101 Gifts to Give All Year Long

1.  Smile
2.  Give someone a shoulder to lean on.
3.  Give someone a pat on the back.
4.  Say "thank you".
5.  Don't wait for a reason to give someone a kiss.
6.  Or a hug.
7.  Whistle when you're feeling down.
8.  Rub a sore back.
9.  Tell her how great she looks.
10.  Tell him how great he looks.
11.  Say "good morning" even if you don't feel like it is.
12.  Drive within the speed limit.  Remember that's a deadly weapon you're driving.
13.  Mail a letter to your grandmother.
14.  Call on an old friend.
15.  Wash the dishes when it's her turn.
16.  Empty the trash when it's his turn.
17.  Ignore a rude remark.
18.  Laugh when the joke's on you.  (I've found this to be very freeing)
19.  Help a friend move.
20.  Or clean out his garage.
21.  Make the coffee at the office.
22.  Make some cookies to dunk in it.
23.  Clip coupons for your Mother.
24.  Clip want-ads for a job-hunting friend.
25.  Write a complimentary letter to the editor.
26.  Thank the cook for dinner.
27.  Give him/her a squeeze for dessert.
28.  Don't discuss the election with your Mother-in-law.
29.  Don't discuss the Super Bowl with your Father-in-law.
30.  Take your Mother to lunch.
31.  Smile at a meter maid.
32.  Send a product manufacturer a complimentary letter.
33.  Tell the store manager you like his tomatoes.
34.  Buy the wine she likes.
35.  Buy the cheese he likes.
36.  Say something kind, instead.
37.  Send a "care" package to a shut-in.
38.  Take a plant to your teacher.
39.  Take an apple to your boss.
40.  Forgive an old grudge.
41.  Talk to someone who's lonely.
42.  Look at both sides of the story.
43.  Return a book to a friend.
44.  Loan him/her one of your own.
45.  Tell him he's wonderful.
46.  Tell her she's beautiful.
47.  Take the kids to the beach.
48.  Take the parents to dinner.
49.  Laugh at an old joke.
50.  Serve breakfast in bed.
51.  Clean your room.
52.  Share a dream.
53.  Jog with her.
54.  Play golf with him.
55.  Keep a secret.
56.  Try to understand your kids.
57.  Try to understand your parents.
58.  Squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom.
59.  Let someone ahead of you in line.
60.  Tell someone when he/she is doing a good job.
61.  Tell her she's lost weight.
62.  Tell the Truth.
63.  Say "please".
64.  Say "yes".
65.  Say you were wrong when you were wrong.
66.  Say someone else was right.
67.  Help someone change a tire.
68.  Help someone change their oil.
69.  Type a term paper for a friend.
70.  Be quiet when others are trying to concentrate.
71.  Spread a little laughter around.
72.  Inspire a sad person with a poem or a prayer.
73.  Buy your husband/wife a tank of gas.
74.  Leave a Love note on someone's windshield.
75.  Leave a tip for your newspaper boy.
76.  Leave a funny card for your mailman.
77.  Change someone's typewriter ribbon.  (Forget this one....who has typewriters anymore?) LOL
78.  Cut the grass.
79.  Tell a bedtime story.
80.  Thread a needle for your grandmother.
81.  Share your vitamin C's.
82.  Share your umbrella.
83.  Or your favorite old movie.
84.  Keep quiet while he watches the game.
85.  Surprise him with a snack.
86.  Give a flower you picked yourself, or one you grew yourself.
87.  Play catch with a little boy.
88.  Play catch with a little girl.
89.  Pass on some good news.
90.  Adopt a stray cat.
91.  Or a lost dog.
92.  Send a friendly note to a computer.
93.  Talk to a plant.
94.  Do a kind deed anonymously.
95.  Sing her a song on the piano.
96.  Tape a cartoon to the refrigerator door.
97.  Admire a sunset with someone.
98.  Get up to greet the sunrise, together.
99.  Let her read her favorite parts of the newspaper, first.
100.  Let him use the hairdryer, first.
101.  Say, "I Love you", often.

I don't even remember where I got this, but, thought it might jog some into thinking about giving and re-giving.  It's a great feeling to give someone a lift when they need it, and we never know how much good a smile to a "stranger" will accomplish.

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