• I've been able to paint things I normally would not paint.  I feel lighter physically. Outside my apartment, there is some chaos; but its' generally people yelling hello at each other. Everyone seems to have more of a spring to their walk.

  • We change constantly (being, substance, space, time essence,cause, identity),every second of our entire life.Why wait for 11-11-11 or 21-12-12 or wahtever...??

  • Yes ..i remember in what world we stay not perfect ...full of lies and deceit...

    And i felt sadness in my hart knowing others do not have what to eat ,,and where to sleep...and many who have left them home because of war...or for those who lose someone in this madness..and i give a bread and fresh water to someone witch no have it..

    Sad very sad...and this it is the crude  reality of the world today...

    Many lose them humanity...and became beast hunger for power and for blood money...

    And many forget about those who surround him and pass with indifference between those who suffer..

    Hmmm....i did not fit in this world today...


  • All i can say is .. I FEEL FANTASTIC.

    so uplifted since the full moon, everything in my life makes me SMILE, I am so grateful for the incoming energies. xx

  • Nowt! Never ecpect to anywayz. Try to tel dem doods fron da get go, bot dem didn gonna hears nowt...

  • honestly no, i dont feel that 11:11:11 was particularly important due to the fact that its going by a calender not based off of any real celestial alignment stuff, i mean sure its a date that many go by, so i wonder if those changes people are feeling are just global consioussness energy from people who resonate with numbers, plus i think the earth has regular ascesion energy sweeping across it, i know for me october 28th was a day i had alot of realisations as far as connecting with source energy more rather then beating my head against my own ego, kinda like that day everything clicked for me, but as far as dates go, i wonder if on a more presision accurate version of our calender as far as celestial alignment events go, maybe 11:11:11 as a day should've taken place on october 28th, kindof like the energy of october 28th 2011 had a 11:11:11 vibe but due to our calender system the day of the 11:11:11 vibe took place on october 28th, i dont know if that makes sense to anyone, but ingeneral i think earth is hit pretty regularly with ascension vibe waves, so i dont feel that the date of 11:11:11 was all that notible other tthen the fact that its a high resonance number that alot of people say , so i think more of the energy felt was coming from peoples own energy generated in response to seeing the number 11:11:11 all around the world, makee sense?



  • Everyday this world is still going is a miracle to me.


    And yeah... lots of energy flowing, but don't expect the energy to be loyal to our gregorian calendar.

  • No

  • I was in a gathering in Columbia River Gorge, at Luminaria Sanctuary, and definitely downloaded codes - it also seemed as if there was another layer of energy that was being integrated into reality - it was like the densities / physical bits on Earth were like pebbles in a jar, and the new energies seemed like sand being poured into the jar, filling in the spaces between the pebbles. Has anyone else experienced something along these lines?


    • the only time I ever felt like sand pouring between pebbles was either on a beach or after I ate mushrooms .. lol .. or both.. maybe I felt sand going through pebbles while I was off my melon on mushies at the beach .. and I hadn't even left my room ! .. lol ..

      nah.. kidding Jeremy.. but I understand what you mean... but I felt nothing at all on 11.11.11.


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