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  • Sending blessings to Jews across this planet....Passover begins tomorrow (22nd) at sunset....אהבה ואור Drekx
  • Part 4 of the Isle Of Light Radio Show interview with Shel currently on part 5. Ill post part 5 and 6 when I'm finished listening to them.
  • Part 3 of Shel's interview on the Isle Of Light Radio Show.
  • Part 2 of Sheldan's interview on the Isle Of Light Radio Show.
  • Older Interview, but still relevant today with Sheldan back in 2005 on the Isle Of Light Radio Show. We get into first contact scenarios, planetary activation groups or PAG for short, Earth changes, changes going on in our solar system, the various beings Shel has worked with, and more.
  • Well, since the GFL has a non Atomic Bomb directive, I'll bet on the GFL 😂 holy moly, awesome 😎
  • Well, who do you think, took it down..?? 😉
  • Hello Drekx, what can you report about the veracity of this post and did the Russian Air Force take down the F-35 or the GFL? LOL thank you!
    Pepe Escobar
    EXCLUSIVE THE REAL STORY OF THE ISRAELI COUNTER RESPONSE From a very high level intel source. In Asia. NOT Russia-China. Although the strategic…
  • Important to remind everyone, that the vast majority of Iranians, despise the islamic regime and want peace with Israel....The recent strikes on Iran, Syria and Iraq, by Israel, neutralised many military offensive sites, without harming the innocent civilians, there..
    Uri Geller elaborates upon the matter, with his usual passion.....👍🏻✡️

    My advice is to back Israel.....And remember that Iran can't instigate WW3, if it's defenses are DEAF, DUMB & BLIND....✌🏻✡️ ....Victory belongs to Israel...
  • There are several, heralding the advent of AI, among globalists, trying to portray this "technological revolution" as something "wonderful," a "saviour of humanity" and inevitably "modern." Something that will change everything...Something progressive.....

    HOWEVER......Nope.....!!! As the Amazon outlet has revealed, it's nothing of the sort.....Not advanced computer intelligence, technology...Just some offshore Indian call centre bod, in one of the Indian cities...Maybe Chennai, or Delhi...MONITORING YOU ON MULTIPLE CAMERAS.....As you inspect the products for purchase....
    The curtain has been pulled back, revealing a little guy in India, making decisions about you and what you intend to purchase, pretending to be high and mighty, AI...

    Actually, like all globalist pipedreams, truly laughable....

    As for that arch progressive and high tech futurist, Klaus Schwab, in truth, he has no progressive high tech plans, for the future of WEF....Like the petty Kings and Emperors of yesteryear, his "successors" will be from his own Schwab family....
    Like Napoleon I, or Oliver Cromwell: Family becomes the line of succession..Nothing new, or modern, or advanced, or "scientific" in anything coming out of WEF and Klaus...Star Trek it ain't...🤣
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"Maybe the wannabe Bond villain Klaus Schwab knows his days are numbered as are the rest of his WEF and the entire Dark Cabal in general."
14 minutes ago
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"A little bit I did not know about China. I knew it was bad with tons of corruption like I mentioned earlier, but after seeing those videos you posted Drekx it's way worse than I thought. Thanks for sharing those. I learned a little more today thanks…"
4 hours ago
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"More evidence is here for all to view:
Red China is actually a fake nation, in which it's psychopathic leadership seek to impress outsiders, with their "competence," by pretending to be "modern" and "civilised," when in fact, they are backward and…"
5 hours ago
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"Justin, you have a good heart regarding China.....However, July-August, 2023..."Nature" has been working hard, as in biblical times...In this era, a severe karmic penalty is due China, rather than the ten plagues that vexed Pharaoh...Red China is…"
6 hours ago
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"Yeah it's sad the situation over there that's for sure. Who knows maybe they get lucky and turn things around. The way it's looking right now though they are gonna need a huge miracle. They gotta fix things over there quickly. Change the way they…"
7 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"The problem with Chinese authorities is that they cover up any and every disaster, to "save face." They also lie constantly to their own people and certainly to foreigners....Truth is, China is totally mismanaged and the people are too afraid to…"
7 hours ago