and why is this occurring?  


     The ancient Mayans have left us a powerful message regarding the new age of earth and humanity. The significance of the Mayan calendar is that the earth has arrived at a rare celestial line-up with all known suns in the center of our galaxy. This procession of the equinoxes has taken 26,000 years and will be completed on December 21, 2012. This completion marks the end of one age and the beginning of a new one. So the Mayan interpretation goes. However, the ushering in of a new age is not occurring on a single date. The great shift of the new age began its momentum several years before December 21, 2012 and it will continue for several years thereafter. Not only is the earth undergoing a dramatic pole shift, the consciousness of humans (physical bodies, minds and emotions) are being affected as well. The big question is, to what degree will the face of the earth change and how is human consciousness going to evolve? It is the change in human consciousness that will affect the severity of earth's changes during the planetary shift. 


     What few people know is that humans have now discovered the light of their soul. Human consciousness has begun to enter what the bible refers to as the rapture. It is the literal infusion of the soul light with the physical body. This infusion is also known as soulmerging. Very few people really understand what the rapture is. The rapture (the anointing) is the physical experience of your heart opening into profound vibrational levels of love which permanently alters your state of being. At this time thousands have had this experience. However, many are shackled to a Judeo-Christian teaching that tells them to wait for the return of Christ and the judgment of God. This is not going to happen. Everything needed to evolve and experience heaven is within you but you must go within to receive it. For those who are waiting, there will come a moment in time soon after December 21, 2012 when the inner choice to evolve will be upon you.


There are three great forces influencing the energetic shift or the evolution of our human consciousness and planet earth.


I.    Planetary Forces    


     The earth is shedding the toxicities resulting from man's inhumanity to man and the adulteration of nature.

  1. The earth's pole shift and changing magnetic fields have been occurring gradually up to this time but will soon accelerate.

  2. The  quality of food and the toxicities in the environment have become intolerable, producing a host of new physical ailments and abnormalities on every level - emotionally, mentally and physically.

  3. There are dramatic changes in weather patterns and a profound increase in natural disasters. Global warming, melting of polar icecaps, tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruptions an ozone layer depletion are but a few examples of the effects the dark energies have upon mother earth.

  4. War, hatred, genocide, starvation, abuse of all forms, judgment, poverty, greed, tyranny and imperialism are seen in the daily news as if it's to be expected.


II.   Cosmic Forces      


     Cosmic forces are profoundly altering our vibrational reality. Humanity and planet earth have been living within third-dimensional frequencies. Due to the rare celestial line-up of earth and the known suns we are shifting from third-dimensional vibrational existence into fourth-dimensional vibrational existence. The accelerated magnetic influence by this planetary alignment is what is influencing the earth's pole shift and every level of human consciousness.


III.   The Human Energy Force   


     The energy of man is out of balance or harmony with the energy of nature. This is due to man's inhumanity to man. Specifically, hatred, greed, tyranny, genocide, fear, terror and disease mongering, and decades of corporate and media mind control all contribute to the vibrational imbalance of people and the earth. There is an increase in fear based anxiety and a pandemic overuse of medication prescribed to suppress what is naturally rising to the surface of human consciousness or awareness. You cannot feel and go within when you are numb from prescriptions. Life on earth has become an inescapable existence of fear and terror. This distortion has reached its conclusion and must now be shaken off.

Humans create and direct dynamic energy forces that affect themselves, others and everything around them. When groups of humans engage in hatred, war or genocide the vibrational atrocity remains energetically upon the location where the event took place. After two millennia this has become very toxic to the earth. All forms of toxic waste have disrupted the balance of nature and these imbalances are being corrected by earth herself at this time.


What is Consciousness?

     Most people are confused as to what consciousness is. It is not just the current thoughts in our minds, hopes, wishes and dreams, desires and preferences. Our consciousness is the sum total of our past, present and future. Consciousness is best described through the language of energy. Consciousness creates a human auric energy field that can be measured. The human auric energy field contains the memories of everything that has happened to you. The reality is every emotional wound from the past or present is held as contracted energy within our consciousness and it is this energy that is purging at this time. Our consciousness is directing powerful energies that radiate from within us continuously via our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, preferences, desires and memories. In any moment, it is easy to know and feel whether you are projecting thoughts and feelings of love or whether you are projecting fear and judgment.


      We have four powerful energy bodies that make up our consciousness - our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Each body is energetically unique and yet they overlap and are affected by each other, whether positively or negatively. The sum total of our four bodies makes up the human auric energy field. We are evolving. Our human auric energy field is transitioning from a lower vibrational and less evolved fear based state, into a very high vibrational state that is luminous and heart centered.


The Battle of Light and Dark

     Our consciousness has been fought over for two millennia. The strategy is to divide and conquer. Separate man from himself and he is controllable. He who controls the minds and beliefs of man controls the world. How is this control accomplished? It is accomplished by shaping your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. The constant bombardment through the media, large corporations, religious dogma and the military complex perpetuates and influences our consciousness 24 hours a day. We live in an inescapable focus of fearful existence. If you try to leave this existence you are proclaimed a heretic, a rebel, crazy or a sinner and are damned to hell.


     This constant state of fear and terror lowers the energy vibration of the auric field. This prevents man's empowerment of himself and the ability to think for himself. It blocks the use of natural creativity, joy, love and happiness. We become an automated robot, so to speak, serving the agendas of big business and organized religion. Thoughts of fear, self-judgment, and stress of survival all function to darken the luminous auric field of man resulting in the separation of man from himself. There are three major forces that continuously direct a campaign of mind control or the influencing of fearful and negative thoughts and emotions.

  1. Large Corporations - Pharmaceutical, Oil and Weapons Manufacturing

  2. Religious Dogma - Institutionalized Religion

  3. Military Complex - The Business of War

     This is the battle of light and dark or the battle over the human soul. If you keep man in energetic darkness it becomes impossible for him to find the light of his soul. It becomes impossible for him to break free of the mind control. It becomes impossible for him to live from a place of love. This is why the discovery of the light of the soul is so significant at this time.  


     There are three waves of 144,000 people awakening at this time. They are discovering the light of their soul and merging with it (soulmerging) which exponentially increases their vibrational level and auric field illumination. Those who are of the three waves are bringing collective consciousness and the darkness it holds to a tipping point of illumination. As our collective consciousness evolves during the three waves of 144,000 soulmerging humans, our civilizations will begin to unite, redirecting life on earth to where the greatest good for all becomes the natural impulse for all. This creates a sense of oneness and maintains the harmony of all that is natural and harmonious on earth. Breaking through the grip of mind control and allowing humanity to live in the truth of who they really are. This truth comes from within and is not directed from external bombardment.  


     The first individuals, who are entering the soulmerge, or the rapture, have been tremendously challenged in their lives. These people have usually grown up in abusive situations, suffering great loss and despair. They have felt very different from all others in society but did not know why - feeling like they do not fit in. Many live in solitude, not feeling comfortable around most other people. There is a profound inner longing to know love and to understand why they are here. Asking questions such as, "Is this all there is to life?" Deep inside, they have a knowing that there must be more. There lies a great force within them to overcome the great trials and tribulations of life and enter the path of healing. Commonly, they feel a tremendous inner urge to pursue their inner light and spirituality in the face of everything that would oppose it. Are you one of the 144,000? If so, seek soulmerging. Seek all you can find about soulmerging and the language of energy and light.


The Transformation of Consciousness

     The great shift of human evolution is happening within us! Within collective humanity, there will be three waves of 144,000 who are soulmerging. We are currently in the midst of the first wave. Once the first wave reaches 144,000, this will create a momentum of light which will ignite the second wave and then ultimately the third wave, thus completing the three waves. They are merging their physical bodies with the powerful vibrational energy of the love and light of their souls.


      Soulmerging is an extraordinary, life altering vibrational heart opening called the rapture or the anointing. This is also referred to as entering Christ consciousness. When the first wave of 144,000 humans complete their soulmerging experience it will have an immediate impact upon everyone else on earth. This body of light within these humans will create a momentum of energy that uplifts or impacts every other person on earth. This is the greatest force driving the evolution of humanity and the greatest force ushering in the New Age.


     What are we evolving from? We are evolving from a fear based consciousness to a heart-centered way of being. This is our natural state which stems from a place of LOVE, peace, joy, harmony and expanded awareness. This expanded awareness is part of our awakening whereby gnosis or true knowledge is effortlessly accessed, far beyond the limits of what we currently know within third-dimensional life.


The Moment of Choice

     The bible talks about the end of time or the final judgment day. This final judgment day is, in essence, the last possible moment you will be given to make the choice to enter the light of your soul and leave your current lower-vibrational existence. Again, this is the last possible moment and not THE MOMENT. People have and will continue to soulmerge up until this point in time. If the decision has not already been made, then the moment of choice will be placed upon you. This final moment of choice will be placed upon humanity on or about May 11, 2015. It is not a single moment in time but rather a state of lucidness that will last a full day. It will occur in the following way:

  • The veil of forgetting that exists between your physical existence and the presence of your soul will lift.

  • You will be shown how your human beliefs have blocked you from your soul energies of love and light.

  • You will be shown who you really are.

  • You will be shown where you come from and that Heaven on earth has always been available to you while you were alive.

  • Your life will flash before you and you will see the truth that you, that we are our own wrath!

     A condition of limited self-value and self-judgment perpetrated upon humanity that perpetuated this separation of you from you. You will see that the energies of self-judgment are worn around you in layers like a cloak separating you from the natural love and light illumination within you. You will also experience the rapture of your soul which is the exquisite beauty, uniqueness, and the love and light of you that is immeasurable. In that moment you will witness that your uniqueness is connected to everyone else on earth. It is in this moment you will have the opportunity to decide and then choose to remain in the darkness or enter the light and soulmerge.


     The purpose of the three waves of 144,000 is to lift enough of the darkness described above and its influence on collective human consciousness to make it easier and possible for the rest of humanity to make the choice to enter their light. Their job is to make it easier for them to see the light of who they are. In essence these people who make up the three waves of 144,000 are the way showers. They came to earth specifically to assist in the evolution of humanity. These beings are of divine service. Our purpose is to participate in the divine plan of human evolution. WE ARE THE ANSWER!


Dr. Frank Stainetti

www.SOULMERGING .COM                                (805)897-0011




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