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  • I saw that video earlier. I wonder if the unhealthy lifestyle there effects the lifespans of the people. I looked up the max age the people over there live to and it says around 78 years old, but with it being very unhealthy there at the moment I wonder if its shorter for a lot of people. Hopefully China can get fixed soon. That area needs tons and tons of help right now. Also good blog about Greta. I do admit I kinda feel bad for her. Shes been brainwashed badly. Maybe one day she can fix herself and get back on track and fix her light quotient.
  • I do believe that Greta is mentally and emotionally unstable, Justin and so easily manipulated by the black lodge's tulpa thoughtform, which afflicts most woke people...These people see the world and themselves, as "oppressed victims" and relish the notion, as it gives them an identity, of sorts...As they lack a spiritual connection....She has a very low light quotient, to be sure...
    And thanks for your like, on that blog....;-)

    Also, yes the Chinese "little emperor" generation of spoilt brats....I've seen that vid, before...Good one...This was caused largely by their "one child policy." The CCP are morons, actually and really have no idea what they're doing...

    Also, what did you think about that earlier post, (May 21, 2024 at 4:01pm ) regarding many Chinese restaurant's use of sewage filth, which they put in customer food....?? They may boil the water, but the "soup" is laced with toxic heavy metals, which cause cancer......Truly an insane place, which many western tourists have no idea about, when they eat and drink, at those food outlets, in the big cities like Beijing....Frankly I have no desire to visit China....A repulsive nation in several ways....And not just an insane communist regime..
    Even before communism, if a plague endemic, to pandemic starts, often it starts in China (once called Cathay)...Throughout history....And no wonder....They eat just about everything and anything, that moves, combined with a filthy lifestyle....And now they deliberately manufacture novel virus's, too....Appalling...

    Novelist Sax Rohmer, certainly based his fictional character, Fu, on a kernel of truth...
  • More proof of how the current economic state in the US is terrible. Creepy and Sleepy Joe need to go.
  • Drekx speaking of China check out this video it shows that even a lot of the kids there end up turning into little monsters. China needs a lot of change like I mentioned earlier.
  • Speaking of Greta Drekx. Is she just really brainwashed or does she know what shes preaching is BS? I always think shes just been brainwashed and has no idea shes talking nonsense, but maybe she does and shes just messed up idk. She definitely seems a little crazy that's for sure.
  • I did post my EV report on the Greta Thunberg blog...However, she seems to be more interested in "Palestinian causes" now....LOLšŸ¤£ Of course, she's a deep state asset, with a well-rounded propensity for causing trouble...
    Greta Thunberg's Alarmist Tactics Suit Elite Agendas
    Dear Friends, Greta Thunberg is designed to offer a PRETENCE of grassroots-driven, climate change actions, demanded of governments. In reality, she i…
  • Speaking of China. It's not just the CCP who are crazy. The people seem to be completely unaware of basic hygiene and seem content to subject their food to toxic waste products, from sewers....Rather strange nation, all round..

    I will state, up front, that I've NEVER visited China and have no desire to journey there, ever...However, many western people and corporate staff do travel there, on a regular basis and probably don't realise, that the food and drink they inevitably consume there, is TOXIC waste.......Errr.......Ever thought of a pre-packed lunch..? Might be safer...!! LOLšŸ¤£

    Welcome to the Red Chinese, lower astral plane experience.....If it feels like a nightmare, that's because, it actually is one....šŸ²šŸ¤®

    And some elite westerners (politicians, media and corporates) seem to be so beguiled, that they actually believe this third world backwater, is a "superpower..??" Truly laughable....

    "China's Revolting Spit Oil and Gutter Oil and Why it Will Never go Away"
  • China it seems has problems all over the place. I knew they had problems, but it's way worse than I thought. Much rebuilding needs to be done there that's for sure.
  • Of course, the rule of thumb is; if it's made in China, it is most certainly sub-standard and highly dangerous.....And we can apply this to the EV market, as well as so much else.....
    Not that I would even consider purchasing an EV, as they are absolutely impractical, BUT, Chinese EVs are even worse than Tesla models, of course...Much more likely to spontaneously combust and kill everyone nearby, with toxic fumes from the battery....High insurance costs and range, is the lesser of problems with Chinese EVs...The biggest issue is; can you survive...??
    Best option....NEVER, EVER, buy Chinese.....šŸ²šŸ¤£
  • Covid Vaccine cover up talked about here and the harm the vaccines caused people. The masks they forced people to wear and the harm they can cause as well is also talked about. The ridiculous lockdowns are brought up as well. Nuremburg 2.0 for all these criminals who created this scamdemic coming soon.
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