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    Ep. 3399a -Bezos Dumps Stocks,It’s Worse Than 2008,Patriots Ready To Take Control Away From The [CB]
  • The declaration of global peace must be announced and agreed, by all nations, before NESARA/GESARA can proceed...There has been much misinformation surrounding "Chinese elders," over the years, which frankly, is based upon fantasy...

    Always remembering that the dark cabal had it in mind, since 1971, to eventually make China the holder of the global reserve currency, to replace America...Starting with Kissinger meeting Mao, in the early 1970s....
    And of course, due to declining fiat value, the trend to make China a major manufacturing nation, using low wage workers (and slaves,) was a cabal plan, that we are all observing in action, now....In fact, China is a major replacement to American products, by design....The PRC has co-operated in the whole dark plan....And now they have joined BRICS, as well......So, they play a double act, which borders on pure cynicism, rather than morality....
    NESARA will bring back monetary value, so that products can be manufactured easily, in the west, again....As we will no longer require Chinese slavery...

    "Chinese elders" serve both sides...not just the Light, per se....and we see this in Chinese foreign policy....My advice, see America announce peace and dismantle the Fed, first.....What the BRICS are usefully achieving, is placing pressures upon the dark cabal....While less usefully, at the same time, supporting them...So let us forget Chinese elders, for now....They have no interest in English common law being rolled out, for all nations..GESARA does seek this...
  • “Russia and Iran agree on all stages of integration of National Payment systems” This one is important. Many believe this will be the backbone for the payment system for BRICS global blockchain MBridge based currency.
  • hope this one is true:
    "over night documentation being signed in Indonesia and the Philippines on the Gold Treaty"

    Drekx, is it possible NESARA/GESARA starts earlier or is this about the Gold Treaty being signed by the Chinese Elders just a rumor?
  • a quick reminder
    Researchers create world’s first anode-free sodium solid-state battery that can replace lithium bat…
    University of California, San Diego (UCSD) graduate researcher Grayson Deysher and his team have created an affordable and eco-friendly power source:…
    Ep. 3398b - Biden Receives [DS] Message,Trump Warns [DS],Don’t Cheat, We Know Who You Are
    Ep. 3398a - Other Countries Begin Following El Salvador, 2 Months Until Rate Cut, Buckle Up
    Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA or call 877-646-5347 Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Disclaimer: (there's always a risk of in…
  • Elon Musk Exposes Globalist Plan to Exterminate Humanity— This is Key Intel
  • This health video is targeted at ACC members and readers, who may not know much about the ketogenic diet and often seek answers about food products, but rarely obtain proper facts from their doctors and from the written data, provided by food manufacturers and suppliers...

    A basic mistake can cost you your health, so it's good to avoid these seven salient mistakes, many people make, when choosing products to eat...👏🏻
    Hope it helps....!!
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We were expecting it, and it happened. Trump nearly succumbed to an Assassination attempt and a close call doesn’t begin to define the drama when a bullet zings your President’s ear. What are the chances he would turn his head at the moment it would…
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"Contact 428 with Billy and Ptaah. Billy and Ptaah talk about the Tunguska event and the Bardan in this contact."
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"Contact Report 428 with Billy and Ptaah. Billy and Ptaah talk about the Tunguska event and the Bardan in this contact."
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