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They Don't Want You Talking About These Strange Events...(2018-2019) Check The US News Media Repeating Verbatim The Same Report On Fake News In Unison

some of the stuff on this vid is truly weird;

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This sudden interest in the Earth supposedly being flat is being instigated to create doubt in the many awakening souls...They are following the misinformation team...The world and everything in the Universe follows the Mother's pattern...which is the circle (the womb if you will) All that has been manifested physically is within the Mother's womb of Creation and all follows HER pattern...She is the Creator of all physical matter...and all planets and stars are spheres...With much Love and Peace to all...

yes we are always fighting the demons one way or another

HEY PET ROCK: my response....

really sad -the kids have been programmed dear leaders and comic book characters as there heros-crap secondary education

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Oh Yeah-and 

Heil Hogg!

Image result for pics of david hogg hailing


THE REAL REASON TODAY'S YOUTH ARE "falling off the rails..."

1/3 of the Millennials who believe that the Earth is flat have got flat heads instead of round heads 

lol kk

Maybe it will be......

Hi all, they didn't kill him because of his message about guns and us losing freedom.

We already, are not free within their systems.

He was removed because he was operating from love and caring and not from fear, or least his actions were not motivated by fear i should say.

And so, they always do this to try and instill fear in their other minions, to keep them inline, so they don't on mass start speaking the truth.

Do you see a theme here, fear is the true enemy, without their minions, they have no power to enact their orders on the ground.

So they need our fear, fear of not having this or that, fear for their careers and ultimately, fear of the illusion of death, which the hidden controllers already know is not real.

So i suggest living in loving kindness for one and all and ignore all the illusions, which just happened to be fear based, what a surprise.

peace love light to you all and yes, you can have all your differing beliefs, but please, just be loving and kind to one another, that is all i ask, do no harm.


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