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  • ET Hugger-do you mean the secret society robe Schwab wears? When he speaks English he really sounds like a super villian from a 60's Bond film.
    Anybody ever see the pic of the current pedophile Pope kissing the ring on some guys hand? Always been a rumor that a direct descendant of the last Emperor of the western Roman Empire-that would be Romulus Augustus- is the 'World Emperor' now. (if he says so -must be true)
  • Drexk-what do you think about Pax Gold?-
    Pax Gold - The Safest Way to Own Gold
    Pax Gold. The easiest way to own or trade gold. All Pax Gold tokens are backed 1:1 by ounces of London Good Delivery bars held in Brink's vaults.
  • Obama -Soros minion?
    “The thing that I’m most worried about is the degree to which we now have a divided conversation, in part because we have a divided media, right?” Obama told Nate Burleson, who is not really a journalist, but rather a former NFL player.
    Video: Obama Pines For Old Days When Media Narrative Was Accepted By All As “A Common Set Of Facts”
    "The goals of the Obama Foundation, and one of the goals of my post-presidency, is how do we return to that?"
  • George Soros reminds all Drekxmen of Magneto......He won't win the chess game...
    Ep. 3071b - Obama Panicking, FISA Is The Start, It Is Time For Accountability, Justice
    Help take years off the clock with Collagen --> Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!! The [DS] is panicking, Obama is panic…
  • US deep state are panicking over the debt ceiling......Watch events closely..
    Ep. 3071a - Biden Admin Panic, [CB]/[WEF] Begin The Control Of Other Currencies, This Will Fail
    Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Disclaimer-(there's always a risk of investment and there's n…
  • I have a great passion for true history and would like to share this video, which is a 4-years old event, in which, following extensive research into the location and forensic examinations upon bones, found in an obscure Leicester carpark, in 2012, it has/had been proven beyond doubt, that it was the body of the famous King Richard III, who died in battle with Henry Tudor's forces, which ended that great schism in English history, known as the "wars of the roses."

    We can also confirm this from multiple analysis, including genetic linkage between the skeleton found and known lineage descendents of King Richard, who was the last of the Plantagenet kings, confirming that it was indeed Richard.....After his death, in battle, killed by several sharp weapons, the Tudor dynasty took the place of the Plantagenets....King Henry VII...

    Much forensic examination was conducted on King Richard's bones, to determine his health and diet, which seemed to be a rich one, albeit too much wine and ale, as well as worms from uncooked meat, etc...Also the manner of his death...Slain by several weapons and even mistreated after death....
    Battle of Bosworth, or Bosworth Field, 1485....And again, the history suggests that he died at age 32 and the forensic age, through carbon dating, of the discovered bones, places that age possibility, also...

    This king also suffered a spinal deformation, known as scoliosis, which is a sharp curvature...Falling off his horse in battle sealed his fate, as such people lack the lung capacity for fighting at length...Upon his horse, he was formidable.....We all remember Shakespeare's Richard III, in which he was reputed to say; "‘my kingdom for a horse..!" It would appear apt, albeit, not his precise words...

    Medieval horse saddles, for warhorses, were actually more secure than modern saddles...having steep supports, front and back of the rider...So could a sufferer of scoliosis slay a 6-foot standard bearer, of Henry Tudor, in battle...?? The answer is YES HE COULD...Even so afflicted...
    But losing his horse, meant losing his life and kingdom, as history demonstrated....
    Could he be fitted for armour with scoliosis..?? Indeed yes, he was....

    Actually, Tudor propaganda places this "hunchback" king in a bad light, but in truth, he was brave and noble....👑So he did receive a 21st century re-burial, with full royal trappings and honours.....See the video here:
  • Deepstate: crumble, crumble, crumble…

    Schwab: Do you like my new outfit? 🤓

    The people: Zhe Emperor doesn’t wear any clothes! 🥳
  • The MSM continue their absolute lies that Russia is losing and Ukraine is winning...HOWEVER, of course, the very opposite is true and the Ukrainians are desperate for more military aid and unfortunately, receiving Storm Shadow missiles from my own country, the UK...A foreign policy I do not support....

    Recently, the Russians launched several Kinzhal (кинжал) hypersonic missiles against Kiev, knocking out arms dumps, etc...The west sends in the ordinance, Russia blows it up....Pointless of the west to continue this....

    The MSM would have us think that Ukraine had won, or is winning, BUT, why else would the Kiev government need to desperately force and abduct civilians, off the streets, to "join up...?"

    "Most of them are dead!"- Ukraine's army DECIMATED says Col. MacGregor."

    "Colonel Douglas MacGregor reveals the devastating truth about Ukraine's standing army, they've been obliterated. President Zelensky this weekend said there are long lines at Ukraine's recruitment centers but there is no evidence of that. Russia continues to decimate air defense across Ukraine ahead of a June offensive. "
  • Be Love and the Universe will recognize Itself.
  • So what qualities, or qualifications does Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, have that allows him to be a world dictator...??? He works for China and the western dark cabal...
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Quantum Suicide

THE HORSE: The curiosity killed the cat..............................THE LION: But the satisfaction brought it back.............................................THE HORSE: It is no wonder they say the cat has nine…
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"I mean obviously you're not your frickin body, because most people, their bodies are not Heavenly fit lol So when they get to Heaven, their body changes lol Into something very different lol

I mean your next life, you might have a body completely…"
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"I mean it's like people who say, well I believe in ghosts lol But whether you move on after you die, I DUNNO lol I mean EXCUSE ME lol

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"I mean don't you folks THINK at all lol Like you understand you holding two diametrically opposed thoughts lol At the same time lol

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John Jancar replied to Roaring Lovely's discussion Are We The Body Or Something Greater Inside The Body?
"Nooo lol You're just the frickin body lol And btw, you're either a MAN OR A WOMAN lol Because that's your BODY lol That's BIOLOGY lol You are the body, nothing else lol"
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"Overall, as analysed over a ten year period, the Antarctic ice shelf has grown...It continues to grow, as we entered the Grand Solar Minimum, proper, around 2020...
This data from the EGU completely demolishes the absurd theories promulgated by the…"
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Rather than a symbol from Okinawa.
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She'll make a good Jedi master someday in the ficitional galaxy far,far away!
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  • Drekx Omega I'm beginning to suspect that you are actually 10-years old and pretending to be adult.... GROW UP....!! 
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