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  • 'turn the other cheek' means try and let the abuse from others slide and not take severe revenge so as not to incur negative karma for yourself-that's pacifism-but if you, your family, your property, your nation is being severely threatened....
    I think that is what Jesus is all about
  • Earthquake did kill over 2000 People ! They need help to find all the People ! Sometimes we need Heroes. So many People lost their Home.
  • There is a danger of misunderstand the new testament bible if you 'over-spiritualize' its message, like the way modern christians tends to do. It is clear that Jesus's disciples originally believed two things about Messiah:
    1.)He will do away with the gentiles overlords in Israel.
    2.)He will do it upon his comming.

    In other words Jesus's disciples who were eagerly expecting Messiah never envisioned a 'suffering and dieing' messiah who will need to come back the second time.

    As indicated in Acts 1:6-7, Jesus never disputed with the first idea of what Messiah would come and do, but as repeated elsewhere, he disputed with the second idea. As he indicated, the verses that suggested otherwise needed not be taken literally. So even though Jesus taught a non-litteral interpretation of scriptures, he never suggested that such is how we should always interpret the scriptures.
  • If the Masters are focussed upon training Human beings in the art of self-realization, which they are, what is meant by a "sword of cleavage," in this context of learning and spiritual evolution...??

    Well, it does not mean they lop off heads, etc.....What it means is that through their teachings (Jesus is but one among several,) they prepare a cleavage between humans who develop their awareness skills and other humans who do not.....We don't speak of faith in the Masters...They are not here to be "worshipped." And so "believers" and "unbelivers." But rather, the figurative sword of cleavage is one that seperates, through polarities, those who will ascend and those who will not ascend, in this age...Those who will inherit the mantle of mastery and those who will have to try again, in the next cycle of ages....
    I do understand that Lord Maitreya will retain the title of Christ, until all are ascended, during the age of Aquarius....But even then, some will probably not seek ascension and prefer to remain in self-serving focus....

    But truly, the sword of cleavage is figurative and does not mean a literal state of heads being lopped off by a man on a white horse...Kalki avatar....This does depict Maitreya, but is not literal......
    Better to forget religion and focus on the Christ's role as WORLD TEACHER....And thus, become Aquarian in your focus and method....ascend when ready.....
  • Of course, being an Earth Ascended Master, the Christ Maitreya (Jesus' instructor during his incarnation,) came, 2000 years ago in the specific capacity of AVATAR.....As again, for this current new age of Aquarius, the Christ and Jesus also, will come to teach humanity, as these ascended ones are upon their chosen path of Earth service.....So focussed upon humna evolution, in much the same way that the single Buddha (Kumara) of activity is....Remember that there are six other Buddhas for Earth, serving the Plan of the Logos and they are focussed upon other matters....AND, among these others you will find Agarthan ascended Masters, within the clan system of Atars, or SPIRIT-WARRIORS.....

    Jesus (Yeshua) and Maitreya, along with several additional Masters are here to aid human evolution, in the new age....Under the Aquarian energies......BUT, they are not here to command space fleets, and to fight cosmic wars....Maybe they could hit the baddies on Earth, the dark cabal, with their words of LOVE and WISDOM.....But, the Earth ascended masters do not command space fleets, UNTIL, we create the forthcoming star nation of Solaris....When humanity ascends, these same Masters may receive promotion to service beyond Solaris, such as Sirius, or they may serve as Logoi in training...There are seven basic paths to choose from after the 6th initiation, which is a cosmic degree....

    Lord Maitreya ascended in Atlantean times, and assumed his "mayavirupa" body, in 1977, so as to serve humanity, initially behind the scenes and on the physical plane....He does not "command" space fleets, albeit does possess an Agarthan scoutship, which is a bell-shaped saucer..(Different design to Plejaren beamships..)

    Here he is in Nairobi, 1980s....(He looks the same now...)
    Share. International Maitreya - Bing
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  • Nevertheless, I must say that Jesus indeed taught his followers to be Pacifists. This is what pple confuse it with 'pacifist Jesus'. Reading the whole of Gospels, we can savely conclude that Jesus rather abolished all warlike behaviour only until the end, wherein he himself will lead the final war. This war is a litteral overthrowing of governments of the earth! So Jesus was never a 'pacifist'. He was just just. He knew that wars brings about injustices, and so he was trying to severely limit wars only to those he himself directly commandeers them. In other words, he more of taught against 'taking the law in your own hands'.
    Russia exposes Ukrainian biolab operator Metabiota and its connections to the Pentagon, Hunter Bide…
    Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) claimed to have incriminating documents. The MFA asserted, “The materials confirm that the Pentagon aimed a…
  • There is a certain kind of folly, prevalent in modern times, that leads pple to think that 'pacifism' , even in the midist of all wrongdoings, is always the 'moraly superior' stand and that all spiritual leaders such as Jesus were or 'should be' pacifists in all situations. So they have invented a 'Jesus' of the modern times that is totally different from the one written of in the bible. This Jesus is a soo 'mr nice guy' that he cannot evem administer justice! With this picture, it isn't a surprise that they cannot understand the book of revelation. They even wonder why Jesus could be depicted as a worrior at all!

    However, Jesus himself, and the book of revelation teaches that Jesus will not come once again like a baby in demeaning situation to grow up and be bullied by the likes of Pharisees as he 'turns the other cheek'. He said he will come with a sword to smite all his enemies! No, it isn't true that Jesus 'will not intervene cause of free will'. Why can't pple here stop fighting 'because of the need to respect free wills'? Do they care what your 'choice' is? Nope!

    So according to the bible, Jesus will intervene as a worrior to destroy all kingdoms of earth and establish a kingdom wherein he will be the king! He won't care about 'free will'! He will come whether the 'earthians' likes it or not! So according to the bible, yes, Jesus is a commander of otherworldly armies!

    Here is some nice pic of how jesus is depicted in Revelation chapter 19.
  • Hellen, would you please delete your excess comments, as you seem to be duplicating them...That way we can all read a thread, minus the clutter...

    Moreover, the Galactic Federation does have a military, albeit not standing army..Any military is by definition; "relating to or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces." These are specific qualities of the Atar clans of various star nations, who are bonded by spiritual and military duties....On Earth we might say a holy order of soldiers, WITHOUT THE RELIGIOUS OVERTONES OF DEVOTION....Fully conscious beings do not worship God, they serve within the Divine Plan....They are part of a higher impulse of dedicated service to the divine plan of the LOGOS, through the higher faculties of complete knowing....There is no need for a faith alone, when one has knowing...

    A commander is an Earth navy rank....a rank that we can suggest does not actually exist among Federation officers, who instead use spiritual ranks such as "jschwisch," "jschrisch," "srut," "bansrut," "arahat athersata."

    We may allocate the rank of a "commander" to a Federation vessel's command, but that would be in error, as the rank should rather be "captain" and his/her deputy would be a commander...This ranking system pertains to Earth naval custom, which you can research and confirm..Captain of a ship.....
    And on land, say in the army, the title (not rank) of Base Commander, normally a ranked Colonel, equivalent to Captain in the Navy...Or, as in my case, a Sector Command of GFL Ground Crew...(Which has been re-allocated a floating command role. Previously East Anglia.)

    We could even suggest a "supreme commander of the fleet," such as the Sirian bansrut known as Atura....Who commands security for the Solaris system, as a whole, including all three tiers....But this great being is not a religious figure and truly does not seek praise, nor worship...(Actually he's got a great sense of humour and laughs at the suggestion.)

    Jesus is an Earth ascended master and does not command space fleets, as his duties are based upon the choice he made to serve EARTH....Earth evolution.....Serve humanity....So Jesus/Sananda does not "command" space fleets....And leaves that role to others...Such as the Sirians and Plejarens...

    Moreover, one of my prime contacts from Sirius B4 (Samanet,) who is Vashtar, is often confused with "Ashtar" and this explains why there are TWO renderings of "Ashtar," that are totally different in appearance....One is Jschwisch Vashtar and the other is Ashtar Sheran, who is actually known to us as "Aru-see-ak."

    I would also suggest that being military, is not necessarily being militant...or militancy, as you hinted...

    How do you suppose that the Galactic Federation (not a confederation) won the cosmic wars, over millennia of struggles with the Anchara Alliance..?? The services of Atars.....The spirit warriors of the Federation armed forces and yes, ARMED....And of course, possessing humility and truly not requiring unrealistic titles of praise from Earth humans of a devotional disposition...

    To confirm that a ship should have a Captain in command, rather than a Commander, see this US forces chart, to compare army and navy, equivalent ranks...
  • Don't forget that Abrahamic Religions are strictly monotheistic. So 'new age' claims of a supposed 'Goddess suppression', as applied to middle eastern religions, is misleading. If you want to describe the religions as 'suppressions' of some kind, then it was a general suppression that did not target 'goddesses' but any other god apart from what they believed to be the one and only God.

    This could be easily reconciled with the new age's idea that the one and only God transcends duality. But unfortunayely, it turns out that new age religion is a 'Babel' that worships confusion. It tries to use eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism etc as 'marking schemes' for other religions, but cares little about confusions on the part of these eastern religions. So they tell us that the divine being transcends duality but at the same time tells us that it can be divided into 'male' and 'female'. Clearly, they are confused!!

    We could have easily interpreted Islam's strict monotheism as to be due to intuition of a being that transcends duality. As such, 'they are right' in this sense, and the further eastern religions are bogged down in the age of polytheisms, idolatry etc. But in 'new age', the further eastern is always the yard stick and so 'Islam must be wrong'. So they turn Islamic God that transcends duality on its own head just for that particular purpose. Guess what? 'they were suppressing the goddess'!! Thus we must bring in duality in the divine just for the purpose of attacking the Abrahamic religions, while they also hold that dualistic thinking of any sort doesn't apply to the most high!!

    Goddesses, gods, sons of gods, the god of Israel, the god of Egypt, baals, my god, your god, idols etc are dualistic thinking as applied to divine beings,....or so does new age teaches!
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