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  • Solar Based Folk of the Collective Nations...
    Let's Forge A New Path...
  • To aid any member who seeks to lose weight, or counter cravings for food, especially of low nutritional value I would recommend this video...👍🏻

    Of course, all GFL Ground Crew are in perfect shape, as being fat is strictly against the rules...Likewise, GFL personnel of the space crews...You won't see an overweight Sirian.....And Sirians never snack..ever...
  • UUUURRRAAAA Российская Федерация....!!! 🥰🪆👍🏻
  • My advice to western leaders, and so-called "generals," who support the Zelensky regime is; GIVE IT UP....

    Stop the propaganda that Ukraine is winning, as actually, RUSSIA IS WINNING...AND WILL TAKE AND KEEP TERRITORY...Russia has the ammo, the missiles, the troops...Ukraine and NATO are out of resources...Game over...

    "Defeat for Ukraine in Coming Invasion."
  • Currently, the plan of the white hats is to raise awareness among the populations of western nations, by letting the people experience the elite agenda insanity...So, no need to be fearful, as this green agenda WEF nonsense will END, after the public have experienced it all and CHOSEN THEIR SIDE FREELY....And of course, with sense, people will choose life, rather than death.....People will chose pragmatism, rather than idealism...People will chose freedom, rather than tyranny....People will chose the family, rather than the state....People will chose truth, rather than propaganda. People will chose wealth, rather than poverty....People will chose property they can live in, rather than minimalist reduced-size, cell compartments. People will chose energy system that work cheaply and effectively, rather than energy systems that conk out, whenever the wind is low and the sun stops shining...People will chose a juicy steak, rather than a bowl of grasshopper puree....People will chose peace with Russia, over war with Russia. People will chose natural medicines and cures, rather than big pharma bio-weapons and vaxx toxins....

    BUT FIRST.....The public must be led to the precipice....And live the experience of a failing deep state agenda....

    You can't just tell the people, you must show them....You are seeing the real time......
    Ep. 2999a - Green New Deal Narrative Failing Fast, The Economic Pain Is Real For People
    Hit your weight management goals faster with this #1 keto supplement --> Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!! The green new…
  • US under attack using the marxist playbook-designed to create chaos then fed gov crackdown using marshall law-then known patriots are rounded up and sent to camps-well, read other communist takeovers from the last century;
    Situation Update, Feb 17, 2023 - OPERATION CHAOS - Pattern of "accidents" points to deliberate sabo…
    0:00 Derailment Investigation26:28 Brighteon Studio News31:20 The Tipping Point43:30 Other Topics53:22 Survival1:08:07 Sasha Latypova- CONFIRMED: FBI…
  • For more about the robot, consider that every activity done by a robot is reducible to switchings that are made by other switchings etc. If you switch on voltage in one component, it can switch on or off a component connected to it. Neurons too can act as switches because of sodium gates. The behaviour of switching as done by neurons can be mimicked using a computer. However what cannot be mimicked about the neuron is its life! Computers toggles switches using dead components (eg transistor). So the behaviour of a component depends entirely on the combination of its inputs (since it is, itself, dead). But a neuron can act in accordance with inputs but also can produce its own output, since it is a life. This is the insurmountable difference between neurons and computer switches.

    All these means that the brains works exactly like we feel, and scientists trying to force in 'robot' explanations are in denial! As we can feel it, we can work like robots but we can also step in and work consciously. In other words the brain can perfectly mimic a computer, but a computer cannot mimic a brain!
  • I wanted to share with you, the 3D world I created. I re-created things I've seen in Dreams and Open visions. I hope you enjoy it.
    Robbi created an .Mp3 of the music which I put a download link in the description. Love, Light and Blessings. ღ
  • Here is a video of Indigenous Leader: Davi Kopenawa. This is an important video its about the destruction of the amazon forest and the toxic chemicals poisoning the tribes there.
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"As if covid19 mRNA vaxx takers didn't have enough to worry about, a further paper discusses the potential for multiple sclerosis in the vaccinated...
Surprisingly, this new paper was commissioned by the W.H.O. itself and I strongly urge all readers…"
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  Goddess Tara & Tibetan Monks of Melchizedek Shambala Activation By Anumani SantosWelcome to Sound Alchemy for Your Soul with intuitive healer, channel, and voice alchemist, Anümani Santos. In this show, we will transport you to Shambala, where you…
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"🦘In the land down under, there are a variety of more poisonous creatures, than any other continent...Russian girl tells it how it is......Actually, not that bad, really🪆👍🏻🥰"
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"Also, many people suffer "back problems" and especially if engaged in office work...Sitting in a chair for long periods, etc...In fact I remember a former work colleague, having severe back problems and spending a fortune on caropractors, most of…"
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"It seems that many people suffer from heart palpitations and arrhythmias...These heart irregularities can be resolved, if we appreciate that solutions may be relatively simple, if the causal factor is initially identified....This video may help…"
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"Most people may not realise that the Federal Reserve bank is a private bank and neither federal, nor a reserve...Albeit, many on ACC know this fact....However, what many here may not know is that the current central bank system, with the Fed at it's…"
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"AE ... True, politicians and politics becoming a disease … with no immediate cure insight ... leading towards the cliff ... and .... then "free fall""
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