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  • Dear ketogenicists...Just to let you know that the 72+ hours prolonged fast went well and I completed today's "refeeding" process, without any hiccups...
    I would recommend this total rejuvination of bodily cells...and as I stated earlier, the fast officially started on Sunday (14th) morning, but I had already intermittent fasted up to that point, since my last eating window closed, on the previous Saturday, at 14.00....So a true 72+ hours prolonged fasting....;-) And wow...It's perfect...👏🏻😀

    If completed incorrectly, the "refeeding" day could be uncomfortable and cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including bloating, abdominal pains, diarrhoea, etc...BUT I had a perfect "re-entry" to ketogenic foods.
    As I spaced the meals, throughout today, 2-hours apart and so tomorrow, back to normal...Keto + IF...

    A reminder to all of the six stages and bodily benefits, over 72-hours:
    Ep 3331b - [DS] Begins Testing Choke Points,People Are Watching A Trial,But It’s Not What You Think
    Ep 3331a - IMF Begins Economic Crash Narrative, War, Think Mirror, The People Know
    Chuck Norris Made A Special Video Learn What He Discovered Go To People are beginning to question why we pay taxes when…
  • The Euro-elites are running scared of freedom and free expression...
  • In this video, Nigel Farage gives the background to "NATCON," which is a conference on National Conservatism, which Brussels definitely seeks to halt...
    Globalists are running scared of the growing demands for national sovereignty..

    "Today was reminiscent of the old soviet union': Nigel Farage CONCERNED over Brussels event turmoil"
  • The Major of Brussels is obviously a tinpot dictator, much like the European Commission, itself...ANTI-DEMOCRATIC...Or as Farage says, "ghastly..!" LOL

    "Nigel Farage has hit out at attempts from the Mayor of Brussels to silence him. He has called the Mayor a 'ghastly little man' and accused the EU of becoming the 'new form of communism."
  • thank you Drekx, if the products are cheaper I'll buy it on eBay, but, Dr Berg has a European shop ( which is helpful also, cheers!
    Dr. Berg's vitamins. Official distributor in the European Union
    Doctor Berg vitamins. Official distributor. Fast delivery. No additional duties. Vitamins on the Keto diet.
  • Thanks, that's great friend.....Also, it might be useful to sometimes purchase Dr Berg products, via eBay....If you have an account on eBay, you can search and discover that other (same country) members, who sell, often purchase Berg products, decide not to open/unseal and instead, are happy to sell to eBay buyers, a brand new electrolyte powder, sealed and in excellent condition...Some even send as postage paid....
    I've often purchased Dr Berg electrolyte powder on eBay...And you can select the best price, as well.....Maybe this helps you expedite, obtaining the product...??
    I always prefer the electrolyte with a raspberry & lemon flavour (335g)...;-) Some sell orange flavour, as well..
  • ok Drekx, just wanted to have that clarified ;)

    I will start the 72 hrs fasting interval once I am in back in Vienna and have my electrolytes powder, in a month, when I have plenty of time to rest :)
  • Why Fasting Is MORE Important than Diet...
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"A little bit I did not know about China. I knew it was bad with tons of corruption like I mentioned earlier, but after seeing those videos you posted Drekx it's way worse than I thought. Thanks for sharing those. I learned a little more today thanks…"
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"Yeah it's sad the situation over there that's for sure. Who knows maybe they get lucky and turn things around. The way it's looking right now though they are gonna need a huge miracle. They gotta fix things over there quickly. Change the way they…"
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"The problem with Chinese authorities is that they cover up any and every disaster, to "save face." They also lie constantly to their own people and certainly to foreigners....Truth is, China is totally mismanaged and the people are too afraid to…"
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