This blog here will get into the people who live in the Altair region in our galaxy. These beings are a mix of Humanoid along with some Dinosaurian and Reptilian hybrids. All info here comes from Sheldan Nidle's book Your Galactic Neighbors.


Present Status And Location

The Star Dominion of Altair was last accepted into the Galactic Federation Of Light nine years before this book was published so around 1996-1997. Before joining The Galactic Federation Of Light Altair was a neutral star-nation with a habit of resigning from the Galactic Federation Of Light when it best suited them. They also had a history of sporadic collaborations with the empires of the Anchara Alliance. Because of its proximity to the headquarters sector of the Galactic Federation Of Light, Altair has long been a major participant in the current diplomatic and cultural exchanges between the former dark empires of the Anchara Alliance and the Galactic Federation Of Light. Now, owing to her long, collaborative history with the Anchara Alliance, Altair once more has become a natural conduit between these formerly dark empires and many of the Galactic Federation Of Light cultural and diplomatic teams. This role has enabled them to assume a degree of authority, which they otherwise would have been unable to garner, in its Regional Galactic Federation Council. Altair is a large, white star located 16.8 light years from Earth. This star is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila. Together with Deneb, Alpha Cygnus, and Vega Altair forms a glittering triangle in the summer skies. The twelfth brightest star in this galaxy, Altair is noted by our astronomers for her rapid spin. The Solar System of Altair has six planets with the third planet which is a water world being the home of the Altairians.


The Altairian Solar System

Like most Solar Systems in this Galaxy, Altair has six worlds, the smallest world is closest to her sun and the largest the farthest away. The Altair home world has two moons while the rest of the Altair Solar System has another twelve. The innermost planet is half the size of Earth. Because of constant discharges from Altair, this planet goes through constant electrical storms.The atmosphere on this world has transmuted to a mixture of methane and hydrogen. The only life forms there are bacteria and algae. Frequent clouds of sulfuric plasma drift through this planet's lower atmosphere. The next planet in this Solar System is more than twice the size of our planet and has an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere here. This planet is more supportive of life. This planet is semi-arid, with large deserts covering most of her one continent. Two large, mainly, shallow seas surround this continent. A soaring mountain range bisects the landmass, and chains of other high, saw-toothed mountains line its coasts. Although wildlife on this planet is diverse, Reptilians predominate on the arid lands while amphibians, strange mammalian, and other bird-like creatures rule the coastal regions. Primitive, armored fish, bizarre sand worms, arthropods, deep ocean worms and jellyfish, together with assorted crab-like creatures, command the seas. Altairians research this planet and value her for her immence biological diversity. Flora and Fauna found nowhere else in their Solar System exist on this planet in abundance. The remaining outer planets in this Solar System are gas giants just like the large planets in our outer Solar System. The difference though with the gas giants in the Altairian Solar System compared to the gas giants in our Solar System is that the gas giants in the Altairian Solar System have a faster rate of rotation. In one case, their rotation is oddly slower than that of most of this Galaxy's gas giants. Thus, their atmospheres have other anomalies, such as the giant red spot that is seen on Jupiter, or the strange blots that connect to form mystifying geometrical patterns. The two outer planets are surrounded by a ring system just like the one seen with Saturn. They were formed when a number of large space objects (comets, asteroids, and small planetoids with erratic solar orbits) passed to close to the planets, colliding with their small, outer moons and exploding into a series of beautiful, multi-colored rings.


The Altairian Home World

The third planet in the Altairian Solar System and the home planet of the Altairians is a large water world almost three times the size of Earth. This planet is around 23,000 miles in diameter. The surface of this planet has three large continents that are surrounded by an interconnected ocean. This planets highly oxygenated atmosphere has a distinctive orange tinge. The skies here are alive with billions of large birds and enormous bat-like mammals. Two of this planets continents are known for vast blue and purple grasslands. On the third continent which looks almost like a large Human hand, is an inland sea connected to the ocean by a narrow strait located near the base of the thumb. A three-tiered firmament keeps the planet ice-free and the climate semi-tropical. Just like most Galactic Humans, Altairians like to live inside their world. There you will find huge crystal cities that support a population of close to 1.3 billion people. Due to their constant negotiations with both the former Anchara Alliance and the Galactic Federation Of Light, Altair has acquired technology that is equal to that of any in the galaxy. This technology helps power their cities and is used to create homes, clothing and food for all of her citizens.


Altairian Society

The Altairian's culture is highly unusual. It is noted for a multi-level ruling class that grew to dominate the twelve clans that formed its Galactic society. The society there is undergoing a transition to a more tradional form of Galactic society. The core of Altairian society is a ruling council, consisting of reigning classes from each of the twelve clans. It is in charge of the day-to-day activities of the Altairian Dominion. The governing council elects a chief ruler, a King or Queen, who serves in that capacity for ten years. Beneath this ruling council is a group similar to our planets nobility (princes, dukes, counts, etc.) This body oversees the day-to-day administration of each of the ten major political regions on their planet. By using their great influence as regional heads to direct critical socio-political activities, such as negotiating important economic contracts and monitoring every detail of their regions economy, they rose to elevated positions of power. Below them were twelve clans, subdivided into groups that supplied workers, administrators, technicians, and researchers in charge of manufacturing technologies, building trades and enterprices that maintained Altairian society. Rules dictated by the governing council compelled those clan members to swear loyalty to the intermediary nobility. From this middle group of regional governors, which had the status of royalty, was chosen the ruling council's chief ruler. Seeing that it was prudent, now, to rejoin the Galactic Federation Of Light, these groups quickly began to open up Altairian society and set in motion a complex process that, by ending the royal order, in time can restore a more traditional, clan-based system of governance. To do so, each regional assembly began to appoint true representatives of their society's clan system to the main ruling council, replacing former members drawn from the intermediary nobility. These regional rulers also initiated reforms that transformed each clan from a worker group into a truer example of a Galactic Human clan with all of its many and varied sub-divisions. Over the recent years, Altairian nobility has radically opened up their society, which they have used as a prototype for others. This prototype, a modified version of the Andromedan/Pleiadean Galactic society model, can be used by many other former members of the Anchara Alliance to transform their societies. These one time Ancharan societies existed according to the concept of simple, unjustifiable loyalty to their dark lord, Anchara, and to the rulers and their appointed representatives who manipulated them to create vast empires in the name of Anchara.





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