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October 27

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I help leaders, and emerging leaders gain clarity and confidence, and make decisions based on the *most accurate Reality* they can percieve! I am an Intuitive Strategist, a spiritual advisor, and teacher. You could also call me… “A cuddly compassionate catalyst for clarity and confidence for conscious business leaders and their organizations!” - I help Leaders discern their Truth at a core level, and made decisions based on the most accurate Reality they can perceive! I have helped clients worldwide know who they truly are, at a core level, and strengthen their intuition, to assist them in stepping into who they are as a leader to express their unique contribution to the planet. I know who I am at a soul level, an oversoul level, and have a unique perspective that goes from the kerning of a font on a page, to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. ; ) Intuitive Strategy Consulting is a new field I’ve been guided to create, to assist leaders, teachers, and any individual to help enhance their intuitive ability and capacity within their areas of expertise, including, but not limited to: decision-making in business, marketing, creating, teaching, and counseling, utilizing a straightforward and potent combination of simple energetic concepts applied alone, or in conjunction with the use of “The Intuitive Network”

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Andrea Hess (Soul Realignment) Thomas Merton ;)

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  • Thank you Jeremy for adding me as your friend!
  • Thank you very much Jeremy! I´m doing my best practising the method that you adviced. It´s probably the hardest thing in life. But I´m trying to turn it into some kind of an inner adventure. It helps at the moment.
    Love / Deniz
  • Hello Jeremy.I am honored to be your friend.Thank you my brother.Stay blessed.
  • Gracias! - me gusta terere tambien - uds llaman terere cuando esta caliente, sin jugo tambien?
  • Como estas amigo si aca se le llama "terere" es una tradicion casi todos los paraguayos tomamos en nuestro tiempo libre.
  • its basically greek for healing, etymological meaning: "mental healing" or "healing the mind".

    Good pyche101 and a little love and light can go a long way :P cheers bud
  • Namaste, Love. Welcome to AC. You love it here. From my heart to yours, much Love and Light. Blessings ~ Patang

  • BRO!! welcome :)
    I hope you get to know some of the amazing people on here.
    love you and may "The light of God that Never fails" be with you
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Jeremy Mathias Bennett replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion 11-11-11 Have you felt anything?
"I was in a gathering in Columbia River Gorge, at Luminaria Sanctuary, and definitely downloaded codes - it also seemed as if there was another layer of energy that was being integrated into reality - it was like the densities / physical bits on…"
Nov 13, 2011
Jeremy Mathias Bennett posted a discussion
 What defines someone who is infinitely skilled in an area? Knowledge of their field, yes, but beyond that, is that they were able to transcend paradox.... (more below, after reading recommendations...)--------------Covers: Paradox, Manifestation:…
Aug 7, 2011
Jeremy Mathias Bennett replied to Shiloh Martinez's discussion Finding Our Soul Starseed Families
"Hi Shiloh - I could believe it, though I know that I've gotten myself into trouble with dates, "when"things are going to happen.
When we're in higher-dimensional states, the answer we get is "it's happening now!!!!" or "really really soon!!!"
Nov 13, 2010
Jeremy Mathias Bennett replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Simplicity in every moment....
""If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking."
- Buddhist Saying

Thanks Ben, this hits the mark =)

Love and Light,
Mar 11, 2010

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