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  • the total number of minds in the Universe is one
    - Erwin Schrödinger
  • even more bizarre news;
    Founder of the Original Black Panther Party Endorses President Trump in Epic Interview with Alex Jones
  • Dear friends and brothers........How are you doing nowadays??
    Give me the informations about the Base and the reptilians(devils).......
    Arrest them with the Attacks...............................thanks...........
    Ep. 3400b-Save Act Passes House,Traitors Everywhere,Confirmed,It Flushed Out [BO],Right On Schedule
    Find Out Which Olive Oil Is The Best For Your Health Watch the Short Video Got To The [DS] just played their hand, they hav…
    Ep. 3400a - The Manipulation Worked, Inflation Dropped To 3%, [CB] Will Make The Next Move
    Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA or call 877-646-5347 Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Disclaimer: (there's always a risk of in…
  • There are several Old Testament stories of the foes of Israel being infected with a spirit of confusion and fear, leading to their self-destruction. We are watching as the left repeats these stories in front of our eyes. The spirit that is the ugly essence of the left has been let loose on the leftists.

    That’s justice at its finest.
    The Left Is Coming Undone
    We now have a trend on the left: confusion.  Leftists have fallen into an abyss.  They are in the middle of full-throated chaos. Couldn’t happen t…
  • Hello...How are you thesedays??
    Nice to meet you, friends and brothers...........
    Have a nice weekend.................thanks........................ ^^
  • Part 2 of Billy and Michael's talk on certain topics. Just like Part 1 the SEIN Absolotum and the nihilo will be talked about. Other topics include language and traumas.
  • The Cabal definitely knows they are going to lose power in the US that's why they are preparing to start WW3. Nato is now preparing and getting ready to practice to defend against what they call future Russian attacks. The US is now getting ready to deploy tomahawk cruise missiles and other long range weapon systems to Germany in order to strengthen Nato's military deterrent in Europe. Poland is now being told that the country must prepare their army for a full scale conflict. China and Belarus hold military drills near the Polish border hours before the latest Nato summit. The narrative is also being built that Russia is going to get involved in the election to help Trump win. Its looking like they are going to use Russia to try and start WW3. This of course will fail and when they lose power in the US and Trump returns they are screwed like no tomorrow.
    Ep. 3399b - [BO] Is In The Process Of Positioning Himself For The Elections,WWIII, Countermeasures
    Watch The Video To Make Your Dog Healthy Goto The [DS] is slowly building the narrative to remove Biden. [BO] is now positioni…
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   Allowing Joy To Be Part Of Our Daily Lives - Wisdom Shared From Paramahansa Yogananda The joys life brings can often feel fleeting, yet inwardly we know there must be a joy that endures. In this talk, Self-Realization Fellowship monk Brother…
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"Hello! I hope everyone has a good time here."
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We were expecting it, and it happened. Trump nearly succumbed to an Assassination attempt and a close call doesn’t begin to define the drama when a bullet zings your President’s ear. What are the chances he would turn his head at the moment it would…
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"Contact 428 with Billy and Ptaah. Billy and Ptaah talk about the Tunguska event and the Bardan in this contact."
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"Contact Report 428 with Billy and Ptaah. Billy and Ptaah talk about the Tunguska event and the Bardan in this contact."
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