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  • AE, I didn't get your question.
  • Thanks AE......And also, yes neutron warheads were secretly stored at Bentwaters base, which was one of two airbases, Woodbridge the other one, twinned also with Nellis AFB, in the US....So a lot of secret technology, including the early USAF stealth bombers, back in 1980, before being publically known...

    NATO was about to use neutron bombs against the Warsaw Pact, massing on Poland's border....They feared the massive Russian tank formations. It would have led to thermonuclear war, so the GFL made a direct intervention, confiscating the fissile material from the bomb casings at the WSA (Bentwaters base.)
    So the stealth bombers were never used in the planned attack...
    Drekx Omega ~ Rendlesham Incident Prt 3 - 3 Nights Merge Into One Summary
  • Drexk
    What was the real reason that there was o much activity at Rendleson Airbase?
    Hidden nukes?
  • Good for the Brits!
  • Looks like the UK will be joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, trading block, or CPTPP, very shortly, as having met the criteria and tests....
    The first non-Pacific nation to join the Pacific.....It's going to be a massive boost to British commerce.....
    And politically, it will make the task of UK domestic EU rejoiners, much more difficult, for them to force us back into odious "Europe."
    Great to be friends with Europe and nations in Europe, but we do not like being ruled by them....The Roman Empire, nor the Holy Roman Empire, nor the European Union.....
    Much prefer to do our own Imperialism, thanx....;-)

    "Pacific trade deal will mean Britain can never rejoin the EU. Partnering with the Pacific giants would be a huge win for post-Brexit Britain"👏🏻
  • Some good news-peace on the horizon-though Chicoms may end up brokering a deal and then getting contracts to rebuild and more importantly to them grain shipments that would cut grain shipment to Africa-Didn't Africa used to export grains RL?
    'The battle for Bakhmut appears to be far more significant than the media would have us believe.'
    Zelensky Warns Losing Bakhmut May Force Him to ‘Compromise’ With Russia
    Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!
  • It's demonic influences that find people to do bad things to other people -demons of all kinds are real and can't be destroyed, just forced to go away-evil spirits can be captured and brought to the Light
  • A musical interlude for all weary chelas, which reminds us all, of how the world continues it's great awakening, unto ascension.....;-)
  • Actually I'm fully expecting the frenzy we see among those of dark dispositions, as their reality matrix crumbles and they fear losing power and influence......We can bring those dark exponents onboard with our LIGHT agenda, if they are willing to change....It's a defection process...

    Movella is currently conducting such work with a member of a satanic coven, who wishes to aid the Light and leave the dark stranglehold upon her life, as one sees with so many black magic cults...This one receiving Rockefeller backing....
    This duty of debriefing defectors, is one of Lieutenant Movella's roles and she is one of my best agents...

    The great awakening is swaying hearts and minds, with many currently serving darkness, seeking to change their ways.....Many seeking the Light as a means to redemption...Seeking the protection of GFL Ground Crew.....

    For me this work is one of great satisfaction and an earnest passion for service...

    Roaring Lovely asks; "What is wrong with the world?" I would respond by saying, NOTHING THAT WE CANNOT FIX......

    The great awakening continues.......And as we are upon the lower astral plane, as from early 2020, expect weirdness and weird people....Just focus on your mission and selamat ja...!!

    Colonel Omega
  • Note that this situation have corrupted even science. In the past, a scientist like faraday seems to have begun by curiosity about a natural phenomenon. In modern times, someone aspires to be a 'scientist'. 'scientist' on the other hand means 'belonging to a group' termed 'scientists'. By 'scientist' it means 'not a poet', or 'not a religionist' or 'not an astrologer', and other yada yada. It is actually 'belonging to a group'. It is a sort of a clique. Once you have chosen the group you belong, you are now bound in a dilemma when 'being a good group member' is in conflict with 'finding the truth about a phenomenon'.

    Note that it was a bit different in the past. Newton, having done work on gravity, went ahead to persue works in 'magics'! In those days, even 'scientist' had not yet been coined, let alone a stereotype of 'good scientist' been entrenched in the society. There was not yet a set of things or beliefs that one must adhere to in order to be dubbed 'a good scientist'. Or in short, the pursuit of truth about the universe had yet been compartmentalized into a 'group' that pose itself as distinct from the rest. There was no 'group' that Newt was under a pressure to be faithful to.
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Quantum Suicide

THE HORSE: The curiosity killed the cat..............................THE LION: But the satisfaction brought it back.............................................THE HORSE: It is no wonder they say the cat has nine…
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