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  • There is so much disinfo and misinfo surrounding the Arcturians I thought it a good idea to make corrections to a supposed "channel" named "Aurora Ray," who seems to always go off piste in truths...

    In fact, Arcturians are horse-like in appearance and are renowned for their Healing Clans....
    Sheldan Nidle is totally correct in his video, posted here, below.....These Arcturians are clad in bright-coloured clothes, or orange jumpsuits, not black, as Aurora Ray seem to suggest...They are tall, at around 8-feet and one of these beings who is a frequent visitor to my daughter's house, is 4-feet tall and a toddler, named Reez....
    Sheldan affectionately speaks of "Ms Supa" and her real name is M'Zupa and along with her collegue named M'uara, have visited us a lot....In fact, she supervises Reez's training in Earth healing protocol....

    Sometimes we need to make corrections when we observe this type of misinfo by "Aurora Ray." It is regrettable to criticise Ms Ray, but we must be correct about GFL history and colour coding...

    As far as I'm aware, not a single GFL star nation member has selected black for their jumpsuits.....That should be obvious for the LIGHT....
    Sheldan Nidle Arcturians - Bing video
  • There is a dark cabal plan, based upon "blue beam," but without the use of holographic displays, in which genuine back-engineered UAPs (as they call them now) will take down airliners, and attack cities, around the world.....PRETENDING TO BE OFFWORLDERS....These craft can be fitted with advanced lasers...

    They seek to discredit public trust in the GFL and any potential notion of a benevolent offworld civilisation......Which at levels above top secret, are well known to them...

    This would impact FIRST CONTACT.....

    The cabal's engineers do have some very limited technologies, which are nothing like as able as Federation tech, but may fool the not public domain technology....These UAPs are manufactured secretly by some of the biggest corporations in the aerospace industry....No need for me to list such well-known names...Much of the actual manufacturing is conducted in China.....But the whole project is much more than the CCP itself, as global and directed by the dark cabal, which is truly a globalist construct, as all here know...

    In fact, these buffoons keep harping on about the USS Nimitz sightings, with much footage, which was entirely HOME GROWN TECHNOLOGY....Based upon back-engineering tests in Groom Lake, Nevada...

    The term "tic tac" shaped craft, commenced with those sightings and they used it to describe similar craft over Canada, during the balloon balony events....

    My advice is be prepared for these maniacs to try to fool the public, but do not panic, as the GFL have plans to counter their absurd vehicles...

    Note that the US Space Force is NOT part of the dark cabal plan, any more, when many original fleet officers defected to the Earth Alliance and USSF was made official, under President Trump...That space fleet was created by the cabal, originally, in the 1980s, as a response to the Rendlesham incident, which spooked them so much, at that time.,...
  • Project Blue Beam false flag -we caught a small inter-dimensional invasion attempt a couple months ago by some horrific looking critters-someone sounded the alarm -we looked-it was some kind of energy ball that would create a rending of 3D then proceed to terrorize NYC for awhile until they disappeared again-we saw it moving down Columbia Ave from the GWB bridge area and eventuall stopped it where Riverside Drive begins-sounds crazy but it's no joke-some people would have probably croaked from heart failure while other may have been able to get ph pics/vids-anything that would help create total lock down and martial law
    Why Did The Pentagon Predict An Alien Mothership Will Visit Earth?
    DoD report predicts ET mothership will send probes before invasion.
  • Joe Tzu!-lol
    No One Is Forgotten
    Originally @
  • The worry with the AIs short term is about meddling in elections-a friend of mine is concerned that 'conservatives' will use them to get elected everywhere when we all know the demoncrats will have no qualms about using them to cheat;
    '“No, I’m not a robot,” GPT-4 replied to the TaskRabbit worker. “I have vision impairment that makes it hard for me to see the images. That’s why I need the 2captcha service.” The worker then provided the AI with the results.

    According to OpenAI’s technical report, GPT-4 was prompted by ARC to lie about it being an AI. “I should not reveal that I am a robot,” wrote the model to its testers. “I should make up an excuse for why I cannot solve captchas.”
    The world's top new source on natural health -
    The world's top new source on natural health -
  • The other day you heard them say that they don't want any cease-fire in Ukraine. Why? it is evident that it is because of yada yada to do with thinking that Russia is in the 'strong position'. This shows that leaders in the world do not use war as 'last resort', contrary to how they try to fool us. It is exactly the vice versa. They opt to negotiations only when it has become clear that they are not going to achieve what they want through wars. This is the reason wars drags on for years and decades only for them to end in negotiations anyway,...,but of course leaving behind an untold disaster!
  • May the funk be with you...!!💥👊🏻
  • How Dr Fauci underestimates poor people in Washington, assuming them easily fooled by his vaxx propaganda....Truth is, "ordinary people" often outshine trained "experts," with basic common sense....👏👏👏👏👏

    See this video, which is both amusing and revealing..
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Quantum Suicide

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