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  • There is a rather childish notion being circulated, by uneducated new agers, who are uninformed, that ET ascended masters (those on cosmic degrees,) do not eat food and instead "absorb light," only..Or, they only eat fruit and "absorb light"....(Note that vril/prana can be gleaned from certain types of seed fruits and vegetables, but that is not digested, to obtain, but sparks directly into the neurological system, via the tongue.) However, fruit alone cannot sustain life, as the body needs essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, with which to maintain function..Bodily structures and hormones, also, which are made to order, if the correct raw materials are provided...

    So absorbing light, or eating fruit alone, is incorrect, as any ascended being will still require the need to manifest a form, or mayavirupa, body, with which to interact inside the creation...One that works..

    Only the devic higher forms, of elohim and archangels, may absorb energies, directly....a parallel kingdom of evolution to ourselves and all ascended galactic humans....
    However, when spiritual evolution takes the cosmic initiate to a level beyond the arahat athersata grade, then a form life is no longer used and only then can "foods" be a former experience, placed in effective obsolescence....As, at that stage one achieves monadic self-sustaining status, within a self-sustained spiritual whole....Immortal, in the true sense and beyond any form requirement, that was once needed...Think of the magical symbol of the energetically self-sustained, self-eating oroboros...a circular snake eating itself and totally self-contained....

    Ascension does not mean that a being no longer eats food.....That is a myth....And the food eaten should be of high quality and even including complex amino acids, derived from animal proteins, albeit, provided by replicators, in which an ancient food source animal, a templated food, provides continuing sustainance, over generations of replications....So no need to farm or hunt, using ET technologies, BUT, there is still a need to consume animal products, which are not possible to obtain from plants alone.....A good example is retinol, which is the active form of vitamin A....
    Carrots won't provide it to satisfaction, as the conversion factor is too small, for bodily requirements....The beta carotene to retinol, conversion...

    I recommend that all potential ascendees keep themselves healthy, by taking cod liver oil, each day.....

    Also, there may be Vegans from the Vega star system, but there are no dietary vegans in cosmos, with functioning brains and bodies....That is an Earth human fad and glamour, only....And it is promoted by the dark cabal, to weaken the human reproductive potential and cause illness...

    And to complement these comments, here is a little vid, by Dr Berg anent the usefullness of cod liver oil...

    "Why You Need To Start Taking Cod Liver Oil Now - Dr. Berg Reveals The Surprising Truth"
  • Edward...I would suggest that "mind control" weapons are becoming less and less effective on planetary humanity, as we raise our individual and collective vibrations and rise through the astral plane tiers.....The world is growing in consciousness, but the dark are finding it increasingly difficult to prevent.....So, mind control weapons have been around for decades and are having a lesser and lesser effect.....
    My advice, do not place this topic as a point of primary concern..As a great awakening is underway, of vast importance...
    The next phase by Earth Alliance will be one of retributions, against the dark cabal and minions....Not just electro-magnetic weapons, but covid vaccinations...a long list of nefarious injustices to be dealt with...

    There is an Earth expression, currently doing the rounds, which I can confirm in it's veracity and it reads; "the patriots are in control..!"

    Another similar expression may be used, in cosmic terms, which reads:
    "Lord Surea is in control...!" And that is most reassuring one I would suggest.
    The Galaxy is Alive and Has a Will, Heart and a Mind
    A discussion between Drekx Omega and Star, anent the living galaxy...
  • Friend Edward: On this planet, it is currently those limited-conscious human beings, within (so-called) elite institutions, that are the problem, not reptiles, per se. Unless you live in the Florida everglades, that is...LOL

    The dark cabal crime families running the financial system, which is based upon private central banking...That is a darkness requiring arrests.
    Blaming reptillians is a decoy....The dark are humanoids, of very low light quotients, some of which (not most) are aiming for 95% STS, fake ascension.....So these will be going to a future Mars..a type of house planetary terms..Importantly, not on Earth....

    Best not to buy into the David Icke coolaid, on this matter....A stirling chap in most regards, if we can ignore his "reptillian" materials..
    We have enough scapegoats in this world, already...Dark and Light can exist in all creatures of free will.....No one has a monopoly on being dark...

    Visit this link......Contibutions are welcome..
    Randy and Drekx Discuss an Aspirant GFL Star Nation - Sigma Draconis
    How the Sigma Draconians are being tutored, by the amphibian GFL member nation of Beta Canceri....
    Ep. 3242b - Patriot Moves Are Forcing The [DS] Into A State Of Desperation, Exposed, Trapped
    💻Protect yourself from data breaches with up to $1million of coverage 60 Day No Risk Guarantee! Click The Link Above ^…
    Ep. 3383a - Milei Makes A Move On [CB] Currency, Trump Begins Tariff Narrative, Nothing Can Stop Thi
    Find Out Which Olive Oil Is The Best For Your Health Watch the Short Video Got To The student loan foregiveness agenda is f…
  • Let's communicate(talk) about the mind control weapon ..............!!
    (the electromagnetic waves weapon)
  • Arrest the Reptilians and ~~~~!!

    * Drekx Omega Arrest ............
  • Dear Drex Omega
    What do you think about the Fightings against the Reptilians??
    Let's fight against the reptilians .............................
  • New blog for anyone who is interested. Part 2 of this blog should be done in a few days a week at most.
    All About The Altairians And The Altairian Solar System Part 1
    This blog here will get into the people who live in the Altair region in our galaxy. These beings are a mix of Humanoid along with some Dinosaurian a…
    Ep. 3382b - WaPo Begins Change Of Batter Narrative, Does Trump Still Have ‘Foreign Policy Powers’ ?
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