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  • Spy balloons and all the other bs is because of cabal/globalist corruption -if you want a new world order you need to break a few eggs-or is that "to make an omelette?' The world order changed after WW! and again after WW2-now again after WW3 if there is a world -or maybe the banksters can be persuaded not to lend money to all sides...
    HUGE: World War III escalates as corrupt US officials seek to protect their criminal operations and…
    HUGE: World War III escalates as corrupt US officials seek to protect their criminal operations and bioweapons research in Ukraine Sunday, February 0…
  • Yes, he is right.
  • Prophecy indicates that Assyria (Germany ) will again be God's tool in the future and used against the modern-day nations in the future. Assyria is a very powerful nation at the end of age, capable of exerting its will in world affairs as it in the past.
  • Ancient Peoples, Modern History : The vast majority of biblical prophecy is not ignored by most who called themselves ''Christian '' in todays society even those who seek understanding often fail to find today's nations mentioned within the ancient scriptures of course they see the name ''Isreal'' so often mentioned in the media though they often think in the Middle East. But where are the military and economic powerhouses of our world? Where is the United States? Where is the nations of the British Commonwealth? What about Russia and China? And where is Germany, the fourth largest economic power in the world and one of the leading nations of the European Union? In ancient scriptures one can see those nations reflected in those pages and once again see ancient names mentioned in prophecies, such as Babylon, Egypt, and Assyria. and of course Israel. Such names as Egypt exist today and names like Assyria seem to fade in the past. Prophecy plays role in both the modern and our ancient past. The people that populate today's nations did not drop into their states, provinces, and countries from the moon. Modern people have ancient histories and understanding how to identify among today's nations the ancient people mentioned in prophecy is an essential key to understanding the prophetic role those nations play in the events.
  • Though written thousands of years ago scriptures speak of our modern time and world events and the world events happening before our eyes .Creator declares ''the end from the beginning, from ancient times things are not yet done'' which inspired ancient prophets to write down major events that shape the future ahead of humanity's existence. In their words we can see the world conditions, national powers, international conflicts and religionious deciptions that will characterize the climax of this age leading to much greater devastation of this world. 'yes, it's not a good outlook but our creator saw these events time and time again and indigenous tribes, visionaries etc foresaw many events that took place throughout earth's history.
  • Everything seems to focus on China and if's not that country then its the US or Africa etc.. With the ongoing war in the Ukraine, we can already see Germany stepping up to play a pivotal role in this conflict people need to learn this country's ancient past and why the creator chose this country to have a major role in the coming decades. To really understand what is happening in today's world one also know about ancient's history. Our creator had this to say '' Blessed is Egypt, my people, and Assyria is the work of My Hands and Israel My Inheritance '' .
  • A Promise Beyond Heaven : Our Creator wants to give humanity dominion not just the earth, but over the Universe this is wonderful news. We will able to travel instantly to far off galaxies and we will not be limited by time and space. Our creator wants all of humanity to to liberate this creation on earth from its decay and corruption as Paul wrote '', ''the creation is is itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of of our creator .We will spend eternity with nothing to do in a heavenly world of only harps and clouds our creator is preparing humanity for an awesome destiny across the universe.
  • How good that I've been trying to do without chocolate and chips for a long time.
    Well, I thought it's good to eat more Vegetables and Fruits. Looks like we have to look closer at our Food, if we not want to eat it.
  • But that would be a very conspicuous spy balloon. Shouldn't something like that rather remain hidden? Seriously? Who should fall for that? Everyone can see that! It is maybe a diversionary tactics from the Government. (Maybe not really Chine even if it's from them).
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