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  • A musical interlude for all weary chelas, which reminds us all, of how the world continues it's great awakening, unto ascension.....;-)
  • Actually I'm fully expecting the frenzy we see among those of dark dispositions, as their reality matrix crumbles and they fear losing power and influence......We can bring those dark exponents onboard with our LIGHT agenda, if they are willing to change....It's a defection process...

    Movella is currently conducting such work with a member of a satanic coven, who wishes to aid the Light and leave the dark stranglehold upon her life, as one sees with so many black magic cults...This one receiving Rockefeller backing....
    This duty of debriefing defectors, is one of Lieutenant Movella's roles and she is one of my best agents...

    The great awakening is swaying hearts and minds, with many currently serving darkness, seeking to change their ways.....Many seeking the Light as a means to redemption...Seeking the protection of GFL Ground Crew.....

    For me this work is one of great satisfaction and an earnest passion for service...

    Roaring Lovely asks; "What is wrong with the world?" I would respond by saying, NOTHING THAT WE CANNOT FIX......

    The great awakening continues.......And as we are upon the lower astral plane, as from early 2020, expect weirdness and weird people....Just focus on your mission and selamat ja...!!

    Colonel Omega
  • Note that this situation have corrupted even science. In the past, a scientist like faraday seems to have begun by curiosity about a natural phenomenon. In modern times, someone aspires to be a 'scientist'. 'scientist' on the other hand means 'belonging to a group' termed 'scientists'. By 'scientist' it means 'not a poet', or 'not a religionist' or 'not an astrologer', and other yada yada. It is actually 'belonging to a group'. It is a sort of a clique. Once you have chosen the group you belong, you are now bound in a dilemma when 'being a good group member' is in conflict with 'finding the truth about a phenomenon'.

    Note that it was a bit different in the past. Newton, having done work on gravity, went ahead to persue works in 'magics'! In those days, even 'scientist' had not yet been coined, let alone a stereotype of 'good scientist' been entrenched in the society. There was not yet a set of things or beliefs that one must adhere to in order to be dubbed 'a good scientist'. Or in short, the pursuit of truth about the universe had yet been compartmentalized into a 'group' that pose itself as distinct from the rest. There was no 'group' that Newt was under a pressure to be faithful to.
  • People across the world are waking up, or are awake already....We will not be taxed on our carbon....We will not accept the CBDC....We will not be confined to 15-min cities.....We will not be locked down under WHO mandates.....We will not eat bugs and crickets......We will not be forced to buy unaffordable "green" heat pumps and EVs.....We will not give up real food consumption....We will not consume fake food and use fake medicine......We will not fight in a NUCLEAR war.....We will not support fake biology....
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  • The problem comes when pple's choice of their 'side' comes prior to analysis of things. Nothing makes pple more irrational than 'belonging to a group' such as 'tribe', 'political party', 'club', 'religion', 'race', 'nation' etc. Once one have chosen their side, they are nolonger capable of seeing the truths that doesn't serve the interests of their side. Politicians (at least the smart ones) knows these very well, and they try hard to identity their parties with all manner of partitions as possible. Then they become sure that no amount of rationality from the masses can topple them from power. As long as the 'leader' in question is the leader of a certain 'tribe', they become 'always right'. So they worry less about being inconsistent or hypocritical. They know that their fans have already 'chosen their side' and nothing can sway them.
  • To further that thought, so is it easier to say mean words on the internet when you are not facing that person? Or is the trend on the internet to say Wow, I love you so much, you are such a shining light beacon? Oh isn't it great that person made it a point to say nice words to me. I am so happy today and feel blessed to be here? No I don't think that is the trend these days, the trend is to be cranky and complain about anything and everything in this world. Then maybe no one will hate on you. But people put that little smiles icon button on and go about the day! and face a different reality then what was put in words then what really was said. It is easier to look at others with disrespect and wonder why they are being disrespected. Such is this new life of double reality of worlds and words.
  • I am sure you know Roaring Lovely-" why ppl have completely lost the ability to think rationally and consistently" The question is do ppl have the ability to discern right from wrong!? Do ppl know how to love their neighbor minus the actions? Do ppl know how to love instead of hate on each other? Is it easier to hate on others then to love?
  • People are indeed acting very nutty
  • Fall guy Hunter; there are a slew of Demoncrps that are on the chicom payroll but Hunter is going down for it all-maybe;
    The Walls Are Closing in Fast on Hunter Biden
    The 2018 firearm incident in question happened when his sister-in-law Hallie Biden allegedly threw a gun owned by Hunter in a dumpster outside a stor…
  • So pple can strike, riot, block roads, damage things etc to the extent of paralizing the whole country in what is equivalent to a 'lock down', and some pple like KK find this to be completely OK. They call it 'freedom of expression'!

    However the same KK et al will complain for hours and hours about some guy merely waving a certain salute in a stadium!😆

    What is wrong with the world? It seems that pple have completely lost the ability to think rationally and consistently!
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