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  • Health and safety in Red China is virtually non-existent....Well, see for yourselves...
    Of course, all countries have workplace accidents, BUT, China has them all the time and is more concerned about the coverup, than human health and safety, by and large...

    Welcome to the Red Chinese, lower astral plane experience.....If it feels like a nightmare, that's because, it actually is one....🐲🤮

    "Crazy Chinese Workplace Accidents - Why is Workplace Safety so Bad in China?"
  • hey Drekx, WW3 to start in August? I thought the cabal will try to start WW3 but it is not sure, did I miss something? thank you
  • Everyone's heard of "hit & run," using some type of vehicle...Normally, it's driven by either homicidal attack, or accident, or plain stupidity...HOWEVER, in Red China, a homicidal attack, may be carried out, multiple times, to ensure that the victim dies....Also, watch the witness to the incident, on her moped. She deliberately preferred not to get involved....Truly horrific....Watch this example....Don't watch this vid, if of a nervous disposition.....
    But ask yourself.....Where is Chinese compassion....??
  • However, England is not a bad country, compared to some, in spite of our apparent tolerance of mediocre leaders......going back decades....

    And it sure is better than Red China...A country in which homicidal maniacs run rampant and I don't mean the CCP, in this case, although, they may be the cause of people going crazy and murdering their fellows, as per this age restricted video.......

    Welcome to the Red Chinese, lower astral plane experience.....If it feels like a nightmare, that's because, it actually is one....🐲🤮

    "It’s Murder Season in China"
  • Soaked Sunak is sunk......And here is the worst PM (Prime Miniature,) in British history and we've had our share of them....
    To describe this globalist stooge as a jackanapes pipsqueak, is most apt....If in doubt, use a dictionary, to confirm....😉
  • Well we all know China is going to go into Taiwan soon. We were told about this a little while back. Remember the Dark Cabal wants WW3 so expect more stuff like this in the coming months. An old Q post said August is a hot month and not because of the weather. My guess is events will be happening in August and will continue to escalate going into the US presidential election. The Dark Cabal is in its end days and are going to do everything they can to stay in power and avoid going to Gitmo. Expect them to keep on pushing war and another scamdemic.
  • In the UK, "our" (not mine, of course) PM, (which stands for Prime Miniature,) Rishi Sunak, has decided, stupidly, to hold a general election, a full six months before he needed to....Of course, this jackanapes pipsqueak, has no chance of winning, as the public loathe him and all his failed globalist policies and fake promises....In fact, he's sunk.....Well, you only have to remove the "a" from Sunak and you get sunk...LOL 👎🏻But it is more than just figurative...

    Not to mention his appalling judgement, which does not help, with what little is left of his image and appeal to voters, of his making the election anouncement in pouring rain (well, it's England) without an umbrella, getting his expensive suit soaked to the skin. All shiney and rain-sodden, at the lecturn, outside of number 10, Downing street...Actually, nobody felt sorry for this little twerp. We only disliked his lax judgement, even more....And, in the background to his announcement, an anti-Brexit agitator was playing music, in this case the 1997 Labour party election theme of Tony Blair; "Things Can Only Get Better." Of course, sunk Sunak, was laughed at even more, as the words were quickly transformed to; "Things Can Only Get Wetter," seeing this hapless fool, soaked through and shivering, in a heavy downpour...Making a pathetic and forlorn, announcement, which amounts to party and career suicide👎🏻

    Many of us do not like the so-called Conservative party, as they are actually liberals, not conservatives.....Sunak himself was never elected by the public. He was not even elected by his own grass roots party, but appointed by MPs, by globalists who wanted to stop Liz Truss, who tried in vain to bring back conservative policies and economic growth, but was stabbed in the back, by the Bank of England, et al...
    So they put in globalists, Sunak and Hunt, who are both very unpopular, with people, loved by elites, of course...👎🏻

    Sunak panicked over Reform UK Party's growing popularity, but also, I believe he wants out, before WW3 starts in August....He's very weak, both physically and morally....He will pursue a new corporate career in California, no doubts....As he has got to be the worst British politician, in living memory and that is not an easy title to attain, with our buffoons in office, over decades of misrule...👎🏻
  • Good video here from Russell Brand which gets into just how corrupt Big Pharma is.
    God Versus Aliens to premiere at Cannes and reveal Vatican UFO secrets
    Mark Christopher Lee's UFO documentary 'God Versus Aliens' will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this week and is set to reveal the Vatican's sec…
    Ep 3359b-Tyrannical Gov Has Just Been Exposed, 25th Amendment Just Came Into Focus,Panic Everywhere
    Make Your Pet Healthy Watch A Short Video Explaining How To Do It The patriots need the people to see the true enem…
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"Top Democrat Says Local Pa. Police Afraid To Speak Out About Trump Assassination Attempt"
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"An interesting interview of US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, conducted by Alex Jones, in which she describes the obfuscation efforts, offered the committee by Kimberly Cheadle, who recently headed the USSS and has thankfully now resigned...(Of course,…"
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