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  • There are several, heralding the advent of AI, among globalists, trying to portray this "technological revolution" as something "wonderful," a "saviour of humanity" and inevitably "modern." Something that will change everything...Something progressive.....

    HOWEVER......Nope.....!!! As the Amazon outlet has revealed, it's nothing of the sort.....Not advanced computer intelligence, technology...Just some offshore Indian call centre bod, in one of the Indian cities...Maybe Chennai, or Delhi...MONITORING YOU ON MULTIPLE CAMERAS.....As you inspect the products for purchase....
    The curtain has been pulled back, revealing a little guy in India, making decisions about you and what you intend to purchase, pretending to be high and mighty, AI...

    Actually, like all globalist pipedreams, truly laughable....

    As for that arch progressive and high tech futurist, Klaus Schwab, in truth, he has no progressive high tech plans, for the future of WEF....Like the petty Kings and Emperors of yesteryear, his "successors" will be from his own Schwab family....
    Like Napoleon I, or Oliver Cromwell: Family becomes the line of succession..Nothing new, or modern, or advanced, or "scientific" in anything coming out of WEF and Klaus...Star Trek it ain't...šŸ¤£
  • Justin, that Berg video you posted below, is a good one, but lacks data covering the subject of intra-cellular melatonin, which can be triggered when exposed to near infra-red wavelengths, of solar radiation....which are a major percentage of sun light, alongside the ultra-violet...

    I'll post his vid again, which is around 2-years old, now.....

    It's also interesting that near infra-red can be gleaned from candle light and open fireplace flames....So helping with melatonin production, in the winter months, too...
    Ep 3334b - [DS] Warns Cyber Attacks Will Wreak Havoc On Our Infrastructure, Trump Card Coming Soon
    Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA or call 877-646-5347 Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Disclaimer-(there's always a risk of inv…
    Ep 3334a - Small Business Leaving CA, Oil Moving Up, Here Comes The SPR, Right On Schedule
    Natural Way To Ease Pain FreeShipping WhileSupplies Last CA is the template of the [WEF]/CB agenda. The state is having…
  • The tide is turning Drexk-and Isreal just bombed Iran to escalate WW3 that will make everything else yeaterday's news (hope not)-explosions in Syria and Iraq too
    Iran is the biggest sponsor of organized terror strikes, but Biden released $6 billion in Iranian cash back to them only months before the Oct 7 attack by hamas and ,as you've heard, the IDF stood down for 7 hours
    Analysts beleive Iran is using Russian tech for it's ballistic mislles which makes them more lethal
    All ightworkers need to focus on this escalation fizzling out and the Ukraine meat grinder fizzling out
  • Sighting down in Cave Creek near Phoenix Arizona sometime in 2012.
    Ep 3333b-The [D] Party Will Cease To Exist Once Itā€™s All Exposed,Remember This Is An Information War
    Ep 3333a - Biden Is Proving That Trumpā€™s Economic Policies Worked, Boomerang
  • Gonna go get some sun after this video :) Great benefits from the Sun talked about here.
  • Dr. Berg gets into the truth of what is really in plant based meat in this video. No thank you to plant based crap. Real meat is better.
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"Well, let us hope the situation in China improves....The whole place is actually sinking into the ground, as a result of excess mining....Sinkholes are everywhere, now...And it is so polluted, I'm amazed if the average lifespan is evenā€¦"
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"I saw that video earlier. I wonder if the unhealthy lifestyle there effects the lifespans of the people. I looked up the max age the people over there live to and it says around 78 years old, but with it being very unhealthy there at the moment Iā€¦"
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"I do believe that Greta is mentally and emotionally unstable, Justin and so easily manipulated by the black lodge's tulpa thoughtform, which afflicts most woke people...These people see the world and themselves, as "oppressed victims" and relish theā€¦"
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"More proof of how the current economic state in the US is terrible. Creepy and Sleepy Joe need to go."
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"Drekx speaking of China check out this video it shows that even a lot of the kids there end up turning into little monsters. China needs a lot of change like I mentioned earlier."
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"Speaking of Greta Drekx. Is she just really brainwashed or does she know what shes preaching is BS? I always think shes just been brainwashed and has no idea shes talking nonsense, but maybe she does and shes just messed up idk. She definitely seemsā€¦"
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"I did post my EV report on the Greta Thunberg blog...However, she seems to be more interested in "Palestinian causes" now....LOLšŸ¤£ Of course, she's a deep state asset, with a well-rounded propensity for causing trouble...ā€¦"
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